Cornell University Scholarships for Indian Students

Cornell University Scholarships for Indian Students

If you are an Indian student enrolled at Cornell University, you have a great opportunity to get Cornell University scholarships for Indian students. These scholarships are specially designed for Indian students to cover their tuition to make your higher education at this prestigious university affordable.

This is a significant financial commitment for international students wishing to study at Cornell University in the USA. Affording the education expenses at this university is a big challenge for international students including Indian students. However, the financial aid (scholarships, grants, fellowships) offered by this university now makes it easy for international students to study at this university. You can also check our article on Online Colleges That Offer Financial Aid.

Cornell University offers many merit and need-based scholarship opportunities to Indian students every year. These scholarships are open to both undergraduate and graduate students. This article will give you detailed information about Cornell University Scholarships for Indian students. 

Types of Financial Aids Offered by Cornell University to Indian Students 

Cornell University offers a variety of financial aid to Indian and international students. Here’s an overview of each financial aid: 

1. Grants

Cornell University offers grants to Indian students who demonstrate financial need. The process for awarding grants is determined through the evaluation of student admissions applications by the Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment. Grant amounts vary, with no specified minimum or maximum for individual recipients. 

Furthermore, no predefined income limit or cut-off exists for those seeking grant aid. Applicants are seamlessly considered for these grants when they apply for financial aid, eliminating the need for a separate application. Once received these grants, students are not required to pay these grants back to the university.

2. Scholarships

Cornell University offers a variety of scholarships for Indian students, including endowed options. These endowed Cornell University scholarships for Indian students are open to all students. Interested students can explore various merit-based and need-based scholarship opportunities in the university. Whether these scholarships are based on academic excellence or financial need, Cornell’s goal is to help a wide variety of students achieve their educational goals.

3. Work Study Option 

Cornell University offers a work-study option to Indian students in the form of financial aid to cover their tuition expenses. Once enrolled in this university, applicants can engage in part-time employment in the USA for up to 20 hours per week, reducing study and personal costs. Extra work during university holidays allows students to earn supplemental income. 

The university offers dedicated career services to help you in securing on-campus or off-campus placements, including post-enrolment. This resource equips students with opportunities to gain valuable work experience and financial aid, enhancing their overall educational journey.

4. Loans

Cornell University offers loans to international students. Indian students can choose this financial aid option. The loan option is suitable for Indian students whose parents are employed in the USA. By completing the FAFSA, Indian students may be eligible for federal loans at specific loan repayment terms and conditions.

Cornell University Scholarships for Indian Students 

Cornell University offers primarily need-based financial aid, with a focus on supporting undergraduate students more than graduate students. It also offers financial aid to graduate students on the basis of merit. The details of the Cornell University scholarships for Indian students for those pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs are given below:

1. Cornell University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students 

For the incoming class of 2025 at Cornell University, first-year undergraduate students can receive an average scholarship of $43,250, with the highest scholarship reaching $72,800. Cornell University scholarships for Indian students will cover approximately 50% to 90% of the tuition and fees of students enrolled in this university.

These scholarships facilitate access for Indian students to study at Cornell University and underline the university’s commitment to promoting academic excellence by reducing the financial burden for its students. Cornell University scholarships for Indian students not only make education more affordable but also highlight Cornell’s dedication to attracting and supporting diverse, talented individuals pursuing higher education in the upcoming academic year.

2. Cornell University Scholarships for Graduate Students

Cornell University offers merit-based scholarships to graduate students that are determined through their admissions applications and customized for specific programs. International students enrolled in Cornell’s Masters in Engineering program are eligible for two scholarships – the $60,000 Knight Scholarship and the $10,000 MEC Scholarship. Additionally, graduate students who are awarded fellowships and assistantships receive $28,036 annually in compensation.

3. Cornell University Endowed Scholarships

Cornell University offers a variety of endowed scholarships aimed at supporting students in various academic disciplines. These Cornell University scholarships for Indian students, generously funded by alumni and other donors, contribute to Cornell’s endowment and are instrumental in providing financial assistance to qualified students pursuing studies in the arts, sciences, engineering, and humanities.

Endowed scholarships may be available to undergraduate students who qualify for Cornell grants. No extra application is necessary. Endowed funds are awarded in conjunction with Cornell grants to qualified graduates who meet priorities or requirements specified by donors for each fund.

Endowed scholarships at Cornell are designed to acknowledge and reward academic excellence, leadership qualities, and notable extracurricular achievements. By reducing the financial stress on students, these scholarships expand access to a Cornell education for a wider range of talented students.

Potential recipients of endowed scholarships typically undergo a selection process that considers their academic achievements, community engagement, and commitment to personal and intellectual growth. These scholarships play an important role in creating an inclusive and supportive environment at Cornell, enabling students to focus on their studies and participate in meaningful experiences.

Cornell University External Scholarships

In general, Cornell University offers limited financial aid to international students, hindering admission prospects for many qualified candidates. To help these students realize their dream of studying at Cornell, many private organizations come forward by providing the necessary financial aid. This has resulted in a significant increase in the enrollment of international students, especially from countries like India, Brazil, etc. 

