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12 Best Online Colleges in Florida that Accepts Financial Aid

Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid

Are you looking for Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid? These institutions cater to a diverse student body, including traditional college students, adult learners, military personnel and veterans, career changers, international students, and those on a budget. 

They offer flexible learning options and financial assistance to make higher education accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Pursuing higher studies in any field makes you qualified to get employment and earn your livelihood. In the USA, there are thousands of employment opportunities in varied fields for students who have successfully achieved the required degree. 

Whether it is a doctor, an engineer, a nurse, a scientist, or any other, everyone has to pursue their higher education and attain the qualifications required. A college or educational institution allows students to complete their higher studies. Nevertheless, the circumstances are far from simple.

Every college, university, or educational institution has a certain fee structure that every student enrolled must meet. However, some students are unable to pay their fees and bear other educational expenses due to low financial backgrounds. But there are options like Florida Online Colleges Without Application Fee that allow such students to pursue higher education. They may go for financial aid. Here in this article, we will provide the top 12 online colleges in Florida that accepts financial aid.

Key Takeaways

  • Attending college can be expensive, but there are ways to make it more affordable.
  • Financial aid can help you pay for college, including grants, scholarships, and loans.
  • Many colleges and universities in Florida offer online programs that accept financial aid.
  • You can get your degree from a reputable school without having to move to Florida or pay for on-campus housing.
  • Some top online colleges in Florida that accept financial aid include Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, AdventHealth University, St. Petersburg College, and Miami Dade College.
  • You can find out more about financial aid and online colleges in Florida by visiting the websites of the schools you are interested in.

What are Financial Aids for Education?

Not everyone has the financial stability to afford higher education. It is expensive to pursue professional, graduation, and other degrees from any USA-based renowned university or college. The educational expenses include tuition fees, uniform expenses, campus charges, books, traveling costs, housing, and many more.

On average, students have to spend around $20000 to $80000 annually while pursuing higher studies and achieving a degree. However, the students who belong to the family with lower financial backgrounds need help to afford such expenses. Such students can go for financial aid. 

Financial aid is the help offered to students who are unable to pay their educational expenses. Only the deserving students after meeting some eligibility requirements can get financial assistance to cover their educational expenses. 

These financial aids are offered by several institutions, colleges, federal and state governments, companies, non-profit organizations, charities, foundations, and many more. There are certain eligibility requirements and needs that the students have to meet to get financial assistance. This may include lower family income, residential requirements, nationality, good academic scores, and many others. 

Also, not all the schools and colleges accept financial aid for the students. If you want to pursue your higher studies in a state like Florida and are looking for the top colleges or universities that accept financial aid then you are at the right place. 

We have researched and found out the top online colleges in Florida that accepts financial aid and help students get a more affordable higher education. Below are the top 12 online colleges in Florida that accepts financial aid. 

Top 12 Online Colleges in Florida that Accepts Financial Aid

1. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Worldwide

The private non-profit university located in Daytona Beach offers several online programs and courses to the stars. Whether you want to pursue an associate, bachelor’s, or master’s degree in complete online mode the Embry Riddle Aeronautical University is the one-stop destination for you. 

The online college offers graduation degrees in various fields including aeronautics, aviation business administration, communication, engineering, and others. Even in the online mode, the students need to complete the 120 credits to achieve the degree. The acceptance rate of the university is around 70%. 

The University uses Canvas to offer online courses to students. This includes the sharing of video, audio, and text from the expert faculties. On the other hand, the EagleVision platform offers virtual classrooms to the students who enrolled in the online courses. 

Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid provide eligible students with access to financial aid, scholarships, and other grants from numerous sources. A significant 35% of the students who enroll in these online courses successfully achieve their degrees.

2. AdventHealth University

AdventHealth University
AdventHealth University

The AdventHealth University Seventh-day Adventist Church offers education based on the merits and values of Christianity. The online college is known for its healthcare education courses. Both the undergraduate and graduate degree courses are offered to the students in online mode. 

The courses include nursing, healthcare administration, imaging science, and many more. One of the best parts of the university is its 90% acceptance rate, 9 of the 10 applicants are accepted into the college for admission. Financial assistance is also offered to deserving students after various levels of eligibility tests. 

The student-faculty ratio of online colleges is around 1:6, which means a teacher is appointed for every 6 students in online mode. The classes are offered in the asynchronous format and due to the good teacher-student ratio, every student will get personalized instructions and focus from the teacher. 

Earning an online degree from an Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid holds significant value and opens the gateway to hundreds of employment opportunities in the healthcare world.

3. St. Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg College

The St. Petersburg college allows students to pursue higher education and achieve associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in various fields. The college helps the students learn the most relevant skills required to get a good employment opportunity in the future. 

Various fields covered by the online courses of the college include veterinary technology, sustainability management, public policy, dental hygiene, and early childhood education. Along with the degree, the college also offers several certificate courses in funeral arts, web development, medical coding, and crime scene technology.

Students at Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid, especially those from families with limited financial resources, can apply for scholarships and other grants. To secure financial support for covering educational expenses, it’s essential to demonstrate their financial needs.

4. Miami Dade College

The college allows distance students who want to achieve degrees in various fields and get relevant qualifications. There are several fields in which the students can achieve the degrees, these include accounting technology, criminal justice technology, business administration, and entrepreneurship. 

