Princeton University Review

Princeton University Review

Do you want to study at Princeton University? If yes then you must check our Princeton University Review.

Princeton University is a private college and it has been around since 1746. It is not too far from the city. It is kind of in the suburbs, and the campus is 690 acres. They go by semesters there for classes. 

In 2022, about 5,604 students were studying there. They are ranked number one in the whole country for colleges. Tuition and fees to study cost $59,710, so it is not cheap, but it is a top-notch school.

In this article, we will dive deep into what Princeton University is really like, including how it ranks and what past students think about it. So let’s get started. 

Key Takeaways

  • Princeton University is a very old, private college in New Jersey. It was founded in 1746.
  • Getting in is tough. The acceptance rate is only 6%.
  • It is expensive. It costs around $80,340 per year, but they are generous with financial aid.
  • They have a strong academic program. It is ranked #7 in the world by Times Higher Education.
  • Classes are small. They have an average of 15 students and there is a lot of support for students which includes tutoring, health services, etc.
  • Campus life is vibrant with lots of clubs and activities.
  • Famous alumni include Michelle Obama, John F. Kennedy, and Albert Einstein.

Princeton University Overview

Princeton University is a private school that has been around since 1746. It is one of the oldest colleges in the U.S. It is in a quiet place called Princeton, New Jersey. The campus is 690 acres, and it is a part of Ivy league colleges

The Princeton Tigers are famous for their lacrosse teams. When you are a freshman or sophomore, you live in one of seven residential colleges, but when you are a junior or senior, you can join an eating club for meals and hanging out. 

Princeton’s motto is all about helping others. They have great graduate programs too, especially in public affairs and engineering. All undergraduates have to do a big project before they graduate. 

Some famous people went to Princeton, like President Woodrow Wilson and Michelle Obama. There is a gate on campus, and if you walk through it before you graduate, some people say you might be cursed.

Princeton University Admissions

Getting into Princeton University is tough. Only about 6% of applicants get accepted. But if you apply early, your chances are a bit better at 15.5%. 

For the students who got in and took tests, most scored between 1500 and 1580 on the SAT or 34 and 35 on the ACT. But some did better, and some did worse. The deadline to apply is January 1st.

When you apply, they care about your grades. Your GPA is super important to them. They also like to see where you stand in your class if they can find that out.

January 1$706%

Princeton University Tuition & Financial Aid

Princeton University costs $59,710 for tuition, which is more than what most other colleges charge. That price includes everything, like fees for using the library, gym, and health center.

But wait, there is more to consider. The total cost, which includes tuition, room and board, books, transportation, and other stuff, adds up to $80,340 at Princeton. 

Now, after financial aid and scholarships kick in, the average student ends up paying about $17,464. So, when you are thinking about college costs, remember to look at the big picture and not just the tuition cost. 

Princeton University Academics

The student-faculty ratio is 5 to 1. There are not too many students for each teacher. Most of the classes, about 74%, have fewer than 20 students. So you will get plenty of attention.

The top majors are Social Sciences, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology, Public Administration, Physics, History, English, Languages, and Psychology. These are the subjects students are really into.

When freshmen start at Princeton, most of them stick around. The retention rate is 94%. It shows how satisfied students are. This rate is extremely high at Princeton University. So, overall, it seems like a lot of students like it there.

Princeton University Student Life

There are about 5,604 students there, split evenly between guys and girls. 

Most of them, 95%, live in housing provided by the college such as dorms. Only 5% live off campus.

They are serious about their games when it comes to sports. Princeton plays in the NCAA I league..

Princeton University Campus

At Princeton University, they have got a bunch of services to help you out. If you need tutoring or support, they have got you covered. There is also a women’s center, help with finding jobs, health services, and insurance. 

You will see patrols day and night, emergency phones everywhere, and well-lit paths. If you need a ride late at night, they will make sure you get home safe.

Princeton University Rankings

Princeton University is a private school in New Jersey. It is a part of the Ivy League. They offer all kinds of degrees in different subjects.

When you are an undergraduate there, you will study a lot of different subjects, like history, social studies, and science. It is all about getting a well-rounded education.

If you are thinking about graduation school, Princeton’s got you covered too. They are picky about who they let in. But they offer degrees in over 40 different fields.

People all around the world think highly of Princeton. It is ranked as one of the top universities globally, coming in at number 7 by Times Higher Education. In the US, it is ranked 16th by US News & World Report

Princeton University Graduation Rate

Princeton University has a higher graduation rate than most colleges. This means that out of 100 students who start at Princeton, a whopping 98 of them graduate. The average rate for similar schools is 68% throughout the United States. 

