Online ADN Programs in New York for 2024

Online ADN Programs in New York

Looking for Online ADN Programs in New York? In the fast-paced world of today, people who want flexibility and convenience in their education are increasingly choosing to pursue a nursing degree online. 

Numerous recognized online nursing programs are available in New York, offering top-notch instruction, flexible scheduling, and the chance to complete your degree without having to go to a traditional campus. 

Given below are in depth details about the best online nursing programs in New York, including their characteristics and advantages.

Key Takeaways:

  • New York is one of the most populated states in the United States and hence employs more nurses than any other state.
  • The types of degrees include Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). 
  • The types of nursing programs available in New York include ADN programs, accelerated BSN programs, and traditional BSN programs.
  • Some of the top qualities of online adn programs in New York include acceleration, state approvals, NCLEX pass rate, and more.
  • CUNY Lehman College and SUNY College of Technology at Canton are among the best online adn programs in New York. 
  • Financial aid such as loans, grants, scholarships, and other options can assist you in covering the cost of nursing school. 
  • New York pays its registered nurses (RNs) a median salary of $87,330, which is more than both the federal and state median wages. 

How to become a nurse in New York?

One alternative for those who wish to change people’s lives through their work is to become nurses in New York. New York, one of the most populated states in the union, employs more nurses than nearly any other state.

All nurse types in the Empire State are licensed by the New York State Education Department (NYSED), which also grants licenses to advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs), registered nurses (RNs), and licensed practical nurses (LPNs). The certification and training programs for certified nurse assistants (CNAs) are managed by the same department.

An authorized nursing curriculum, of which there are many online, is the first step toward a job as a nurse in New York. These include Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Master of Science in Nursing (MSN), and Associate Degrees in Nursing (ADNs). 

Online nursing programs allow the students to pursue their education from amongst the top Ivy League Universities thus encouraging quality education among aspiring candidates.

Types of nursing programs available in New York:

Various nursing programs are available in New York for students at various stages of their nursing education and profession. 

Some of the most popular choices are listed below. All of the programs are dedicated to the highest academic standards, some of which are offered on campus and others that have switched to a hybrid model.

1. ADN programs:

Programs leading to an associate degree in nursing (ADN) prepare students for careers as registered nurses (RNs). After completing their coursework and clinical rotations, students are prepared to sit for the NCLEX-RN exam. The majority of ADN programs have a two-year completion time, and some include extensive online resources.

2. Traditional BSN programs:

Students enrolled in a conventional BSN program are prepared for careers as registered nurses. In addition to training you for direct patient care, a BSN typically takes four years to complete and prepares you for leadership, administrative, and managerial responsibilities. The BSN in 10 requirement, often known as the requirement for all new nurses in New York, mandates them to complete their BSN within ten years after obtaining their RN licensure.

3. Accelerated BSN programs:

Students who have completed nursing prerequisite courses like nutrition, chemistry, and statistics and hold a bachelor’s degree in another subject are usually eligible for accelerated BSN programs. These one-year programs are intended for those with non-nursing degrees who want to transition into the nursing field.

Qualities of an online ADN program in New York:

Knowing what the top schools have in common beyond low tuition and excellent student services will help you find a nursing program in New York that meets your needs. 

These qualities should always be kept in mind when studying programs.

1. Accreditation and State Approval:

New York requires its practicing registered nurses to have degrees from nationally accredited programs, which attests to the programs’ high caliber of instruction. National accreditation is obtained by the CCNE or ACEN. It’s also crucial that your program be approved by the New York State Licensure Department (NYSED) as meeting their requirements for quality.

2. NCLEX pass rate:

Licensure requires passing the NCLEX-RN exam, so you’ll want to be sure the program you select has a high pass rate and adequately educates its graduates for this exam. On the New York State RN NCLEX Results page via the NYSED, you can find out a school’s pass rate.

3. Program Duration and Speed:

The length and pace of each nursing program vary to meet the needs of the students. While some offer expedited programs, others let you continue working full-time while taking classes at a slower pace. 

Similar to this, some nurses wish to continue their education gradually, while others want to finish school before concentrating on full-time employment. 

Ascertain that the program you choose will suit your desired duration and speed, as well as your desire to advance to a higher level.

List of Top 5 Online ADN Programs in New York:

1. CUNY Lehman College:

CUNY Lehman College
CUNY Lehman College

The online RN to BSN bridging program offered by CUNY Lehman College is intended to assist working nurses in developing their abilities and obtaining new certifications. 

Lehman’s curriculum is condensed to cut down on duplication and hasten graduation because students are already registered nurses. 

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on critical thinking and cultural awareness in order to prepare students to work effectively with a variety of clientele. 

Lehman offers a comprehensive array of student support services, including career counseling, IT support, specialized advising, tutoring, and a well-stocked health facility, to online learners as well.

  • Credits: 120
  • Length: 12-18 months
  • Cost: $305/credit (in state) and $620/credit (out of state)
  • Mode: Online
  • Accreditation: CCNE

2. SUNY College of Technology at Canton:

SUNY College of Technology at Canton
SUNY College of Technology at Canton

The Nursing – B.S. program at Canton State University of New York is a logical next step for students who have earned their associate degree and is intended for registered nurses who wish to advance their education and advance both personally and professionally. 

