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Brazos Student Loan Refinance Review 2024

Brazos Student Loan Refinance

Are you looking for the best guide on Brazos Student Loan Refinance then you are at the right place. If you’re an individual with existing student loans seeking to consolidate and potentially secure more favorable terms like lower interest rates or different repayment options, then the Brazos may be a suitable option for you.

Student loans are a helpful option for students from families with limited finances who struggle to cover their fees and educational expenses.

These types of loans are available for lower interest rates and longer repayment tenure. There are hundreds of benefits and perks that come with education loans which makes it possible for students to repay the loan flexibly. Students can take these loans independently or with their parents as co-applicants. 

Are you exploring student loan refinancing options? Delve into our comprehensive guide on Brazos Student Loan Refinance to gain insights into its features and benefits. For a broader perspective and detailed insights into another reputable option, explore our analysis of ‘Laurel Road Student Loan Refinance.’

Additionally, for those seeking education loans at lower interest rates, there are various student loan providers and private lenders. Brazos Student Loan Refinance stands out among them. This article aims to provide you with more information about Brazos refinance and its specifications.

What is Brazos student loan refinancing? 

Brazos is one of the most popular Texas-based loan financing companies that helps students get their educational expenses covered with education loans. The main focus of the company is to make it easier for people in Texas and nearby to pay back their loans in a flexible manner. 

To qualify for the loan, there are some needs and requirements. These include a credit score of at least 720. Brazos grants student loans to all Texas residents as well as those going to college in Texas, other state students are also qualified if they are admitted to Texas based colleges or universities. 

If your credit score or income does not meet the eligibility requirements of the Brazos student loan refinance company then all you can do is ask your parents or someone else to help you by being a cosigner. They should have a credit score of at least 690 and more to and $30,000 income annually. Brazos can check your credit score without affecting it in any manner. 

You must have finished college (bachelor’s degree) and live in Texas to use Brazos. If you meet these requirements, you can refinance loans starting from $10,000 up to $150,000 for regular college loans. If you’re in medical, graduate, or professional school, you can refinance up to $400,000.

Types of loans offered by Brazos 

When it comes to repaying their loans, students have a variety of options. Furthermore, the organization offers more services than only refinancing student loans. They also offer different types of private student loans for all kinds of students who are enrolled in multiple fields and professionals. Some of the types of loans offered by the company are mentioned below let’s have a look: 

  1. Undergraduate loans 
  2. Graduate loans 
  3. MBA loans 
  4. Law loans  
  5. Medical loans
  6. Dental loans
  7. Veterinary loans
  8. Loans for doctoral programs 

All the students are eligible for the loans whether they are residents of the Texas city or are admitted to the school, college, or university located there. When it comes to debt repayment, students have a lot of options. 

As a student, you can decide to pay back your loan while studying or take the time and delay it when you start making money. However, if you initiate loan repayment while still in school, you can enjoy various advantages, such as a reduced interest rate.

Currently, the Brazos have the best deals and loans offered for the low low-income students. The variable rates range from 5.32% to 9.47% APR, while the fixed rates range from 2.71% to 6.86% APR.

Eligibility requirements for Brazos education loans 

There are several eligibility requirements that need to be accomplished by the students to get loans. To get your loan refinanced by Brazos, you need to meet certain requirements as per the official notification from Brazos. Some of these eligibility requirements are mentioned below, let’s have a look at them: 

  • Who Can Apply: Before applying you must know whether you are eligible for the loan or not. To apply you must be a legal citizen of the USA or permanent resident. However, for students on a work or student visa, eligibility is possible, provided they apply for the loan with a co-signer. The co-signer must either be a U.S. citizen or meet the annual income criteria.
  • How Much You Earn: There is a particular income eligibility for education loans. The applicant should have an income of at least $60,000 annually. Also, in the case of a loan with a co-signer, the income requirement for your co-signer will be $30,000. An income below the specified amount is not acceptable for the education loan.
  • Your Credit Score: Similar to other eligibility requirements there is a need to have a good financial score. Your credit score needs to be at least 720 or more to get the education loan. Additionally, for a co-signer, the co-signer’s credit score must be 690 or higher. 
  • Your Education Level: The student loans are borrowed for educational purposes. For a student to get an educational loan it is necessary to have at least a bachelor’s degree in any specified field. 
  • Where You Live: The residential status of the applicant is also considered for granting the loan funds. Only people living in Texas are qualified for the loan. 

Apart from the eligibility criteria mentioned above, additional rules exist that can vary for different individuals and may differ based on the type of loan.. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can refinance the loan of around $150,000. Students with a graduate or postgraduate degree can qualify to refinance up to approximately $400,000.

Most importantly the loan is only given to employed students. If you are not employed then there is an exception you must have accepted a job offer that will commence within the time frame of 60 days. 

