17 Best Online Colleges that Accept FAFSA

Online Colleges that Accept FAFSA

If you’re seeking financial assistance to pursue higher education, online colleges that accept FAFSA are a great option for you. FAFSA isn’t exclusive to online institutions; it’s widely accepted by various educational establishments, including traditional universities and community colleges.

This means you can explore a diverse range of educational paths while utilizing FAFSA to access federal grants, loans, and work-study programs to support your academic journey.

The low-income students need to suffer a lot and are unable to pay their tuition fees and bear other educational expenses. Most of the students who belong to the family with a lower financial background did not pursue their higher studies due to a lack of financial resources. 

However, the federal government has a budget that is granted to the welfare of low-income students. Scholarships and financial assistance are offered to such students which will cover their educational expenses. 

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To make education more affordable, students can qualify for financial assistance through federal grants by filling out the FAFSA application. In this article, we not only highlight online colleges that accept FAFSA but also provide insights into obtaining a more affordable education through these institutions.

What are online colleges that accept FAFSA?

Recently after the COVID-19 pandemic, the education system has been shifting towards virtual learning instead of traditional hybrid classes. Even schools, high schools, and colleges are offering online courses to students that allow them to pursue their higher education in virtual mode from home. 

If you want to achieve the degree from home then you should be admitted to the online colleges. Hundreds of online colleges allow you to do the same. Also for low-income students scholarships and financial assistance is offered. 

The online colleges that offer grants for low-income students have their eligibility criteria and requirements that need to be accomplished by the students. On the other hand, some of the online colleges used to consider the FAFSA qualification of the students to grant financial assistance. 

FAFSA, the Federal Application for Student Aid, serves as the gateway for educational institutions to identify deserving students for financial assistance. Applicants play a crucial role in enabling institutions to determine who qualifies for aid and who does not. 

The students who are filling out the application need to provide their low-income proof, the financial needs for the grant, the academic excellence report, and many more. 

Some online colleges accept the FAFSA and provide financial assistance to the students to cover their educational expenses. If you are looking for the best online colleges that accept FAFSA then you are at the right place. We have researched and shortlisted the top 17 online colleges that accept FAFSA. Take a look at the following: 

List of the Top 17 Online College that Accepts FAFSA 

1. California Baptist University

California Baptist University
California Baptist University

The California Baptist University is known for its national-ranking online courses that allow you to achieve graduate and undergraduate degrees. The students can pursue several programs in online mode including BA, MS, MBA, and Ph.D. degrees. The students can apply for multiple fields including Sport and Performance Psychology, English Graphic Design and Digital Media, Kinesiology, Healthcare Administration, Public Health, Information Technology, and many more. 

The classes are flexible and are specially made for students who are working and unable to take full-time classes. 

2. Capella University

Capella University
Capella University

With over 40000 enrollments Capella University is the pioneer in online colleges and offers more than 40 online degree courses and 1600 other online programs. 

From master’s and doctoral degrees to certificate courses, the university allows students to pursue them all in online mode from home. For the students with low income, the scholarship schema and grants are also offered. The courses are offered in various fields including healthcare, business, nursing, information technology, and social work. 

The private non-profit organization is located in Minneapolis, MN, and is backed by federal aid for students and families with lower financial backgrounds. The students who have submitted the FAFSA qualification while taking admission will receive grants and low-interest loans. 

3. Columbia Southern University

Those who want to pursue associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in online mode then take admission to Columbia Southern University. The University has been offering efficient virtual education for over 25 years and allows you to get a degree and qualification in various fields including homeland security, health, criminal justice, psychology, military studies, occupational health, and many more. 

4. Lasell University

Lasell University is home to more than 1500 students and offers around 60 online courses and programs for the students. The University is located in Auburndale, Massachusett, and has been offering online programs for the last 16 years. The FAFSA-qualified students are eligible to get financial assistance, interest-free loans, aid, and grants from multiple sources. 

5. Florida Tech University

The technical university is made for STEM students. Florida Tech University offers courses related to almost all technical fields including Aviation Management, Management, Cybersecurity, Supply Chain Management,  Healthcare Management, Accounting, Finance, etc. Several degrees including BA, BS, MS, AvD (Doctor of Aviation), or MPA through FIT can be achieved from the online campus. 

The university has a financial branch that offers loans, grants, employer tuition assistance, scholarships, and aid to low-income students based on their FAFSA scores. 

6. Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University
Grand Canyon University

The Grand Canyon University located in Arizona has been offering online courses and programs since 2000. The University is known for offering affordable higher education with a flexible schedule to the students. Students who are looking for the arts, education, business, health sciences, and nursing can be admitted to the university and achieve their graduate or undergraduate degree. 

7. Lewis University

Lewis University
Lewis University

Lewis University is one of the oldest catholic universities in the USA situated in Romeoville, IL, and offers BA, BS, MBA, MS, DNP, and MSN degrees in online mode. The students can pursue their degrees in the fields of aviation and technology, computer science, nursing, public safety, criminal justice, business, etc. 

The classes are taken online whereas the students need to visit the campus for formalities and other protocols. The low-income students can submit their FAFSA scores to get the benefits of scholarships, and federal and state grants. 

