Boston University Presidential Scholarship 2024 – Eligibility Criteria

Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Are you searching for information for the Boston University Presidential Scholarship? no worries we have covered a detailed article for you. There are wide types and categories of scholarships available for students from different educational backgrounds, financial status, aspirations etc. These scholarships offer various benefits that could potentially have a huge positive impact on a student’s academic life.

One of the most important benefits is financial benefit where the scholarship program can cover tuition fees, accommodation costs, and other educational expenses.

Boston University presidential scholarship is one such esteemed scholarship that most students dream of. Boston University is one of the top colleges in the United States hence it witnesses over 40,000+ applicants every year.

If a student does not receive a scholarship, they can always apply for loans. With current advancements in the finance industry, loan options are available for students with bad credit scores, hence allowing young aspiring people to pursue their dreams without worrying about financial constraints. 

All about Boston University

Boston University boasts of admitting over 37,000 students from more than 140 countries. With more than 300 programs of study to offer, students have the flexibility to choose combined programs. This university is among the top on the nation’s list.

There are 17 schools and colleges under Boston University. They are:

1. College of Engineering:

In the College of Engineering, students can choose from programs in various disciplines ranging from Biomedical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering to Systems Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. This college primarily focuses on advancing students interested in science and technology through research, innovation, and discovery. 

2. UMass Boston:

The University of Massachusetts Boston is a famous public research university. It is the only public research university owned by Boston University. Additionally, it is one of the most diverse universities in New England. 

3. Boston University School of Hospitality Administration:

Students with a Bachelor of Science background can earn academic excellence in liberal arts and management by enrolling in the Boston University School of Hospitality Administration. This opens up opportunities for graduates in real estate, digital marketing, senior living, revenue management, and more. 

4. Harvard University:

Harvard University
Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious colleges under Boston University. It is also the oldest university in the United States and has a reputation for being very selective. 

5. School of Law:

The Boston University School of Law is a private research university established in Boston. It is also the third oldest law school in New England. This university offers students a wide range of programs and specializations to choose from including American law, criminal law, intellectual property law, etc. 

6. Suffolk University:

Suffolk University offers various undergraduate and master programs to its students. It has seventeen academic departments which offer these courses. There are other joint degree options available. Currently, 3,000 students are enrolled in all programs combined. 

7. Boston University College:

The Boston University College of Fine Arts is known for providing exceptional academics in the field of performing, cinematic, and media arts. Students training at this university often aspire to work as filmmakers, artists, scholars of arts, musicians, etc. 

8. Northeastern University:

Northeastern University is quite prestigious regarding its ranking and acceptance rate. This university allows its students to pursue co-op experiential opportunities to help students combine their academics with work or internships. This feature of the university makes it very popular among students. 

9. Brandeis University:

Brandeis University is a private research university that is sponsored by the Jewish community. The faculty here is known for producing groundbreaking research and artistic output. Undergraduate students are allowed to participate in leadership and research opportunities as well. 

10. MCPHS University:

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is a private university that primarily focuses on health and life-based education. Apart from this, the university is known to regularly launch online programs accessible to people around the globe. 

11. Boston College:

Boston College is another university regarded as one of the most prestigious in the nation. The faculty here follow the principle of providing education with heart and soul hence ensuring quality education is being imparted to the enrolled students. 

12. Bunker Hill Community College:

Bunker Hill Community College is one of the best-rated community colleges in Boston. This college is known for its low tuition cost making it affordable for most students in the nation. Additionally, the selection process followed by this college is somewhat simpler than the other ones on the list. 

13. Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences:

The Sargent College of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The faculty of this college ensures that the students are prepared for both research and clinical careers in the world of health care and rehabilitation sciences.

14. Questrom School Of Business:

The Questrom School of Business is a private research-based business school in Boston. The courses here emphasize digital technologies, health, and life sciences among others. The curriculum ensures that the students develop critical thinking skills, quantitative analysis ability, and professional skills. 

15. Graduate Medical Science:

Graduate Medical Science is a Boston University that emphasizes research and graduate education in the field of biomedical sciences. This college offers 33 fields of discipline for academic pursuit which also includes interdisciplinary programs which could further lead to master’s, PhD, or certificates.

16. Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is a STEM-focused university which is a great choice for many students aspiring to build a career in the field of science and technology. 

17. College of Communication:

College of communication offers courses in disciplines ranging from Advertising and public relations and journalism to Film and television to mass communication. Students enrolled in this college often develop various life skills apart from academic skills. The college also focuses on having a varied curriculum for its students. 

What is the Boston Presidential Scholarship

The Boston University Presidential Scholarship is a four-year scholarship awarded to undergraduate students. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement.

This program covers an amount of $25000 a year and is renewable for up to four years of their undergraduate program. However, since this is a merit-based award, submitting a financial aid document is not mandatory. 

Another criterion for the scholarship program is that students are expected to portray excellent skills beyond their classrooms and should lead in their schools and communities. Students who prove to be excellent athletes, performers, and artists are also awarded the Presidential Award. 