One of the best parts of the online courses offered by Miami Dade College is that the students can also get college credit certificates and flexible classes. The students can schedule their classes on their own. For the medical students, the online RN and BSN courses are also offered. 

Other than the degrees, certificate courses offered by the college like accounting, business, computer programming, graphic design, and Homeland Security allow them to add additional credentials to their CV, portfolio, or resume to get a better job or promotion in case of working personnel. 

5. Saint Leo University Online

Another Catholic university that merges education with religious values and offers a relevant online learning platform to the students. Both the graduate and undergraduate courses are offered by Saint Leo University in online mode. 

The students can pursue courses in various fields including communication – digital media influencer,  school leadership, Homeland Security, management, English – professional writing, marketing, and human resources management. 

The main motive of online college is to prepare students to face upcoming obstacles and get jobs in both the public and private sectors. 

Moreover, the college has collaborated with several non-profit organizations which offer financial grants to deserving students. To get the financial support, the students need to meet all the eligibility requirements of the scholarships and other grants. 

6. Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida Gulf Coast University

The students who want to get the degree in bachelor’s and master’s can go to Florida Gulf Coast University. There are multiple fields to apply for the online courses, these include sciences, criminal justice, and legal studies. 

To achieve the degree there are some needs and requirements needed to be completed by the students even in online courses, one of the most important needs is the 120 credits. The students need to wait for 4 to 5 years to complete the degree. 

Admission can be very easy with an acceptance rate of 89% and over 62% of the students successfully achieve the degrees in online courses. 

7. University of South Florida – Sarasota-Manatee

University of South Florida - Sarasota-Manatee
University of South Florida – Sarasota-Manatee

The public educational institution offers the graduation and undergraduate degrees to the students in online mode. The students can apply for criminal justice, public health, nursing, and many more courses to get relevant qualifications. 

One of the best parts of the university is its open enrolment policy, under which all the students can easily get admission if they are eligible without rejection. 

The university uses advanced software and platforms to share educational content with the students, like Canvas. The eligible or deserving students can get scholarships and other grants from several courses including federal grants and state financial assistance. 

8. University of Miami

The private non-profit institution offers several online undergraduate and graduate courses to students who belong to remote areas. The master’s programs and other doctoral courses are also offered but not in fully online mode. 

The students may need to visit the camps for practicum and practical classes. The master’s program in public administration, finance, and live entertainment management can also be availed by the students and achieve the degree after completion of 30 to 40 credits. 

9. Florida State University

Florida State University
Florida State University

Multiple online degree programs are offered by Florida State University for students all over the USA. The admission can also be accomplished online along with achieving the degree even without visiting the campus. The bachelors courses are offered in computer science, financial planning, criminology, and others. 

However, the students need to fulfill the requirement of 120 credits to achieve the degree. Getting admission to the university can be difficult as it has a 38% acceptance rate and the graduation rate is around 88%. 

10. Jacksonville University

Another private non-profit institution that offers degrees in graduate and undergraduate courses. The master’s degrees in nursing, organizational leadership, and applied business analytics can also be achieved by the students after completing 30 to 33 credit hours requirements. To achieve 33 credit hours it takes around one year to one and a half years of classes and practicum period. 

At Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid, the university boasts an acceptance rate of 78%, and the graduation rate stands at approximately 58%. Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds have the opportunity to apply for scholarships and financial assistance, making their education more affordable.

11. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University
Nova Southeastern University

The university allows remote students to pursue online degrees in courses like health science, psychology, and speech-language and communication disorders. 

However not all the courses are in complete online mode, the students may need to visit the campus for practicum, and other formalities. With an acceptance rate of 93% and a graduate rate of 53%, we have to include Nova Southeastern University in our list of the top 12 online colleges in Florida that accepts financial aid. 

12. Florida International University

Florida International University
Florida International University

The last university on our list, a public institution among Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid, offers fully online undergraduate and graduate courses. 

Students have the opportunity to pursue courses in fields such as computer engineering, criminal justice, marketing, and more. To earn their degree, students must fulfill the 120 credit-hour requirement. With an acceptance rate of 64% and a graduation rate of 67%, this college provides a flexible pathway to higher education.


1. What degrees can be achieved online in Florida?

Almost all undergraduate, graduate, and master’s degrees can be achieved online in Florida from online colleges. Instead of some professional degrees that require practical work like doctoral, law, surgeon, and other degrees. The associate programs and credit certificates can also be achieved in online mode from these colleges. 

2. Is there any financial assistance offered for online colleges?

Yes, the students who have applied to online colleges to pursue their higher studies can also get financial assistance from various courses. These include charities, college financial aid branches, federal or state grants, scholarship schemes, formation, non-profit organizations, and many more. 

3. Are there any credit hour requirements in online courses?

Yes, the students need to maintain the credit hours to achieve the degree from online colleges. In the case of a bachelor’s degree the credit hours requirement is around 120 whereas, on the other hand, the credit requirement for a master’s degree is around 30 to 33 credit hours. 

4. Is it easy to get admission to Florida online colleges?

It depends upon the college acceptance rate. Some colleges offer a 100% acceptance rate whereas you may need to compete with other applicants in the colleges which have a 10% to 50% acceptance rate. 


Seize the opportunity for financial assistance to make your higher education more affordable at Online Colleges in Florida that accepts Financial Aid

These colleges and universities mentioned above gladly accept financial aid, enabling students to access financial support from federal or state grants, non-profit organizations, charities, foundations, and other sources.

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