Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates 2024

Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates

Are you looking for Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates to improve your English skills or learn more about English literature, grammar, writing, or how languages function? If you are, these Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates might be just what you’re after.

They’re designed for students, professionals, language enthusiasts, and teachers. They can help you grow, learn more, and advance in your career.

English serves as a widely adopted global language and in the current world, it is adopted as a primary means of communication for multinational communities, especially in international business. If you want to start a business and looking for courses then check our Free Online Business Courses With Certificates article. Students have developed the study of English as a second language with trademarked variations like Globish.

It utilizes standard English grammar and a specific subset of about 1500 terms customized for international business use. Simple English is another example of a simplified version.

English is the language of choice for premier movies, books, and music globally. Learning English provides access to a vast array of entertainment and deepens cultural understanding. Fluency eliminates the need for translations or subtitles when enjoying favorite books, songs, movies, and TV shows.

Watching movies and television programs can also be an enjoyable method for learning English.

With such a great need for the English language, you might be looking for free online courses in English studies with certificates. Here in this article, we have provided the top 5 Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates. 

Top 5 Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates

There are several Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates are available but a few of them have significant importance and value. We have researched and mentioned the top 5 Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates below: 

1. Teach English Now! Technology Enriched Teaching

This course is part of a bigger program, offering insights into incorporating technology into teaching with a focus on language learning. When you sign up, you get to choose a specific program, making your learning experience more customized. By completing this free online courses in english studies with certificates, you can earn a shareable career certificate at no cost.

There are six modules in this course, each addressing various aspects of integrating technology into teaching without overshadowing language learning. The journey begins with a module tackling common concerns teachers might have about using technology in the classroom.

It follows a young teacher’s experience, exploring ways to overcome technology-related fears, emphasizing the importance of alignment, learner control, and being outcomes-driven.

Moving on, the course helps in making lesson plans more dynamic using technology. You’ll learn about creating a learning management system (LMS) and discover nine categories of technology and six events of instruction, helping you choose tech tools based on their relevance to lesson planning.

The third module focuses on engaging students through technology, considering the concept of digital nativity. Strategies are provided to effectively involve both digital-native and non-native learners, recognizing the diverse student population and offering practical approaches to meet their varying needs.

In the next part, Module 4 talks about the TPACK framework, showing how teaching, what you’re teaching, and using technology all work together.  Another term, SAMR, is introduced, prompting teachers to evaluate how tools can transform the learning process.

As you progress, the course tackles the challenge of navigating the array of technology tools available. The young teacher encounters marketers promoting various tools, and the module provides practical advice on selecting tools that genuinely benefit students.

This course provides educators with the knowledge and skills to seamlessly integrate technology into teaching while striking a balance between innovation and language learning objectives. Plus, you get a free certificate upon completion.

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2. Simple Past Tense

In this course, “Simple Past Tense,” Expert faculty will guide you through understanding and using the simple past in English. It’s worth noting that the simple past involves both regular and irregular verbs, but their Expert faculty will help you spot patterns to make learning easier. 

Expect to grasp spelling changes when adding “-ed” to verbs and discover methods for forming negatives and questions in the past. Additionally, Our Expert faculty will cover object pronouns and get into various forms of adjectives to enhance your ability to describe and make comparisons.

The first week focuses on mastering the simple past, starting with forming “BE” in the past tense. You’ll then explore adding “-ed” to create the simple past for regular verbs, along with essential spelling adjustments. Brace yourself for a list of irregular verbs—don’t worry; Expert faculty will guide you through remembering them.

Moving on to the second week, the Faculty will go into forming negatives in the simple past, which differs for “BE” and other verbs. The good news? There are no irregular forms in the negative. Additionally, The expert faculty will  solve the mysteries of object pronouns, helping you distinguish between “she” and “her,” as well as “he” and “him.”

Week three is all about crafting questions in the simple past. You’ll learn to ask questions using the “BE” verb and discover how to employ “did” for questions with all other verbs. This encompasses both yes/no questions and information-seeking questions.

Finally, in the last week, expert faculty will explore additional grammar points to enhance your English expression. This includes understanding the use of “this,” “that,” “these,” and “those.” Faculty will also tackle changing adjectives for making comparisons. Wrapping up, you’ll gain insights into infinitives—the basic form of a verb with “to.” These are employed with verbs like “need,” “want,” and “like.”

Remember, completing this course not only enriches your English skills but also earns you a valuable free career certificate.

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3. Questions, Present Progressive, and Future Tenses

This course is an essential part of the Learn English: Beginning Grammar Specialization, a series of Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates. Once you sign up, you’re automatically included in this focused program, providing a thorough dive into beginner-level English grammar. Completing this course not only boosts your knowledge but also grants you a valuable career certificate that you can easily share.

Commencing this week, the focus is on question words and their application in the simple present tense. Participants will grasp the technique of posing information questions, where the response isn’t limited to a simple “yes” or “no” but requires providing specific details. For instance, the question “Where are you?” necessitates an informative response like “I’m at school.”

Moving forward, week two goes into nouns, distinguishing between count and non-count nouns. This knowledge becomes instrumental in forming questions such as “How many brothers do you have?” and “How much time do you need?”

