How to Create Parent FSA ID

How to Create Parent FSA ID

Ever heard of the parent’s FSA ID? It’s like your key to unlock financial help for college! Let’s see how you can create one for your parents? 

What is a Parent FSA ID?

Imagine a username and password for the US Department of Education’s website. That’s your parents’ FSA ID! It is their legal signature for things like the FAFSA form and managing your student loans.

How can a parent create FSA ID?

Getting a Parent’s FSA ID is simple. Let’s see how you can do it. 

  1. Head to the Studentaid official website. 
  2. Fill in your Social Security number, name, and birthday. 
  3. Create a strong password and answer some security questions in case you forget it. 
  4. You will also need your email or phone number for easy access. Remember, only one number/email can be linked to one FSA ID.

What can your parents do with an FSA ID?

  1. Sign your FAFSA electronically
  2. View and manage your federal student loan info

When you first create your parents’ ID, it can only be used for your first FAFSA. It takes 1-3 days for your parents’ info to be verified, so don’t panic! You’ll get an email once you’re good to go.

How to get a Parent FSA ID Without a Social Security Number?

Here is the simple guideline on how to create an FSA ID even without having a Social Security Number (SSN).

What you need to do:

  1. Go to and click on “Create Account”.
  2. Enter your basic information which include name, birthdate and email address.
  3. Check “I don’t have a Social Security Number” checkbox.
  4. Pick up the username and password of your choice.
  5. Fill in your mailing address and telephone number.
  6. Select preferred means of communication with their respective security questions set.
  7. Switch on Two-Step Verification to improve security further.
  8. Answer identity verification questions as they are based on your personal data and public records. Be careful, there is only one chance!
  9. You are done if you answer correctly. Otherwise, dial the Federal Student Aid Information Center (FSAIC).
  10. Call FSAIC at 1-800-433-3243 explaining why you are calling them.
  11. Carry out the process listed by FSAIC for submitting identity verification documents
  12. After confirmation, use the FAFSA form with your FSA ID.

Remember, to stay up-to-date and look out for new information issued by the Department of Education (DOE). As per the recent guidelines, you can start creating your FSA ID by 31st December 2023 for the academic year 2024-25. Your Parent’s FSA ID is your key to unlock federal student help. Keep it safe and use it wisely!

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