Tennessee State Scholarships

Tennessee State Scholarships

Are you looking for Tennessee State Scholarships? here is a detailed article that can assist you.. When it comes to scholarships, there are various types available for students with varying goals, financial situations, and educational backgrounds. These scholarships benefit students significantly and help them excel in the careers of their dreams. However, one of the biggest advantages of these scholarships is the ability of the award to pay for tuition, living expenses, and other educational costs. 

Tennessee State University is a public college which was established in 1921. It is the only state-funded black college in the state. 

The university offers 77 majors in undergraduate and graduate colleges. Additionally, the university also offers doctoral degrees for students. This college boasts an undergraduate-student-faculty ratio of 16:1, which is really impressive. 

All about Tennessee State University

Tennessee State University was among 80 universities and colleges in the United States to win the designation of best value school designation by University Research and Review. It is a technology-based platform that carries out thorough research and review about colleges.

This university is famous for performing research in major areas like health sciences, engineering, cybersecurity, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, agricultural sciences, nanomaterials, social sciences, and business.  

Tennessee State University has two campuses. 

One is located in the centre of Nashville, while the other one, which is the Avon Williams campus, is situated in the downtown district. 

Scholarships offered by Tennessee State University

Scholarships are a great way for students to fund their education. Many scholarships offered by Tennessee State University are one-time only. Hence, it is vital that students carry out thorough research for scholarships every year. The departments of Tennessee State University offer plenty of scholarships to students with varying amounts, requirements, and deadlines. 

Most Scholarships offered by Tennessee State University fall in the list of top scholarships for first generation students hence making them sought after among aspiring candidates. 

The annual scholarship grant varies between $500 and $10,000. Furthermore, scholarships up to $50,000 are available to international students for the full course period. 

Some popular scholarships offered by Tennessee State University are:

1. Mason Endowed Scholarship

The Mason Endowment Scholarship was established particularly to assist students from St. Luke MBC financially. It was introduced in honor of descendants of Peter and Cary L. Mason, both prodigies who attended Tennessee State University. The applicants are expected to graduate with a minimum 3.0 GPA in their high school senior year. The students should also be enrolled at Tennessee State University. Selected students are granted $1000. 

It should be kept in mind that students from Brownsville, Ripley, Gates, Halls, or Henning, TN could also be given a preference. 

2. Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America Veterans Scholarship

The Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Military Officers Association of America Veterans Scholarship is awarded to veterans of the United States Armed Services who require support. However, selected students should have proof of being wounded during their service. Students who suffer permanent disability and demonstrate financial need are also eligible for this scholarship. Additionally, the applicants are expected to be enrolled full-time and should have received the Purple Heart for wounds they suffered. 

All selected students are granted an award of $1000, which can be renewed every year until the student is enrolled in Tennessee State University for their academics. 

3. Tennessee State University Academic Work Scholarship

Tennessee State University Academic Work Scholarship
Tennessee State University Academic Work Scholarship

The Tennessee State University Academic Work Scholarship is awarded to students with great academic achievements residing in the State of Tennessee. Applicants should be high school graduates from the State of Tennessee with a minimum score of 2.9 high school GPA. Moreover, the student should have a SAT score of at least 900 and no prior college attendance. For all the selected students, this scholarship covers tuition and fees for eight semesters. 

4. The Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship

The Lettie Pate Whitehead Scholarship is open to full-time undergraduate women who reside in the Southeastern States such as Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, etc. Additionally, it is important that in order to be selected, students should receive acceptance in majors such as Cardio-respiratory care sciences, dental hygiene, health care administration and planning, health information management, health sciences, or nursing. One of the primary selection factors is the financial need of the student. Additionally, the student should be able to prove via documentation that they are members of a Christian club. 

5. Tennessee State University Academic Higher Achiever Scholarship

The Tennessee State University Academic Higher Achiever Scholarship was introduced for freshers whose academic achievements proved outstanding academic performance at Tennessee State University. This scholarship mandates the students to be high school graduates with a minimum 3.0 GPA, a SAT score of at least 980, and no prior college attendance. The scholarships covers tuition and fees, room and accommodation costs for eight semesters. 

Hendersonville Links Scholarship is awarded to a newly enrolled student or a current student who is full-time enrolled in an undergraduate program. A new student is required to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 and an ACT score of 22. Meanwhile, the students who are already enrolled should have a minimum GPA of 3.3. Apart from this, applicants should submit an autobiographical essay, a copy of the transcript, and 2 recommendation letters. 

7. Joe and Esther Crowell Scholarship

The Joe and Esther Crowell Scholarship is awarded to full-time undergraduate students who have a minimum of 2.9 GPA from high school or while they study at Tennessee State University. Moreover, the applicant should be a descendant of attendees or graduates of Oak Park High School. Students who need financial aid are preferred for this scholarship. 