The curriculum is designed with career-oriented nurses in mind, encouraging critical thinking and professional development in its students. Students can choose an asynchronous learning style that fits their schedules by accessing the curriculum online.

  • Credits: 64-65
  • Length: 4 semesters
  • Cost: $295 per credit hour
  • Mode: Online
  • Accreditation: Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing

3. SUNY College at Plattsburgh:

Maintaining an online student’s engagement with classmates, instructors, and course material is a point of pride for SUNY Plattsburgh

Students should anticipate having strong bonds and regular communication with their teachers and fellow students. 

A committed coordinator steps in to match students with experiential learning opportunities in their field when it comes time for clinicals. 

Students can anticipate expanding on their RN expertise during their degree program by receiving advanced coursework in nursing science and practice, leadership, and professional studies.

  • Credits: 120
  • Length: 2-3 years
  • Cost: $295/credit (in state) and $353/credit (out of state online)
  • Mode: Online
  • Accreditation: CCNE

4. CUNY LaGuardia Community College:

LaGuardia Community College-CUNY has both a regular track and an LPN to RN Advanced Pathway for its nursing program. 

To receive an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, students in the AAS Nursing Program must finish 43 credit hours of program core courses in addition to 23 credit hours of common core courses. 

In addition to on-campus labs and clinical practice in nearby healthcare facilities, the curriculum combines classroom training with clinical courses.

  • Credits: 66
  • Length: 2 years
  • Cost: $4,800/year (New York City resident), $9,600/year (non-resident)
  • Mode: Hybrid
  • Accreditation: ACEN

5. CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College:

CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College

The Borough of Manhattan Community College provides robust support services to its students at every stage of their journey. 

The school’s Nursing Skills Laboratory and Nursing Tutoring Lab provide first-hand, topic-specific tutoring to nursing students. 

Course schedules that are flexible, such as those that are offered online, at night, or on the weekends, allow students to manage their education with other obligations. 

For individuals who wish to work in healthcare but aren’t ready to pursue their RN, there is also a shorter LPN program available.

  • Credits: 65
  • Length: About 2 years
  • Cost: $210/credit (resident) and $320/credit (nonresident)
  • Mode: Hybrid
  • Accreditation: ACEN

6. SUNY College of Technology at Delhi:

The SUNY online resources can help nurses at all phases of their careers. The institution provides a number of MSN alternatives in addition to an RN-BSN bridge degree. 

In order to accommodate working nurses, the school offers shortened seven-week semesters. Students can take fewer classes at once and take breaks as needed with this arrangement. 

Furthermore, SUNY College of Technology at Delhi provides both full-time and part-time alternatives for all nursing programs.

  • Credits: 36
  • Length: Varies
  • Cost: $471/credit (in state) and $565/credit (out of state online)
  • Mode: Online
  • Accreditation: CCNE

How to fund online adn programs in New York?

Financial aid such as loans, grants, scholarships, and other options can assist you in covering the cost of nursing school. 

The government, colleges and universities, and private foundations all provide access to them. 

Inquire about financial aid options from particular institutions as well as from the following resources, some of which are tailored especially for nursing students in New York:

How much can nurses make in New York?

Because New York has a higher median income due to its high cost of living, its nurses often make more money than those in most other states. 

New York pays its registered nurses (RNs) a median salary of $87,330, which is more than both the federal and state median wages. With a median salary of $93,090, the New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area has even greater wages. 

In New York, registered nurses’ typical pay ranges from $56,980 to $123,860.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it possible for me to get my nursing degree online in New York?

In New York, you can obtain your nursing degree entirely online if you already have your ADN. RNs can obtain their BSN and even MS in nursing from a variety of excellent online programs in New York. All coursework is done online, and students typically fulfill their residency requirements in their local region.

2. Are employers going to value my online New York nursing degree less?

Your online New York nursing degree will be valued by employers just as highly as an on-site degree if your program is duly certified and state-approved. Actually, unless you specifically state otherwise, most employers won’t be aware that you earned your MS or BSN online.

3. Are New York online nursing programs less expensive than on-campus ones?

New York residents may find that online nursing programs are less expensive than on-campus ones. Online classes can be attended for as little as $300 per credit hour, which is less expensive than many on-campus options.

Time saved on other costs associated with attending classes on campus can help lower the total cost. But keep in mind that obtaining any degree typically entails additional costs, so be sure to look into those before choosing an online or in-person school.

4. What is the easiest nursing program to get into in New York?

With an acceptance rate of 93% and a SAT range of 910–1090, the College of Mount Saint Vincent is the least selective college on the list offering a nursing program.

5. What is the most affordable nursing program in NYC?

For full-time New York residents, the cost of City Tech’s nursing program is among the lowest in the state at $3,465 a semester. The NCLEX-RN pass rate is 95% for both programs, which are fully accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and approved by the New York State Office of the Professions.


From online associate’s degrees to master’s degrees in nursing, students have access to a wide range of nursing programs at all degree levels. Because it’s convenient and flexible, online learning is becoming more and more popular as a way for aspiring nurses to integrate their education with other responsibilities in their lives. Selecting reputable online nursing programs from authorized schools that offer top-notch instruction and widely accepted degrees is crucial.

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