Brazos Student Loan Refinance Rates

The rates for loans vary on different factors including the time frame of the Ioan, the type of loan, your finance score, and many more. However, we have presented the most accurate rates for Brazos student loan refinance. The rates are mentioned below: 

  • The fixed rate for the five-year loan is approximately 4.90% to 6.75%, while the variable rate is approximately 5.31% to 7.56%. 
  • For the loan which is termed for the term of 7 Years. The FIXED RATE is around 5.60% – 6.85% and the VARIABLE RATE is around 6.06% – 7.66%. 
  • For the loan which is termed for the term of 10 Years, the FIXED-RATE is around 5.75% – 6.95% and the VARIABLE RATE is around 6.36% – 8.86%. 
  • For the loan which is termed for the term of 15 Years, the FIXED RATE is around 5.95% – 7.00% and the VARIABLE RATE is around 6.86% – 9.16%
  • For the loan which is termed for the term of  20 Years, the FIXED RATE is around 6.25% – 7.24% and the VARIABLE RATE is around 6.86% – 9.36%. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Brazos Student Loan Refinance 

Everything has two aspects which depict its positive and negative sides. Same with the Brazos student loan reliance. There are both advantages and disadvantages of Brazos. Here they are, take a look:


  • The company offers attractive interest rates for different types of education loans. The best part is that the rate of interest for student loans is less as compared to other private lenders. 
  • The loan is not limited to the USA citizens, the company welcomes all the DACA recipients and international students to take the education loans. They simply require a co-signer who fulfills all the necessary criteria and requirements for the loan. 
  • One of the best parts of the Brazos student loan company is that the Parent Student loans are extended beyond the dependents. These loans are not limited to dependents. 
  • For the flexibility of the loans, there are certain options available for delaying payments as per the repayment schedule. These can occur due to the practicum, internships, and medical residencies in medical facilities for medical students. 


  • The educational loans are only limited to Texas legal residents and those students who are enrolled in any Texas-based university or educational institution. 
  • The students are not able to explore the rates and other specifications of the type of loan required. To do so there is a need for a thorough credit check. 
  • Student loan refinancing is exclusively available for students who achieve a bachelor’s degree or higher degrees in any USA-based educational institution. 
  • For in-school borrowers, deferment will be automatically applied after a period of four and a half years. 
  • The Stringent eligibility criteria and other requirements are there for eligibility in parent student loans. 


There are several rewards and perks offered to different types of loans. For students who are looking for a parent-student loan or refinance loan, you can ask a close friend or any other family member to co-sign the loan agreement and take the referral link before applying for the student loans. The company has a special referral program in which someone uses your referral link and successfully borrows a Brazos student loan to cover their educational expenses. They will get a reward of $200 as their referral incentive. 

The best part of the Brazos referral incentive program is that to refer someone to your link there is no need for you to already have a loan. Anyone can sign up for the referral program and share their referral links with their friends or family. By using this method, you have the opportunity to recover $200 from a family member or friend, thereby saving a modest amount.

Also, for students who are facing any kind of trouble with their repayments, the private lender Brazos offers three options to help you take a break from payments without any penalty or hidden fees. These are: 

  • Military forbearance: For those who have served in the military, can delay their repayments for up to the tenure of 36 months.
  • Economic hardship forbearance: If under any circumstance you have lost your job or are dealing with any kind of health or financial issues, due to which it is difficult for you to pay the repayments then you can apply to pause payments within the tenure of three-month periods which can be expended up to a year depending upon the situation. 
  • Natural disaster forbearance: The students who are facing financial issues due to any natural calamity or disaster can get the same payment pause options as they are facing money challenges and need time to recover. 


1. Is Brazos a good lender?

Yes, Brazos is a pioneer in private lenders which offers low-interest student loans to Texas students. The company allows you to take loans for a tenure of 5 to 20 years. 

2. How to minimize student loan interest rates? 

Reducing the loan repayment interest rates can be achieved through various methods, with one effective approach being to shorten the repayment tenure. Opting for a 5-year repayment schedule, for instance, enables you to pay the lowest possible interest rates to the lender.

3. Is opting for a private lender superior to choosing a federal student loan?

Certainly not, federal student loans surpass private lenders in several aspects. Offered by the government, these loans feature highly competitive interest rates and, in certain instances, may even have zero interest. Exceptional students with high academic achievements can benefit from zero-interest loans through federal student aid programs.

4. Is the refinance of the loan possible? 

Yes, the refinance of the loan is possible and the lenders offer amazing offers for the refinancing of the loan to their company. But when you refinance the federal loan to a private lender you can not return to your federal Ioan again. This is a one-way process. 


Brazos student loan refinance can be a good option for Texas students to pay their educational expenses. It provides favorable interest rates in comparison to other private lenders.. Above mentioned is all you need to know about the Brazos student loan refinance.

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