7 Best Nursing Schools In Arizona No Waiting List

Nursing Schools In Arizona No Waiting List

If you’re a student who wants to start nursing school right away without waiting, nursing schools in Arizona no waiting list are the perfect choice. They’re ideal for those eager to begin their nursing careers promptly and prefer a quicker admission process.

The medical field has grown as one of the biggest employment providers in the last few years. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a sudden boom in the medical field and the demand for medical personnel almost doubles. 

One of the most demanding medical personnel is the nurses. Every medical clinic and hospital has a team of a few doctors with several nurses. The main work of the nurses is to aid doctors with relevant help and required assistance. If you want to pursue nursing in any renowned Arizona-based nursing school, then you are at the right place.

If you’re interested in nursing education without the hassle of waiting lists, our previous article on the best nursing schools in Texas with no waiting list provides valuable insights. Now, let’s explore the opportunities in Arizona’s nursing schools offering the same advantage.

Arizona has several nursing schools that offer professional degrees and courses related to nursing. Also, there is no need to worry about the waiting list as all the nursing schools in Arizona no waiting list provided in the article.

Key Takeaways

  • There is a shortage of nurses in Arizona, so it’s a good time to become one!
  • Getting into nursing school can be competitive, but there are schools in Arizona with no waitlist.
  • These schools offer programs that can help you become a nurse in less time.
  • The fastest way to become a nurse is to enroll in an accelerated program.
  • Tuition costs vary depending on the school and whether you are an in-state or out-of-state student.

What are nursing schools with no waiting list?

Nursing schools are the officially registered institutions and colleges that are affiliated with any renowned university in the USA. These schools allow the students to pursue the courses to become certified nurses in the country. When it comes to Arizona, it is home to several universities and colleges which offers hundreds of courses and degree program for undergraduate students. One such course is nursing. 

However, with the increasing involvement of students in pursuing nursing, it is difficult for someone to find a seat in these colleges. Or those who found one need to wait for a long period. However, some nursing schools are newly established or due to some reasons have a lot of vacant seats. It is easy for any interested student to get admission to these nursing schools. That is why we have researched and shortlisted a few of these nursing schools in Arizona no waiting list. 

Below mentioned are the nursing schools in Arizona with no waiting list where you can easily get admission in Arizona. Let’s have a look: 

List of the Top 7 Nursing Schools In Arizona No Waiting List

1. Pima Medical Institute – Tucson

Pima Medical Institute – Tucson
Pima Medical Institute – Tucson

The Pima Medical Institute is situated in Tucson city of Arizona. The nursing school is entirely focused on the health profession and offers courses that allow students to become certified nurses in the future. From the establishment of the college, it graduated over one lakh students in the medical field. The courses offered in the nursing schools are flexible and a few of them are accelerated as well. This allows the students to pursue the courses more conveniently and suitably. 

Whether you want to pursue certificates, associate degrees, or bachelor’s degrees, the prima medical institution is the one door destination for you. For the convenience of the students, the courses are also offered in part-time and full-time mode. For example, the student takes the classes during morning sessions or night classes as well. Those who want to pursue Associate’s and bachelor’s degrees can achieve them within 2 years with an accelerated program. 

  • The Graduation Rate of the nursing school is around 64.2%. 
  • The education expenses include the Tuition fees for the year, i.e., $16,658.
  • There are 8 Online Programs offered to the students. 

2. Arizona State University

Arizona State University
Arizona State University

Arizona State University is home to thousands of undergraduate courses, degree programs, certificate courses, diplomas, masters programs, and many more. One of these fields is the nursing field, the university also includes courses that allow individuals to become certified nurses. The qualified and expert professors took the responsibility of teaching the medical subjects to the students and aided them with the most relevant knowledge required in the field of nursing. 

More routine visits to the field i.e. nearby clinics and hospitals are also conducted which offers practical exposure to the students among the nursing experts. The nursing program offered by the university only takes up to 16 to 18 months to complete. 

The classes in the course are separated and the students need to complete the 38 credits to achieve the degree of graduation. The main focus of the university is to train medical personnel in critical thinking, effective communication, and relevant knowledge of the healthcare field. 

  • The Graduation Rate of the nursing school is around 38%. 
  • The Tuition fee for the state students is around $10,792
  • There are more than 50 Online Programs Offered in the nursing school. 
  • The out-of-state tuition fee is around $27,372. 

3. Northern Arizona University

Northern Arizona University
Northern Arizona University

For students who are looking for a budget-friendly nursing school to pursue their nursing degree, Northern Arizona University is the best option. The university offers various nursing courses, including one of the most popular BSN programs. The main motive of the university behind offering nursing courses is to aid the students in curing the communities, individuals, and families with the help of their medical skills and experience. 

To achieve the same, the university has a team of qualified professors and faculty. The teachers teach the students the most relevant skills required to assist the doctors and surgeons in the hospitals. Also, for practical exposure to the field, the university organizes field visits and training under expert nurses and nearby clinics. A wide array of nursing programs await prospective students, encompassing options such as RN-to-BSN, M.S. in Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs.

  • The Students need to pay $27073 for In-State Tuition fees. 
  • The Out-of-state tuition fee for nursing students is around $40,855. 
  • There are more than 40 Online Programs Offered 
  • The Graduation Rate of the nursing school is 69.5%. 

