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Best Laptop Scholarships for High School Students

Laptop Scholarships for High School Students

If are you looking for information on Laptop Scholarships for High School Students, then you are in the right place. Programs supported by the US government or private entities that offer free laptops greatly benefit students dealing with financial hardships, including laptop scholarships for high school students.

Students suffering from poverty or belonging to a less privileged background tend to benefit more from these programs, especially in developing technical skills. This advantage arises from their initial limited exposure to computers and digital experiences beyond the classroom and academics.

Various government programs are motivated to address the digital divide by offering eligible students free or low-cost computers and laptops. In addition to governmental initiatives, specific colleges, nonprofit organizations, and scholarships contribute to students’ academic and career readiness by furnishing free laptops.

Research suggests that integrating computers and the Internet into education has resulted in a modest and significant improvement in academic performance. So there are also program available for Free Internet for Students by Government.

The move to remote work and education has significantly increased computer sales in recent years, reaching historic levels. Laptops and mobile technology are now essential in households, offices, and classrooms. For many college students, it is challenging to get brand-new laptops due to their low income. 

However, options are available for university students to obtain used or broken laptops. Scholarship programs, charitable donation initiatives, and discounts offered by leading brands increasingly provide students with opportunities to access essential technology.

Laptop Scholarships for High School Students play a crucial role as a tool for students to succeed in their academic pursuits. It has become standard for students to rely on laptops for tasks such as research, submitting assignments through student platforms, and various other academic activities. In this article, we will help students from families with lower financial backgrounds get laptop scholarships for high school students.

Can you Buy a Laptop Using Grants Or Scholarship Funds?

Yes , the students can buy a laptop with the financial aid received under any kind of grant or scholarship. If you have received grant or scholarship funds for your college education, you can use these resources to acquire a laptop. Various financial aid packages are available which include a specific allocation for expenses such as laptops, books, and other academic essentials.

The Federal Pell Grants provide alternative funds for obtaining a laptop. While these grants are initially designated to cover tuition and fees directly, any excess funds may lead to the issuance of a refund check. This refund can then be employed to procure necessary educational items, including a laptop. It is important to remember that some forms of financial assistance may restrict the permissible use of funds. 

For high school students seeking clarity on whether buying a laptop qualifies as an allowable expense covered by their scholarship or grant funds, it’s advisable to seek guidance from your financial aid office. This can help determine if laptop scholarships for high school students cover such purchases.

Lets Explore Some Top Exclusive Laptop Scholarships for High School Students

As a student, if you need a laptop for your educational pursuits, the best option is to consider applying for Laptop Scholarships for High School Students specifically designed for this purpose. Some programs and schemes allow needy students to get free laptops or computers.

We’ve researched and compiled a list of the programs below that offer laptop scholarships for high school students. Let’s take a look:

1. Dell Scholars Program

The Dell Scholars Program is made to assist students facing economic disadvantages who are highly motivated in their quest for a college degree. There is a need to submit an essay depicting the purpose of a laptop. Each student’s application will go through a process of qualification, and only a few will be selected for the reward of a laptop. 

There are a few benefits to the program: Successful applicants to the Dell Scholars Program receive a $20,000 scholarship and a laptop equipped with a 4-year warranty.

The laptop will be brand new and equipped with the latest generation of equipment. However, the students need to meet some deadlines for their applications. Dell’s laptop program deadline is on December 1 every year. 

2. Laptops4Learning 

Another program is Laptops4Learning, which is offered to high school students. The program’s main motive is to provide laptops to students who are experiencing financial constraints and engaged in online education. 

There are a few other benefits of the program, including the award of 25 refurbished laptops to candidates who meet the eligibility criteria. As there are some eligibility requirements that every applicant needs to satisfy, they will be disqualified if they cannot meet the deadline.

The application period for one of the best laptop scholarships for high school students is ongoing. This provides a continuous opportunity for interested individuals to apply anytime in the year.

Free Laptop Programs at Colleges

Now, thousands of students apply for laptops, but only a few get the opportunity to get one in the scholarship program. Alternatively, getting a laptop from a university or educational institution is possible. Some renowned educational institutions are known for offering scholarships to students. These scholarships include the funds to buy a laptop or a computer.

If you’re exploring ways to obtain laptops without cost, consider checking out our guide on free laptops for college students for further insights.

Numerous educational institutions nationwide support their students through initiatives that provide complimentary laptops. The specifications of these programs can vary from university to university. Some universities allow students to retain their laptops even after graduation, while others may order the return of the devices.

Colleges incorporate the cost of laptops into overall tuition fees, denoted as a “technology fee.” So, the laptop is technically labeled as “free,” and students essentially cover the cost through their tuition.

We have researched and shortlisted some of the best educational institutions in the USA that offer free laptops to high school students. These are mentioned below; let’s have a look:

1. Northwest Missouri State University

In Northwest Missouri State University all students are provided with a laptop to keep until their graduation. The best part of the program is that it is open to all undergraduate and graduate students, whether residing on or off-campus, and enrolled in a full-time or part-time course at the university. 