Additionally, all students are considered for the Presidential Scholarship including US citizens, permanent residents, eligible non-citizens, and international students.

Features of the Boston University Presidential Scholarship

Boston University Presidential Scholarship is a sought-after award by many students. Although there are plenty of scholarships from various universities and schools for undergraduate students, the BUP Scholarship tends to steal the attention of many students. The primary reason for this is its exceptional features which sets it apart from other scholarship programs. Some popular features of the Boston University Presidential Scholarship are:

  1. No additional essays for application forms are required to be submitted by the students. They can just submit their admission application and supporting credentials by the given deadline. 
  1. The students who aspire to win this scholarship should demonstrate excellence in community events and extracurricular activities while working on their grades alongside.
  1. The scholarship award is renewable for up to four years of the student’s undergraduate study.
  1. There are over 20,000+ students who are admitted to the college out of which only 100 highly qualified recipients will be awarded the Boston Presidential Scholarship. 

Eligibility criteria for the Boston Presidential Scholarship

With all the above information, students can easily estimate the competition and the hype behind the scholarship. However, in this section, we shall uncover the eligibility criteria for the Boston Presidential Scholarship. Some noteworthy criteria are:

  1. All high school graduates are eligible irrespective of which school they graduated from. 
  1. To compete for the scholarships students should be accepted into Boston University as undergraduate students.
  1. Students from all over the world are eligible. 
  1. Every applicant should be proficient in English. If required, the results of the English proficiency test should be submitted.
  1. Every applicant should rank in the top 5% of their high schools.
  1. Applicants should submit their SAT and ACT results along with their admission application to Boston University.

Note: A preference is often given to the applicants seeking admission in Science, Engineering, and business administration as a full-time student who is required to pay the tuition fee. 

1. Ways to increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Apart from the Boston University Presidential scholarship, there are various other scholarships that students can apply for. 

Students must remember that colleges review more than thousands of applications every year hence it is quite important for students to work meticulously on their applications. Some ways to increase the chances of getting awarded a scholarship are:

2. Focus on scholarships that are the most suitable for you

Finding a scholarship that works the best for you is a very crucial step. This will ensure that they are a sound fit for the award as per the eligibility stated by the scholarship program. There are many different kinds of scholarships that interested students can apply for. For example, it could be based on their athletic performance or academic merit. 

Students should ensure that they reserve their time, effort, and patience for working on their scholarship applications to increase their chances of winning the scholarships. 

3. Work on the scholarship essay very carefully

Students applying for scholarships are advised to carefully work on their essay prompt. The criteria laid down by a scholarship program are very precise and are designed to assist the students in matching up to their levels to get selected. Submitting a reluctant essay with vague information could cause the student’s application to get rejected. Irrespective of how outstanding a candidate could be, reading and following an essay prompt is crucial for success.

An additional tip to automate a student’s application process is to strategically reuse parts of their scholarship essay to save themselves time and effort. However, it is vital to customize the essay according to the selection guidelines laid down by the scholarship program. 

4. Work hard and stay motivated

Although some scholarships are based purely on financial needs rather than academic excellence, some exceptional students can win the same. However, that would require a lot of hard work and consistency. In most universities, applicants for scholarships are considered based on regular admission applications hence making high grades pretty crucial. 

Students have to push themselves academically which could be mentally exhausting. However, staying motivated and taking breaks regularly could prove beneficial. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How difficult is it to get awarded the Boston University Presidential Scholarship?

The Board of Admissions grants first-year students the Boston Presidential Scholarship. Every year, about 3% of first-year students are awarded this prize.

2. Are international students eligible for presidential scholarships?

Academic scholarships are automatically taken into consideration for all approved undergraduate students, including those from other countries. An applicant’s application will be evaluated for admission after it is finished. Applications must have an official SAT or ACT score on file to be considered.

3. What type of scholarship does Boston University offer?

Merit-based scholarships are awarded exclusively based on academic, artistic, or athletic achievements. Scholarships Based on Need are given to students who meet the requirements for financial help and who submit their FAFSA and CSS Profile by the deadline for applying.

4. Is Boston College difficult to get into?

The school Boston College is highly selective. The 2025 class admission rate at Boston College was 19%. Only over 7,600 of the almost 40,000 applicants were approved by Boston College admissions.

5. Is Boston expensive for International students?

Boston’s strong demand for lodging makes it an expensive city. In Boston, a monthly living expense ranges from $1500 to $2500. In Boston, it’s easy to obtain student housing despite the city’s strong housing demand.


When applying for Boston University Presidential scholarship, students should keep in mind that the award is quite difficult to win. With thousands of applicants applying every year, only a few hundred get selected. 

Another criterion that students seem to overlook is the application process. Although there is no separate application for the scholarship, students have to ensure their admission application is perfect. In the end, it would be worth the hassle as the students get awarded the scholarship they always dreamt of. 

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