Additionally, participants will explore the present progressive tense, a grammatical structure that communicates ongoing actions in the present. The emphasis will be on understanding its formation and mastering the negation.

In the third week, the focus points on asking questions using the present progressive tense. Participants will acquire skills in crafting both yes/no questions and information-seeking questions. A comparative analysis of simple present and present progressive will be undertaken, explaining the appropriate contexts for each. Signal words will be introduced, aiding learners in distinguishing between sentences like “I speak English” and “I am speaking English.”

The final week builds upon the knowledge of the present progressive, demonstrating its application in discussing future events when combined with “be going to.” Additionally, participants will explore the versatile use of “can” in expressing abilities and limitations.

Throughout the course, the learners can take pride in building expertise in English grammar, with the bonus of receiving a free career certificate upon successful completion.

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4. Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation Specialization

Getting on a journey to enhance your English proficiency with the Learn English: Advanced Grammar and Punctuation specialization. Delivered by esteemed university and industry experts, this program offers in-demand skills, hands-on projects, and a deep understanding of advanced grammar concepts. Upon successful completion of this free online courses in english studies with certificates, participants earn a prestigious career certificate from the University of California, Irvine.

This specialization builds upon the Learn English: Intermediate Grammar program, introducing more advanced grammar concepts such as noun clauses and conditionals. Participants will master the art of blending verb tenses effectively and punctuating sentences accurately.

Designed for non-native English speakers seeking improved fluency and native speakers aiming to refine their language skills for academic or professional purposes, this specialization provides a comprehensive and enriching learning experience.

The first course in the specialization focuses on reviewing and expanding knowledge of English verb tenses, including passive verb forms. Participants cover all 12 English verb tenses and learn the crucial skill of blending these tenses, a hallmark of native speakers. This foundational course is integral to achieving fluency in English.

It’s important to note that the free version of the course grants access to instructional videos and handouts, while peer feedback and quizzes are exclusive to the paid version.

Moving forward, the second course explores various techniques for joining ideas to create complex and compelling sentences. Participants get into conjunctions, diverse connectives, and adverb clauses, all while mastering the punctuation rules associated with these structures. This course is pivotal for attaining high fluency in English.

The third course in the specialization tackles advanced grammar concepts, specifically noun clauses and conditionals. Participants gain insights into different types of each concept and engage in ample practice to ensure proficiency. Despite the perceived difficulty, the course simplifies these grammar points, making them accessible for learners striving to master English fluency.

Upon completion of the three courses, participants undertake a culminating project that solidifies their understanding of the learned material. By creating a grammar portfolio, learners showcase their mastery of difficult or interesting English grammatical structures through written scripts and recorded videos. This memorable project serves as a lasting reminder of their language-learning journey.

The entire specialization not only provides valuable skills but also offers a free certificate upon completion, recognizing the participant’s dedication and expertise in advanced English grammar and punctuation.

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5. The Pronunciation of American English Specialization

Strengthen your English proficiency with a specialized program designed for individuals seeking clearer and more effective pronunciation of American English.

Led by both university and industry experts, this program provides hands-on projects, ensuring participants not only master essential skills but also develop a deep understanding of key pronunciation concepts. Upon completion, learners receive a career certificate from the University of California, Irvine, validating their expertise in American English pronunciation.

Customized for anyone aiming to enhance their communication in business, education, or any English-reliant field, the four courses in this specialization cover consonant and vowel sounds. The curriculum extends to the melodic elements of English, encompassing word stress, intonation, and connected speech. Clear pronunciation is a pathway to success, fostering improved communication and understanding.

Participants engage in practical exercises, including realistic dialogues, to refine their pronunciation skills. By studying real conversations in English, learners can understand how people really talk and pick up on the little details of how we communicate when speaking.

The model of this project involves the preparation and recording of a reflective commentary on the learning journey. This not only enhances the participant’s ability to be understood but also improves their comprehension of others in various communication scenarios.

The added benefit of this program is the opportunity to earn a free career certificate, underscoring the participant’s commitment to refining their American English pronunciation skills. The certificate shows how much better they are at communicating, and it can be useful in lots of different jobs and schools.

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1. Which languages can I learn through Sprachcaffe’s online courses?

You can learn any language featured on the online courses, either in a group setting or individually, subject to availability. The most popular languages include English, Spanish, Italian, French, German as a foreign language, Chinese, and Arabic. However, the availability of language varies from course to course. 

2. What is the proficiency level of the courses, and do I need prior knowledge?

No prior knowledge is required! The online courses cover different proficiency levels for all languages: for beginners with and without previous knowledge (A1-A2), intermediate (B1-B2), and advanced (C1-C2). An initial language test will help determine your level.

3. How many lessons are needed to progress to the next level?

The duration of your online language course to reach the next proficiency level depends on your current level, goals, and the intensity of the course you choose. To calculate the same a rough estimate of the average number of lessons or learning weeks needed.

4. Is there a limit to the number of participants in the courses?

Yes, there are limited online group sizes to ensure effective teaching and encourage active participation. Online group language courses are capped with some international participants as well. while private lessons can be for either one person or two people for some amount. 


The best part of the above-mentioned courses is that they are free and open for all the students. You can access them online and get the certificate for the same as well. Hope these Free Online Courses in English Studies with Certificates help you to complete your targets of learning English studies for free.

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