Princeton University Cost

Getting into Princeton University is not just for rich kids. They want everyone to have a shot. They are all about making sure money is not a barrier for you. 

When you apply, they do not even look at your financial situation. They want a mix of students from all kinds of backgrounds.

If you get in, they will help you out financially. They will cover 100% of what you need with grants, so you won’t have to worry about loans. 

Sometimes, going to Princeton can even be cheaper than going to your local state college. So, please don’t let money stop you from dreaming big.

$59,710is the tuition for the 2023-24 academic year.
83%of recent seniors graduated debt-free.
100%of the average grant covers 100% of tuition.
65%of students are estimated to qualify for financial aid in the 2023-24 academic year.

Princeton University Financial Aid

Princeton is good at helping it’s students out with money. They are known for being super generous with their financial aid. They treat everyone the same, whether you are from the US or another country.

They use a simple way to figure out how much your family can pay. They don’t give out loans. Instead, they give you money that you don’t have to pay back. So, when you graduate, you won’t have a ton of debt hanging over your head.

If you are curious about how much aid you could get, there is a tool you can use to estimate it. But just so you know, it is only for students in the US and Canada.

$79,090Tuition, housing, and food for the 2023-24 academic year
$70,500The estimated average grant for an aid student admitted to the Class of 2027
$8,590Average net cost of tuition, college fees, housing, and food for aid recipients

Princeton University Notable Alumni

Here are some notable alumni who studied at Princeton University and went on to achieve amazing things in their careers:

  • John F. Kennedy: He was the 35th President of the US and did a lot of important things in the U.S. before his tragic death.
  • John Forbes Nash Jr.: Ever heard of the movie ‘A Beautiful Mind’? He is the guy it is about. He won a Nobel Prize for his math skills.
  • Michelle Obama: She was the First Lady and did a ton to help people, especially with health and education.
  • Richard Feynman: He was a smart physicist who won a Nobel Prize for his work on how tiny particles act.
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald: You might know him from his famous book ‘The Great Gatsby’. He was a great writer who left a big mark on literature.
  • Woodrow Wilson: He was the 28th President of the US and did a lot for the country, especially during World War I.
  • Jeff Bezos: He is the founder of Amazon, one of the biggest companies in the world. He is super rich and even bought a newspaper company in the United States. 
  • Alan Turing: He is known as the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. Without him, computers might not exist like they do today.
  • Brooke Shields: You have probably seen her in movies or on TV. She is also a Princeton graduate and has written a book about her experiences.

Princeton University Review Summary

TypePrivate Ivy League research university
LocationPrinceton, New Jersey
Undergrad Enrollment5,604
Student-Faculty Ratio5:1
Acceptance Rate6%
Average Net Cost (after financial aid)$17,464
Graduation Rate98%
Notable AlumniJohn F. Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Jeff Bezos

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Princeton University good?

Princeton University was started back in 1746. It has been around for ages. This makes it one of the oldest colleges in the US. People all over the world know about Princeton because it is famous for being a top-notch school. It is not just a big deal in the US, but everywhere.

2. Is Princeton better than Harvard?

Princeton is in Princeton, and Harvard is in Cambridge. They are both super good schools. In the rankings, Princeton is #16 and Harvard is #5. In the US, Harvard is ranked #1.

3. Why is Princeton University so famous?

Princeton University is known worldwide when it comes to research. They are connected to over 40 Nobel Prize winners, 17 people who got the National Medal of Science, and five who got the National Humanities Medal. 

4. Is Princeton expensive?

The total cost to attend Princeton will be around $83,140. But that does not include travel costs. This can change depending on where you are coming from.


Princeton University is one of the smallest top schools. They focus on giving you the best education possible. They are super picky about who they let in, even more than Yale and Harvard!

Their professors are top-notch in their fields. Even though they might not publish as many papers as other big schools, the impact of their research is huge. They care more about quality than quantity.

Princeton’s got loads of money to support students. With the highest endowment per student in the world, they keep tuition low, unlike Harvard. Lots of alumni love giving back, showing how much they value their time at Princeton.

They don’t skimp on anything. They focus on specific fields like science and engineering, unlike other colleges that might be strong in one area but weak overall. Princeton has got a good balance in all the subjects they offer.

So, if we have to give Princeton University review, they have more undergrads than graduate students among top private schools. It means they are really focused on giving you a great education, not just pumping out research papers.

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