10 Best Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

If you are interested in studying at a top-notch Canadian institution, you can grab the opportunity of the fully funded scholarships in Canada that are designed for both Canadian and international students.

Canada ranks among the top destinations globally for pursuing higher education. Every student dreams of pursuing higher education in a prestigious university in Canada, but paying the tuition fees of these renowned universities is a significant hurdle for the students. 

However, the good news is that you can fulfill your dream of pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree in your desired subject from Canada thanks to the many fully funded scholarships that Canada offers to students. A fully Funded Scholarship is similar to a full-ride scholarship, which helps a student to cover the entire cost of education.

Discover the 10 best fully funded scholarships in Canada that will pave the way for your ambition to pursue higher education from a top Canadian university.

List of the Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada

1. University of British Columbia Scholarships

There are more than seven hundred scholarships available for students studying at that prestigious university. University of British Columbia scholarships are awarded to students who meet eligibility requirements, including leadership and academic performance. These scholarships provide different levels of financial aid. 

Some scholarships have full funding, while others have partial funding. The University of British Columbia is offering fully funded scholarships in Canada to international students to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

Deadline: November 15, 2023

2. University of Alberta Scholarships

University of Alberta Scholarships
University of Alberta Scholarships

Since 1908, the University of Alberta has awarded more than $100 million in scholarships to students around the world. For University of Alberta Scholarships, applicants must apply to the degree program, obtain a CCID, and create a password for the scholarship application. 

To be eligible for these fully funded scholarships in Canada, some programs require full-time enrollment. For undergraduate students in Canada, the University of Alberta offers fully funded scholarships, some of which are subject to full-time enrollment requirements and include national scholarships.

Deadline: Will open on January 15, 2024

3. Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Ontario Graduate Scholarship
Ontario Graduate Scholarship

The goal of these scholarships is to promote academic achievement in graduate programs at Ontario universities.  

More than 3,000 scholarships are awarded to students in various fields of study every year under OGS. These merit-based fully funded scholarships in Canada are awarded to deserving candidates for graduate study at Ontario University.

One of the common academic requirements is to earn an A- grade in the prior years of full-time study. Ontario Graduate Scholarship is awarded to students to pursue master’s and doctoral graduate degrees. Award amounts range from $10,000 to $15,000 per scholarship.

Application Deadline: Vary by year

4. University of Saskatchewan Canada Scholarships

The University of Saskatchewan is a prestigious university in Canada that offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate study in over 150 subject areas. Students from all over the world including Canada are eligible to apply for these fully funded scholarships in Canada

Under the University of Saskatchewan Scholarship program, students can pursue a graduate degree in the subject of their choice.

Application Deadline

For Canadian: Dec 1st, 2023 

For International: Sept 1st, 2023

(Although the application deadline for international students has passed, they can apply when the next scholarship program is announced).

5. York University Canada Scholarships

Scholarships are awarded by York University, a public research institution in Toronto, to qualified individuals who wish to pursue further education. You can receive up to $35,000 annually through York University Canada Scholarships to continue your undergraduate studies. The total value of these fully funded scholarships in Canada is $140,000. 

This university, which is ranked the third largest in Canada, provides assistance to students in their education.

Application Deadline: February 01, 2024 (Fall)

6. UdeM Exemption Scholarships

One of the best scholarships in Canada, it enables recipients to enroll at one of the country’s top research francophone institutions. Recipients of these scholarships must be enrolled full-time in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. Depending on the program chosen, financial coverage of the scholarship may vary. 

With the help of these fully funded scholarships in Canada, international students can pursue a graduate degree in the field of their choice.

Application Deadline: February 1, 2024 

7. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship
Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

The Canadian government is offering this prestigious scholarship, which is available to students from both local and foreign countries. The largest scholarship awarded by the Canadian government is the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Under this fully funded scholarship in Canada, students can enroll in Masters and PhD programs in Canadian universities in the fields of Engineering, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Natural Sciences.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

8. Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship

The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship is a highly competitive scholarship offered by the University of Toronto. It is designed to recognize and support exceptional international students who have demonstrated remarkable academic achievements, leadership abilities, and dedication to driving positive change in their communities. 

This fully funded scholarship in Canada is for undergraduate students pursuing full-time study in four-year programs at the University of Toronto. Scholarship recipients are given financial assistance to cover their tuition, books, and residence costs.

Application Deadline:  November 30, 2023

9. Alberta University Scholarships

The purpose of Alberta University Scholarships is to recognize and encourage exceptional academic performance, leadership qualities, and community engagement. Whether you are pursuing an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, a wide range of opportunities exist, including merit-based awards, need-based financial aid, and awards tailored to particular areas of study. 

These fully funded scholarships in Canada are available for undergraduate, postgraduate, doctoral, and diploma programs.

Application Deadline: November 1, 2023

10. University of Waterloo Scholarships 

The University of Waterloo is a public research university that offers a wide range of scholarships to assist students in pursuing higher education. The purpose of these scholarships is to recognize outstanding academic achievements, leadership potential, and contributions to the community. 

These fully funded scholarships in Canada are offered to both Canadian and international students to pursue undergraduate, postgraduate, and Ph.D. This is a merit-based graduate scholarship that is automatically awarded to qualified students.

Application Deadline: Vary by program

Varieties of Scholarships in Canada Available for International Students.