8. Penn State World Campus

Penn State World Campus Scholarships 
Penn State World Campus 

Penn State University was an offline university but currently offers several courses and programs in online mode. The students can achieve degrees in high remaining areas including engineering, education, health care, technology, and more. 

Online students have access to a wealth of student support services comparable to their offline campus counterparts. Renowned for its excellence in virtual education, the university also accepts FAFSA scores. These scores are instrumental in determining eligibility for federal and state financial aid, making education more accessible for online learners.

9. Purdue Global University

Purdue University Global
Purdue University Global

The Purdue Global University offers the most innovative online programs in the country. The students can get associate to doctoral degrees in more than 175 programs and courses. 

The students can get degrees in various demanding areas including health science, aviation, unique military programs, fire science, communication, business, and criminal justice. All the online courses are continued in 100% virtual mode whereas some formalities and protocols need to be accomplished in hybrid mode. 

10. Saint Leo University

The Florida based Saint Leo University is one of the oldest online catholic universities known for offering degrees in arts and sciences, criminal justice, mathematics and science, human services, healthcare, creative writing, and many more. 

The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and advanced degrees to the students on the virtual campus. The students who have submitted their FAFSA qualification are eligible to get scholarships, federal and state grants, low-interest loans, and many more benefits from multiple sources. 

11. Southern New Hampshire University

The Southern New Hampshire university currently has a strength of around 3,000 on-campus and over 135,000 online students. The students can choose from over 200 online degrees in the most demanding fields including accounting, education, liberal arts, psychology and counseling, health, social studies, engineering, and many more. 

Associate, bachelor, and doctoral degrees are offered in the flexible schedule for working students. The FAFSA scores and letter of recommendation are required to get financial assistance. 

12. University of Phoenix

The Arizona based University of Phoenix offers more than 100 online courses and degrees in the field of the most demanding areas. The students who belong to a family with a low financial background will get financial assistance if they have submitted their FAFSA qualification. The most demanding programs offered by the university include Biochemistry, Engineering, MBA, Nursing, and many more. 

13. American Public University

The online non-profit American Public university offers several undergraduate and graduate degrees in the fields of Business Administration, Psychology, Management, Master of Public Administration, and many more. If you are a low-income student and want federal aid then you need to submit your FAFSA score to get federal and state financial assistance. 

14. Rush University

Those who are looking to pursue programs like Audiology, Health Systems Management, Occupational Therapy, Nursing, and Speech-Language Pathology in online mode can go to Rush University

The university is located in Chicago, Illinois, and allows low-income students to get a more affordable education. However, the students may need to visit the offline campus to follow the necessary protocols of the university. 

15. Strayer University

Strayer University is home to students who want to pursue online graduate or undergraduate degrees in the most demanding fields including Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Health Services, Information Technology, and many more. The University is located in Herndon, Virginia, and is a pioneer in online education. The students who are qualified for FAFSA will receive a financial grant to cover their educational expenses. 

16. Anna Maria College

The Anna Maria College is located in Paxton, Massachusetts, and allows the students to achieve a degree in Master’s in public administration, a BS in health administration, a BS in Science, a BA in psychology, healthcare, an MS in criminal justice, and many more. The university is backed by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). 

17. Benedictine University

The Benedictine University has its strategic location in Lisle, Illinois is one of the top online colleges that accepts FAFSA. The University allows the students to achieve the degrees of BSN, MBA, BA in management Master of Public Health, and MS in nutrition and wellness. Currently, more than 3500 students are pursuing online courses from the Catholic University. And a few of them are FAFSA-qualified and enjoying federal grants. 


1. Can FAFSA be used for online college?

Many offline campus colleges used to consider the FAFSA qualification to offer financial aid and grants to low-income students. However, some online colleges also accept the FAFSA and allow students to pursue more affordable education. 

You need to submit your FAFSA qualification while taking admission to get the benefits. The grants are offered in the form of scholarships, tuition fee grants, fellowships, and loans from private lenders as well as federal or state governments. 

2. Can I get financial assistance for FAFSA?

Yes, financial assistance is available for low-income students provided by both the federal governor and private lenders. The students need to repay the loan taken from private lenders after the specific time mentioned in the agreement. 

Whereas in the case of federal aid financial assistance is offered without any repayment and interest. However, the students need to be qualified to get such aid. The qualification includes financial needs, low family income, academic qualifications, and many more.

3. What is the easiest degree to get online?

If you want to take online degrees then these degrees are easy to achieve and take less time as compared to others. These are Health Science, Criminal Justice, Business Administration,  Creative writing, Communication Technology, Mass Communication, English, and many more. 

The online degrees are available in an accelerated manner and allow you to accomplish them in almost half the time. 

4. Can I get 100% financial aid for FAFSA? 

Yes, but to get 100% of your financial expenses covered based on your FAFSA qualification you need to have an excellent academic record, have an active contribution in community service, have a strong financial need, and have a low income certificate. 

After all these eligibility you need to apply for the scholarship and financial aid programs that offer 100% coverage. Your chances of getting selected are higher as you have a deserving and strong profile.


The online college makes it easy for students to get a degree in less time, effort, and money. Even low-income students who are looking for more affordable education can submit their FAFSA qualification to online colleges and can receive financial assistance. 

We have mentioned the top online colleges that accept FAFSA. Have a look at the above-mentioned online colleges and get admission to the nearest one.

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