4. University of Arizona

University of Arizona
University of Arizona

With a 91.18% pass rate on the NCLEX, the University of Arizona offers several nursing programs and graduation courses for medical students. One of their most popular courses is the BSN nursing which opens the gateway to hundreds of employment opportunities for students. 

The accelerated pre-nursing programs will take around 4 complete semesters and the graduation degree for other courses will be achieved in the convention time. Also, the student needs to accomplish the required credits to get the degree. 

The university helps students attain the skills and expertise required to become certified nurses and get employment opportunities in renowned clinics and hospitals in Arizona. One of the best parts of the university is the less waiting time. The applicants need to wait for less time as compared to the waiting time offered by other Arizona nursing schools and universities. 

  • The In-State Tuition fees students need to pay is airing $11,403
  • The Out-of-state tuition fee students need to pay is around $32,630. 
  • The Graduation Rate of the nursing school is 60.6%
  • There are more than 50 Online Programs Offered for nursing students. 

5. Chamberlain College of Nursing – Phoenix

Chamberlain College of Nursing – Phoenix
Chamberlain College of Nursing – Phoenix

The students who are looking for nursing courses that can be completed in the least time can go to the Chamberlain College of Nursing. The nursing school is located in Phoenix, and both the full-time and part-time accelerated nursing courses are available in the online mode. To achieve the degree, the students need to meet the requirements which include credits and clinical.

  • The In-State tuition fees of the nursing school are around $18,630
  • The Graduation Rate of the Chamberlain College of Nursing is around 72.2%
  • The school offers around 5 Online Programs. 

6. Maricopa community College

Maricopa community College
Maricopa community College

Maricopa College offers associate degrees and programs in nursing. The well renowned nursing schools offer quality educational and practical exposure to the students which helps them learn the skills and expertise in nursing. There are some needs and requirements that need to be fulfilled by the students to achieve the degree of graduation. Some of these requirements include a high school diploma or GED for admission purposes and the minimum grade of  “C” in every class till high school. 

  • The In-State Tuition fee for nursing schools is $2,046. 
  • The students need to pay $7830 for the out-of-state tuition fees. 
  • The Graduation Rate of the course is around 24.4%. 

7. Northland Pioneer College

Northland Pioneer College
Northland Pioneer College

The students need to complete the requirements of 72 credits to complete the nursing courses offered by Northland Pioneer College. There are several programs and courses available for nursing students including CNA and RN, LPN and RN, Paramedic and RN, and other  RN Refresher programs. The students who want to pursue their careers as nursing personnel can apply for the graduation courses and get several employment opportunities after achieving the degree. 

Numerous skills are taught by professional teachers, including clear communication, building soft relations with patients, demonstrating good judgment, facing major challenges while performing clinical work in hospitals, assisting doctors, the art of negotiation, and many more. 

  • The state Student needs to pay tuition fees of around $1,110
  • On the other hand, the out-of-state tuition fee is around $5,325. 
  • The Graduation Rate of the nursing school is around 26%. 


1. How long is the waiting list for nursing schools in Arizona?

As the number of students who want to become nurses is increasing day by day, that is why the waiting list for admission to nursing schools in Arizona is too high. However, the time of waiting also depends on various factors including the number of applicants, the capacity of the institutions or nursing schools, the reservation or scholarships, and many more. On average, the students need to wait for around 7-8 semesters or around 3-4 years. 

2. What is the fastest way to get a nursing graduation degree?

To get a nursing graduation degree or any other certificate course related to the medical field. The students need to look for the credits required for achieving the degree. To complete the qualified credits the students can get enrolment in the accelerated nursing courses.

These courses are made to make it easy for students to pursue graduation courses. Various institutions and nursing schools in Arizona no waiting list offer online nursing accelerated courses. Enroll in any of these courses and get the graduation degree within 12 to 18 months. 

3. Are nurses in demand in Arizona?

As per the sources, the demand for nurses in Arizona is a serious concern. The nursing workforce is going to be less than ever till 2027. There are multiple reasons behind the same, some of these reasons include stress, burnout, and retirement. 

That is why it is a golden opportunity for the students to get a safe and secure profession as a nurse in Arizona. Getting a nursing degree likely to open the gateway to several employment opportunities within the state. You will get financial assistance or scholarships to pursue the nursing courses if you are eligible.

4. How much does a nurse earn in Arizona?

The nurses are offered a great salary package in the USA. The state of Arizona has a high demand for nurses due to the shortage of the workforce. That is why the great package is offered to them. On average, the nurses are offered an annual package of around $81,600, which is around $40 per hour.

Also, the students who achieve a nursing degree in Arizona from a renowned university or college will apply for the role of nurse in the other 51 states of the USA and some other nations as well. 

5. What is the hardest subject in nursing school?

As per the scholars and expert nurses, no subject is difficult or easy, the only thing that makes it easy or difficult is the mindset of the student. However, some subjects have deep theories and lengthy words, which make it difficult for the students to study them.

Some of the most difficult nursing subjects are Pharmacology, Microbiology, and Anatomy & Physiology. However, the students can study them with ease if they follow the adequate strategy and consistency. 


Being nursing personnel offers several benefits and perks. You will get a reputable profession as well as be offered a good salary package. And most importantly, the demand for nurses is too high, it will be easy for you to find employment opportunities.

The above-mentioned nursing schools in Arizona no waiting list can be best for you to start your career as a nursing personnel. But before applying, make sure to look at your budget, requirements, and whether you are eligible for admission or not before applying.

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