Canada offers various scholarships for international students. They include:

  • Government Scholarships: These scholarships are funded by the Government of Canada like the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships.
  • University Scholarships: They are offered by Canadian universities to attract international students based on merit and academic achievement.
  • Research Scholarships: These scholarships are available for research-based programs, such as the Trudeau Foundation Scholarship.
  • Merit-based Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded by universities and private organizations in Canada for academic excellence.
  • Need-based Scholarships: These scholarships take into account the financial needs of students, such as the Canada Student Loan Program.
  • Country-specific Scholarships: Country-specific scholarships are targeted at students from specific countries.
  • Professional Association Scholarships: They are offered by organizations, such as the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation.
  • Sports Scholarship: These scholarships are for students with exceptional sports skills.
  • Destination Scholarships: Some provinces offer incentives to international students.
  • Research Council Scholarships: These special scholarships are for fields like science and engineering, e.g., NSERC.
  • NGO Scholarships: Nonprofit organizations offer NGO scholarships focusing on social causes.
  • Corporate Scholarships: Some Canadian companies provide assistance to international students.
  • Online Scholarship Databases: You can use websites like to find more scholarship opportunities.

How do Scholarships Play a Role for Students Studying in Canada?

Scholarships in Canada serve as an important means to expand access, promote academic excellence, reduce financial burden, and contribute to the growth and development of students both locally and internationally. Scholarships are helpful for students in the Canadian education scenario in many ways. They are described below:

  • Financial Aid: Scholarships provide significant financial aid, covering tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs. This makes higher education in Canada more affordable for both domestic and international students.
  • Access to Prestigious Institutions: Scholarships open doors to prestigious universities and colleges that might otherwise be financially out of reach for many students. Scholarships provide students access to top-tier education in Canada.
  • Encouraging Excellence: They encourage academic and extra-curricular excellence, inspiring students to strive for higher achievements in their studies and activities.
  • Debt Reduction: By reducing the need for student loans, scholarships help students graduate with less debt. This improves their financial prospects once they complete their education.
  • Attracting Global Talent: Canada’s scholarship programs attract international talent, enriching the country’s diverse and skilled workforce and fostering global connections.
  • Promoting Innovation: Some scholarships focus on research and innovation. It inspires students to engage in cutting-edge projects that benefit Canada and the broader world.
  • Community Engagement: Many scholarships require recipients to give back to their communities through volunteer work or other initiatives, fostering a sense of social responsibility.

10 Effective Strategies to Get a Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada?

Here are the 10 effective strategies to get a fully funded scholarship in Canada:

  • Scholarship Research: Start by doing thorough research on scholarships related to your field of study on websites like and Study in Canada.
  • Academic Excellence: Maintain a high GPA and aim for standardized test scores that meet or exceed scholarship requirements.
  • Involvement in Activities: Participate in extra-curricular activities, hold leadership positions, and contribute to your community to show a well-rounded profile.
  • Compelling Personal Statement: Write a convincing personal statement that outlines your ambitions, experiences, and why you are a worthy scholarship candidate.
  • Strong Recommendation Letters: Obtain impressive letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or employers who can attest to your abilities and character.
  • Eligibility Check: Make sure you meet all the scholarship requirements including citizenship, program chosen, and academic standing.
  • Early Application: Submit your scholarship applications early to avoid last-minute stress and technical glitches.
  • Proofread and Edit: Carefully review your application materials to remove errors and ensure clarity in presenting your qualifications.
  • Interview Preparation: If an interview is part of the process, practice answering common questions and discussing your accomplishments and aspirations.
  • Seek Guidance: Seek advice from academic advisors, career counselors, and past scholarship recipients to gain valuable insight into the application process.

Keep in mind that competition for scholarships in Canada can be fierce. So, it is a wise strategy to apply for multiple scholarships to maximize your chances of receiving full funding for your Canadian studies.


1. What do fully funded scholarships mean?

Fully funded scholarships mean scholarships that cover all costs related to your education, including tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenses.

2. How can I find fully funded scholarships in Canada?

You can find fully funded scholarships in Canada by searching university websites, and government scholarship programs. Additionally, you should search online scholarship databases like the official Canadian government website and platforms like Scholarships Canada.

3. Who is eligible for fully funded scholarships in Canada?

Eligibility requirements for fully funded scholarships in Canada vary depending on the scholarship. But, they often consider factors, such as academic excellence, leadership abilities, and community involvement. Some scholarships also take financial needs into account.

4. Are there fully-funded scholarships available for international students in Canada?

Yes, many Canadian universities and the Canadian government offer fully funded scholarships for international students. It is important to check specific scholarship programs for detailed eligibility information.

5. When should I start the application process for fully funded scholarships in Canada?

It is recommended that you begin your scholarship search and application process at least one year before your intended date of beginning your studies. Application deadlines vary, so it is important to verify the specific deadlines for each scholarship.


Fully funded scholarships in Canada present a remarkable opportunity for international students to pursue their education without financial burden. 

These scholarships not only cover tuition fees but also provide financial support for living expenses, making Canada an ideal destination for those seeking a top-level education. With its diverse and inclusive culture, breathtaking landscape, and prestigious universities, Canada offers a welcoming and academically enriching environment for scholarship recipients.

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