Below are some of the Cornell University external scholarships available specifically for Indian students aiming to further their education at this university:

Tata Scholarship for Cornell University 

Through the creation of a scholarship, the Tata Education and Development Trust enables Cornell University to provide financial aid to Indian undergraduate students. Part of the Tata Group, Tata Education and Development Trust supports Indian students by distributing the cost of education among those who want to improve their abilities and prepare for a promising future. 

The students receive an endowment of approximately $25 million from the Tata Education and Development Trust, a charitable arm of India’s Tata Group. The scholarship program aims to guarantee admission to Cornell University to the most talented Indian students regardless of their financial situation.

Annually, scholarships will be awarded to winners of need-based financial aid, which they will hold throughout their graduate studies at the institution. Tata Education & Development Trust is fully dedicated to providing financial assistance to students to complete their undergraduate degree at Cornell University. 

The Tata Scholarship Fund allows approximately 20 scholars to apply at any time and guarantees that top candidates, regardless of their financial situation, can attend Cornell University. One of the oldest, largest, and most prestigious corporate empires in India is the Tata Group, led by one of the world’s most renowned businessmen, Mr Ratan Tata.

Eligibility Criteria for the Tata Scholarship

Students who fulfill the following eligibility criteria can apply for the Tata Scholarship

  • Nationality: Applicant must be an Indian citizen or resident.
  • Education: Completion of senior secondary school in India is a prerequisite for Tata Scholarship.
  • Financial Need: Scholarship eligibility is based on eligibility for need-based financial aid.
  • English Proficiency: A minimum TOEFL-iBT score of 100 or an IELTS score of 7.0 is required.
  • Admission Conditions: An offer letter from Cornell University is mandatory for enrollment in any degree program.

Tata Scholarships give priority to candidates accepted into specific programs, including the College of Architecture, Arts, and Planning, the College of Engineering, and Applied Economics and Management within the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business.  

Additionally, preference is given to majors spanning biological sciences, physical sciences, other sciences, and social sciences in various colleges. The selection process aims to support qualified students pursuing diverse academic paths, promoting excellence in fields ranging from architecture and engineering to business, biological and physical sciences, and social sciences.

Application Process for Tata Scholarship at Cornell University 

To be considered for the Tata Scholarship at Cornell University, applicants must begin the process by applying for financial aid through the university. This includes completing the College Scholarship Service (CSS) profile, which has Cornell’s specific CSS code 2098. The university evaluates these financial aid applications, and eligible students can qualify for the Tata Scholarship.

While Cornell offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, applicants should note that the Tata Scholarship is primarily need-based. The university assesses financial needs and considers applicants’ family background during the evaluation process. It is important to understand that students must meet the eligibility criteria for Tata Scholarships, which aims to support students based on their financial circumstances.

In addition to need-based scholarships, Cornell University offers various financial aid opportunities as mentioned. By completing the application and demonstrating financial need, eligible students increase their chances of securing not only a need-based scholarship but potentially the prestigious Tata Scholarship as well. Overall, the application process emphasizes financial need, making it necessary for applicants to fully complete the required documentation to be considered for comprehensive consideration.


1. Does Cornell give scholarships to Indian students?

Cornell University offers scholarships and other financial aid for international students including India. Specific eligibility criteria and opportunities for Cornell University scholarships for Indian students may vary between programs and departments. So, prospective students are requested to consult Cornell’s Financial Aid Office and explore available scholarships commensurate with their academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and other relevant factors.

2. Does Cornell offer a 100% scholarship?

Cornell University offers scholarships that may cover full or partial tuition, but availability and criteria vary. Full-ride scholarships are competitive, taking into account factors, such as academic excellence and leadership. To learn about specific opportunities and eligibility for 100% coverage, prospective students should consult Cornell’s Office of Financial Aid.

3. How can I join Cornell University from India?

To enroll in Cornell University from India, you can follow these steps:
Explore programs: Research undergraduate or graduate programs to find a program that suits your educational objectives.

Meet requirements: Meet admissions criteria, including standardized testing and academic qualifications.

Online application: Submit your application through Cornell’s official website.

Financial Aid: Explore Cornell University scholarships for Indian students and financial aid opportunities to make your education at the institution affordable.

Visa Application: Upon acceptance, navigate the visa process for international students.

4. Does Cornell give full rides to international students?

While Cornell University offers scholarships for international students that can cover full or partial tuition, securing a full-ride scholarship is competitive. Academic excellence and leadership often influence scholarship eligibility. For detailed information on available scholarships and specific criteria, prospective students can reach out to Cornell’s Financial Aid Office.

5. Is Cornell University cheaper than Harvard University?

Generally, Cornell University has lower tuition fees than Harvard University. However, the total cost varies depending on factors, such as accommodation and personal expenses. For the most accurate comparison, you can check the latest financial information on the respective university websites.


Cornell University is one of the best institutions to study for Indian students. The university offers remarkable scholarship opportunities to Indian students while promoting both academic excellence and cultural inclusivity. Cornell University scholarships for Indian students not only reduce financial constraints but also serve as a platform for meritorious students to pursue their educational ambitions in the USA.

By actively encouraging intercultural interactions, Cornell is dedicated to increasing its global impact and fostering a dynamic learning environment. As Indian students begin their academic endeavors at Cornell, Cornell University scholarships for Indian students play an important role in catalyzing personal and intellectual growth and preparing future leaders.

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