Top 7 Scholarships for First Generation Students

Scholarships for First Generation Students

If you’re a student in search of financial assistance, the Scholarships for First Generation Students could be your answer. 

These scholarships are for students who are the first in their family to go to college. They’re a way for the government to support education because they know that when more people go to college, it’s good for the whole country.

Being the first person in your family to attend college is a significant achievement It means you’re paving the way for your family’s future.

But going to college can be expensive, and that’s where these scholarships come in. They’re here to make sure that money doesn’t get in the way of your education, whether you’re pursuing undergraduate studies or considering opportunities for graduate school scholarships. So, if you need financial help for college and you’re the first in your family to go, these Scholarships for First Generation Students are for you.

What are the Scholarships for First Generation Students?

Many deprived families and communities are still facing backwardness in various aspects, one of the biggest factors being education backward. That is why to encourage them to be admitted to colleges and high schools, many steps are taken. One such step is the Scholarships for First Generation Students. These scholarships are given to the students who are the first in their families to take higher education. 

This will motivate other family members to get an education as well. The financial aid given under the scholarship programs will cover most of the educational expenses and make their education more affordable. There are several institutions, companies, charitable trusts, religious centers, and multinationals that offer first generation scholarships to deserving students. The articles Scholarships for First Generation Students will help to to know all about the first generation scholarships, how to get them, and where to find the one for you. 

How to Apply for First Generation Scholarships?

Applying for first generation scholarships is easy and has a straightforward procedure. All you need to do is find the relevant scholarship program in which you are eligible and fill up the application form. Many scholarship organizers have already collaborated with high schools and universities to find out the deserving candidates. 

Otherwise, other scholarships can be directly applied online if you meet their eligibility criteria. Some scholarships conduct contests to find deserving candidates whereas most of them select the winner randomly from the applications. However, you may request a letter of recommendation from the college or university authorities for verification purposes. 

Other requirements for the scholarships for first generation students may include the proof that signifies you as the first one to get higher studies. This may include the educational qualification of your parents, their profession, income proof, and many more. You will find all the needs and requirements for the scholarships on their official website. 

Moreover, the scholarships are also nationality and demographics-based. That means you will get the financial aid only if you meet these requirements. For example, most scholarship programs prefer the candidate to be a legal resident of a particular country, state, or other area under US jurisdiction. We recommend you make sure whether you are eligible for the application scholarship or not, otherwise, your application will be rejected while shortlisting winners. 

List of 7 Best Scholarships for First Generation Students

If you are the first person to take higher education in your family and looking for any financial aid to make your education more affordable then you can go for the first generation scholarships. We have researched and taken the best Scholarships for First Generation Students programs for you, Here are some of them: 

1. TELACU College Success Program

TELACU College Success Program
TELACU College Success Program

The first generation college students who were admitted to regular full-time courses can apply for scholarships and get financial support. The best part of the scholarship is that it is not limited just to educational expenses but also provides other perks including workshops, career guidance, tutoring sessions, and interning opportunities. All the benefits received under the scholarships can be availed each year until your four-year course ends. 

As for her scholarship, there are some eligibility criteria and requirements you need to fulfill. These include the academic score or minimum GPA requirements, the number of hours spent in community services and volunteering, the first-generation student status in your family, poor financial background, and many more. Went through all the requirements and built a strong profile to get the scholarship reward. 

2. Smith Scholarship Foundation

Smith Scholarship Foundation
Smith Scholarship Foundation

Smith Scholarship Foundation is one of the most popular scholarships for first generation students was founded by the estate of the late heiress of Avondale Mills. You must be a high school senior to avail of the scholarship and the academic score in the past year must meet the eligibility requirements. The most important qualification for the scholarship is the legal residency of an Alabama city and admission to any renowned Alabama-based high school or university. 

The applicant needs to go through the whole process of application which includes filling out the application form, writing two essays describing the candidate and other aspects, letter of recommendation from parents, community leaders, college faculties, or other volunteering leaders. The scholarship can also be renewed every year but there are some restrictions and limitations of the winning reward in case of renewal. 

3. VAMOS Scholarships

VAMOS Scholarships
VAMOS Scholarships

The scholarship is limited to the Texas community of some selected counties. These include Hidalgo, Starr, and Cameron County. The total amount of financial aid received under this scholarship scheme is around $5000 which is given to make education more affordable for first generation students in these towns. The main motive of the scholarship program is to uplift the educational status of the Texas community. Being a legal resident of Texas is a compulsion to avail of the scholarship. 

The eligibility requirements for the scholarship program include being a full-time college student and having the minimum qualifying academic score of 2.5 GPA. More importantly, the applicant must be in the top 30% of students in the batch to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship is not for all first generation students. One will only get financial aid if they comply with all the needs, requirements, and eligibility of the program. 

4. Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund

Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund
Cynthia E. Morgan Memorial Scholarship Fund

The medical students who want to be a doctor in the future can benefit from the scholarship. The amount of $1000 is awarded to the selected candidates if they meet the eligibility requirements. To apply for the scholarship first of all you must be a legal resident of Maryland and be a part of any renowned US-based medical college or university. The first generation students who took part in the health care degree can apply for the scholarship and receive financial aid. 

Not only doctors but the first generation students who are admitted to many other medical-related professions including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, laboratory scientists, and occupational therapists can avail of the scholarship program. The financial aid received can be used to pay the tuition fees of your course or other educational expenses only. 

5. Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship

Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship
Coca-Cola Scholars Scholarship

Coca-Cola is one of the most popular cold drink brands across the globe and is also known for its charitable works. They always present the scholarships for the students based on different criteria and one of them is being a Scholarships for First Generation Students. Under the scholarship program, a reward of $ 5,000 is awarded to the winners for their full course of four years. Annually, more than $20000 is granted to the 150 students. 

The scholarship program also collaborated with many renowned universities across the USA to identify first generation students and reward them with financial aid. You must be a high school senior and enrolled in any full-time course in the university to apply for the scholarship. The academic requirements for the scholarship include the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0. Also, the eligibility criteria for the scholarship are determined by Coca-Cola itself every year. So make sure to go through all the needs and requirements before applying for the first generation scholarship. 

6. American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarship

American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarship
American Indian College Fund Full Circle Scholarship

Both India and the USA have been getting into a strong strategic and formal relationship in the past few years. The Indian students are getting enrolled in the prestigious US university and getting scholarships as well. One such scholarship is the American Indian College Fund Full Circle scholarship. The students enrolled in no profitable or tribal schools in the US are eligible for the scholarship and must have a 2.0 GPA as a minimum academic score. 

Only the American Indian students are eligible for the scholarship financial aid. The applicant must be enrolled in the full-time course and need to submit a personal essay describing the given topic. The biggest requirement for the scholarship is providing the federally recognized American Indian tribe certificate and all other required documents. Those with poor financial backgrounds students are preferred in this scholarship scheme and will be aided with a four-year course in educational expenses. 

The financial aid covers your tuition fee, campus charges, books, and some minor expenses. Do not expect full-ride coverage from the scholarship. 

7. Atkins Educational Foundation Pathway to Success Scholarship

Atkins Educational Foundation Pathway to Success Scholarship
Atkins Educational Foundation Pathway to Success Scholarship

The main motive of this scholarship is to uplift the status of women in US society. To get the financial aid the applicant must be a female and is the legal resident of Florida. Getting enrolled in the renowned Florida-based university is another requirement for the scholarship. If you are a female first generation student in your family and want to apply for the scholarship then make sure that you are eligible for FAFSA and FFAA.

You must not apply for more than two similar scholarships as this will be counted as spam and the application will be blacklisted. Keep in mind that the funds offered in the scholarship program are supplementary and are opposite to a full-ride scholarship. 

That means only a limited amount is offered and the rest of the educational express must be covered by the students themselves. The scholarship program has collaborated with Florida University which helps them to determine whether the applicant is a first generation student or not. 


1. Am I the first generation student if my parents study from abroad?

As per the requirements of the first generation scholarships if any of your parents are immigrants or study from another country then you are considered as the first generation student in the USA. However, in case your parents have attended any year of their education in the US, you are not likely to get the scholarship as you are not considered a first generation student. 

2. Am I considered for scholarships if my parents study at vocational or trade schools?

In most cases, the vocational or trade schools are not considered as higher education. There are higher chances of you getting the scholarship even if your parents had studied for these schools. But make sure to check for the eligibility criteria of the scholarship or raise a query for the same. All scholarship programs have their different eligibility criteria. 

3. Are there other scholarships available for first generation scholarships?

Yes, there are a lot more scholarship programs available for first generation students. This includes subsidized federal loans, where the students get a loan at lower interest and have no need to pay the premium until the education ends. Other scholarship schemes may include no-essay scholarships, full-ride scholarships, and graduate scholarships. If you are eligible, you get financial aid for your educational expenses. 

4. How much can I get under scholarships for first generation students?

As a first generation student, you can get full educational coverage for your higher studies and related expenses. The average amount received may vary from $500 to several thousand dollars as well. It is an empire depending upon the type of scholarship you are applying for. Some federal-level scholarships will not only give you financial aid for education but also offer monthly or annual stipends, research expenses, and many more perks.


Hope you know all about Scholarships for First Generation Students and get the best scholarships for you. Make sure that you meet all the eligibility criteria and get the proof that depicts you being a first generation student in your family. Some scholarship programs conduct contests while others randomly choose the winners. You will get the financial aid that covers most of your education-related expenses including your tuition fees, campus charges, housing, traveling, books, food, and many more.

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