8. McDonnell Douglass Scholarship

Students who are undergoing academic training in majors such as Electrical, aerospace, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and computer engineering or have completed at least one year of sophomore can apply for the McDonnell Douglass Scholarship. Students who have portrayed outstanding achievements in research, projects, or leadership in campus events are given more preference. 

Tennessee State University Tuition & Financial Aid

The cost of tuition at Tennessee State University is $21,692 for out-of-state students and $8,336 for in-state students. Tennessee State University’s in-state tuition is less expensive than the $11,560 national average. The tuition is less expensive for out-of-state students than the $27,320 national average for out-of-state tuition.

These numbers, which are often known as the sticker price, include both tuition and fees. Depending on the university, fees may be used to support technology resources, student centers, student centers, student gyms, and campus health clinics.

When comparing the costs of various institutions, don’t forget to take the net price and total cost into account. The sticker price includes additional costs for personal expenses, books and supplies, lodging and board, and transportation. The total cost of attendance at Tennessee State University is $37,620 for out-of-state students and $24,264 for in-state students. The average cost of the institution after financial aid and scholarships are subtracted from the total is known as the net price. For in-state students, this equals $18,101, and for out-of-state students receiving need-based help, it is $32,846.

Eligibility Criteria for Tennessee State Scholarships

With all the above information, students can easily figure out the scholarship that’s best suitable for them. However, in this section, we have summed up the eligibility criteria for Tennessee State scholarships. Some noteworthy criteria are:

  1. Most scholarships offered by Tennessee State University have made it mandatory for the applicant to reside in Tennessee or a nearby place. 
  1. To compete for the scholarships, students should be accepted into Tennessee State University as undergraduate students.
  1. Students residing in the Tennessee region are preferred. 
  1. Every applicant should be proficient in English. If required, the results of the English proficiency test should be submitted.
  1. Every applicant should rank in the top 5% of their high schools.
  1. Applicants should submit their SAT and ACT test results along with their admission application to Tennessee State University.

Ways to increase your chances of getting a scholarship

Students must remember that colleges review thousands of applications every year; hence it is quite important for students to work meticulously on their applications. Some ways to increase the chances of getting awarded a scholarship are:

1. Concentrate on the scholarships that best fit your needs.

It’s vital to find the scholarship that best suits your needs. This will guarantee that they meet the requirements of the scholarship program and are a good fit for the grant. Scholarships of all kinds are available for interested students to apply for. It might be determined, for instance, by their academic standing or physical prowess.

To improve their chances of receiving the scholarships, students should make sure they set aside time, patience, and effort to work on their applications.

2. Pay close attention to the scholarship essay.

It is recommended that students who are applying for scholarships thoroughly consider the essay prompt. Scholarship programs have highly specific requirements, which are meant to help students meet the requirements and get chosen. A reluctant essay with ambiguous details could result in the student’s application being denied. Understanding and adhering to an essay prompt is essential for success, no matter how exceptional a candidate may be.

One further way to help students save time and effort during the application process is to reuse portions of their scholarship essays carefully. Nonetheless, it is imperative that the essay be tailored in accordance with the scholarship program’s selection criteria.

3. Put forth a lot of effort and maintain your motivation.

Some outstanding students may be awarded scholarships even, while others are awarded solely on the basis of their financial need as opposed to their academic achievement. But that would take a great deal of perseverance and hard effort. High grades are important because most institutions rely on their scholarship decisions on regular admissions applications.

Pupils must challenge themselves academically, which may be mentally taxing. However, maintaining motivation and scheduling frequent rest periods may be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the University of Tennessee give out full-time scholarships?

Our goal as Tennessee’s flagship public land grant institution is to guarantee that every Tennessean has access to higher education. A few full tuitions and required fee scholarships are available from UT to help you realise your goals without having to worry about money!

2. Are international students eligible for Tennessee State University scholarships?

While some institutions and departments offer small top-up grants or scholarships, international students are not eligible for the merit-based or need-based financial aid programs available to Tennessee residents or domestic students.

3. What is the four-year cost of attendance at Tennessee University?

The cost of attending the University of Tennessee for four years would be $130,632 for residents of Tennessee and $204,312 for out-of-state students. This amount would also include books, accommodation board, and other expenses.

4. What is the easiest scholarship to get?

Certain universities, particularly those that are private, provide every candidate automatic consideration for a merit-based scholarship that is given out during the acceptance process. Since these scholarships don’t require a separate application, they are frequently the simplest to receive.

5. How can I get a scholarship at TSU?

Filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid is the first step toward being awarded a scholarship (FAFSA). To be eligible for the majority of scholarships, grants, and other forms of financial aid, you only need to submit one application, the FAFSA.


When applying for the Tennessee State scholarship, students should keep in mind that the awards are quite difficult to win. With thousands of applicants applying every year, only a few hundred get selected. 

Another criterion that students seem to overlook is the application process. Students have to ensure that they have exceptional applications along with a crisp application essay to increase their chances of being granted the scholarship. 

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