However, the students need to look out for the terms and conditions of the laptops. The usage of these laptops is limited to academic tasks only, and their use in other operations is not possible. The operating system of these laptops has a few limitations.

2. University of Minnesota-Crookston

University of Minnesota-Crookston
University of Minnesota-Crookston

Every student enrolled in the Minnesota-Crookston University is supplied with a laptop. The program is available to all enrolled students in almost all the courses available at the university. The charges for the same will be included in the tuition fee.

3. Moravian College

Moravian College
Moravian College

The students admitted to the Moravian College will receive a MacBook Pro, iPad, and Apple Pencil for educational purposes. All incoming undergraduate students are eligible for this program. The laptops will be taken back after completing the course.

4. Valley City State University

Under the laptop scholarships for high school students offered by the university, the students receive either a MacBook Pro or a Microsoft Windows laptop. All full-time students receive a complimentary laptop, while part-time students receive discounts on buying a laptop.

5. Full Sail University

Full Sail University
Full Sail University

The university offers a laptop program called Project Launchbox. With the help of “Project LaunchBox,” students receive a laptop with software and accessories tailored to their degree program. The cost of the laptop and software is integrated into tuition fees that are taken at the beginning of the academic year. LaunchBox packages are designed uniquely for each degree program.

6. Chatham University 

The students are given a MacBook Air during student orientation at the university. No eligibility requirements exist, as all incoming first-year students qualify for this initiative.

7. Strayer University 

The students enrolled in the university will receive a laptop with Microsoft software. The laptops can be retained after completing their first three semesters. The best part of the laptop is that it is open to students enrolled in an online bachelor’s degree program. 

8. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University

The “WakeWare” Program offers laptops to students at discounted rates, and students who have received institutional financial aid can obtain a technology grant. That will make the laptop free for students. All undergraduate students are eligible for the discount program, and undergraduates receiving institutional aid can apply for the grant program.

9. Bowdoin College

In the college, all students are furnished with a free MacBook Pro, iPad Mini, and relevant software for their studies. Every student at the college automatically receives this benefit during orientation.

It is essential to recognize that the policies of these programs can vary from college to college, and each student might be addressed individually in cases of theft. The students need to present evidence, such as a police report, that could enhance the likelihood that the program will not impose the cost of the computer on them.


1. Are there any limitations on how I can use the laptop provided for free in college?

Each educational institution and program may establish specific guidelines governing the usage of the complimentary laptop they furnish. Communicating with the program offering the laptop is essential to understand any potential restrictions.

In some instances, particularly if the laptop is expected to be returned, limitations on the operating system may exist, which will restrict access to specific websites or the installation of external programs. Clarifying these limitations before utilizing the laptop for non-academic purposes is advisable.

2. What happens in the event of a laptop malfunction or theft? Will I need to return it or cover the replacement cost?

If your program has a policy of returning the laptop upon completion of your education, then you may be held responsible for the costs associated with repair or replacement. However, if you are permitted to keep the laptop post-graduation, the obligation for a replacement is likely covered.

3. Is it possible for a student to acquire a complimentary laptop?

Depending on the eligibility criteria, the students might have the chance to obtain a free laptop for their college needs. Some educational institutions provide laptops to students either as gifts or loans, entirely free of charge.

Some organizations offer free or discounted laptops to individuals meeting particular income requirements. In cases where meeting the criteria for a free laptop is not accomplished, students can consider purchasing one from computer companies that provide discounts to students.

4. What alternatives exist for obtaining a laptop for college without financial resources?

Suppose financial backwardness or low income limits your ability to acquire a laptop for college. In that case, checking with your educational institution regarding the availability of free or loaned computers is highly recommended.

Without such options, organizations like Computers with Causes, the Dell Scholars Program, and the On It Foundation provide free computers based on income criteria. Once you meet their eligibility criteria, you will receive the laptop for free or at discounted prices.

5. What are ways to acquire a laptop without any expenses?

Low-income students are eligible to qualify for a free laptop through organizations such as Computers with Causes, the Dell Scholars Program, or the On It Foundation. If eligibility criteria are not satisfied by the applicants, they are encouraged to inquire with their educational institution to explore potential free laptop programs tailored for students demonstrating financial need.


Private scholarships for free laptops are also offered to needy students. Some comprehensive scholarships covering tuition expenses may incorporate a laptop as part of their offerings. It’s important to remember that scholarships exclusively designed to offer laptops are not as common as those focused on tuition support.

Students from families with a lower financial background looking for a laptop for educational purposes should rely on the sources mentioned in the article Laptop Scholarships for High School Students.

For some scholarships, there may be flexibility in using the awarded funds to acquire a laptop. However, confirming with the awarding agency whether buying a laptop from the reward is permissible before directing the funds for this purpose is recommended. This guidance is particularly relevant for students seeking laptop scholarships for high school.

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