8 Free Online Bible Courses

Free Online Bible Courses

If you want to learn more about the Bible and Christian theology, free online Bible courses are designed for you.

Learning about different religions and their texts is considered the basis of real truth. Also, they help in achieving enlightenment and are said to hold the answers to all your questions. One of the oldest religions with billions of followers is Christianity. 

The Bible is considered the holy text of Christianity and is available in almost all languages. Those who want to learn the Bible may need to send thousands of dollars as the Bible courses are expensive and are rarely found in offline mode. 

However, there are some free online Bible courses available that are open to all individuals. These courses are presented by universities, Christian colleges or schools, and churches to influence people over Christianity. Here the article helps you learn about the best Bible courses which are free for all. 

What are free Bible courses?

After the outbreak of covid19 pandemic, the whole world has been kept in lockdown for almost two years. The education system has shifted towards online platforms. Most of the courses are offered in online mode to the students. However, the offline mode quickly started after the dismay of the pandemic. But some of the courses are still available in the online mode and a few of them are open to all people for free. Some of them are the free online Bible courses. 

The free online bible courses are offered by various reputable universities and colleges and the certificate of completion is also provided after the course. The main motive of the course is to provide biblical studies to all people without putting any financial burden on their shoulders. The comprehensive education in the field of biblical studies includes all the major portions of the holy book Bible. 

Some people consider online courses less effective than traditional offline classes. But the online courses can be as effective as traditional classes if resolute efforts have been put along with self-motivation and discipline.  The article helps you to know about the top 10 Free Online Bible Courses where you can enroll easily and get a certificate of completion as well.

Top 10 Free Online Bible Courses 

We have researched and shortlisted the best Free Online Bible Courses that aid people with comprehensive biblical studies. Here are they: 

1. The Essentials of the New Testament

The course is made for beginners who want to learn more about the bike and is offered by Denver Seminary (via Biblical The 10-hour course provides the basic introductory knowledge of the Bible and background of the New Testament. The course is all about the comprehensive tour explaining the relationship between the first-century Jews and Gentiles. The course is open to all people and a certificate of completion is not offered as the course is made just to uplift the knowledge about public studies. 

Moreover, the course will help you to understand the influence of the Greek and Roman empires on the political landscape of the era. There are a lot of references taken in the course to make it easy for people to understand biblical studies, for example, the second half of the course unpacks the Book of Acts. 

2. A Guide to Bible Study Methods

The five-hour free bible course is offered by Bethel Seminary (via Biblical and is not made for beginners. You must be an intermediate learner of the Bible. The course contains the middle aspects of the Bible and if a beginner starts the course will not understand. 

The course is all about the practical steps required to become an excellent Bible student. Also, the course will help the people to implement the Bible sayings in practical life and get benefits. However, no certificate of completion is offered to the people who attend the course as the certificates are available with paid courses on the website. 

The main motive of the online Bible course is to teach people how to analyze the syntax, key terms, and themes of biblical texts and implement them in practical life. Those who have attended the course with discipline and focus will observe a life improvement. 

3. Making Biblical Decisions

Making decisions is one of the most crucial aspects of life where most people make mistakes and face a lot of issues in the future. To aid people in making relevant decisions with context to the biblical texts, the online course is offered by Third Mill Institute and is made for advanced readers who have already gone through most of the biblical studies. The author, seminary professor, and Christian philosopher Dr. John Frame has offered a course for all people for free. 

Explore Free Online Bible Courses that illuminate the Bible’s ethical framework and its practical application in daily life. These courses not only enhance decision-making but also offer guidance on interpersonal interactions and setting expectations. With self-paced learning, divided into 10 segments, you have flexibility and comprehensive education at your fingertips.

4. Theology & Culture 

The course is available in 14 parts in the form of video tutorials, notes, and quizzes. The free online Bible course is made for intermediate readers and is offered by the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Four Major aspects of society are covered in the course including business, art, sports, and politics. 

The main focus of the course is on the intersection of theology and culture. Those who get enrolled in the course will access the free materials including the video lectures, discussion forums, and structured reading assignments.  

As with other courses, the certificate is available with the paid versions of the course. However, those who are engaged in the intersection of ministry and culture are highly recommended to take this one of the best free online Bible courses. 

5. The Master Series

The course is made for beginners who want to explore Christianity. The online course is self-paced and is offered by the World Bible School. The main motive of the course is to aid the people with a complete presentation explaining the Christian faith and beliefs. 

There are a lot of topics and chapters which are covered in the course. Some of these are the nature and purpose of the Bible, god and nature, the promises of God, Jesus in prophecy, the role of the prophets, the family of god, and many more. 

The course offers a certificate of completion which can be downloaded in the pdf form for free. The certificate holds a value. The helper is also assigned by the school to provide the relevant answers to all your questions. Make sure to go through the chapter-based reading and attend the quizzes to get revised of what you have studied. 

6. The Story of Scripture

One of the lengthiest and best free online Bible courses that takes around 13 weeks to complete. The course is offered by Dallas Theological Seminary and is made for intermediate readers. The course offers the Bible’s master narrative along with the basic structure of the holy text Bible. Step by step the courses help the people who enrolled in understanding the deeply connected stories in the Bible. Numerous narratives in biblical studies need to be accomplished while studying the Bible. 

Most of these narratives are covered in the course chapters. These include The Mosaic Covenant, Pentateuch, and the Covenant Kingship, especially the Davidic Covenant and many more. A certificate of completion is also offered to the people who attend all the classes for 13 weeks.

7. New Testament Survey

Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) provides Free Online Bible Courses tailored for beginners seeking a foundational understanding of biblical studies. The course spans 180 days, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of the Bible’s basics. CLI offers a range of additional free courses, certificates, diplomas, degrees, and Minister credentials. Their robust resources include audio, video, and article materials to facilitate biblical learning.

The institute offers certificates and diplomas after the completion of their free programs. But you need to pay a certain amount to get the reward of completion. The course will help you to understand the historical and cultural context of the Bible. 

8. The Apostles Creed

Another course that offers the Christian faith to the people who get enrolled. The self-paced course is offered by the Third Mill Institute and covers several aspects of biblical studies. 

These include the church’s divine sanction, the forgiveness of sins, the resurrection of the body, the nature and personhood of the Holy Spirit, the nature of everlasting life, distinctive qualities of God, the role of god as maker, nature and meaning of salvation, the divinity of Jesus Christ, and many more. 

The course is made for intermediate readers who are already familiar with the basic structure of the holy book Bible. Various study materials are offered to the people who enrolled these include video, audio, written projects, essays, journaling, and optional reading. 

The chapter-based quizzes help you to check whether the concept is clear or not. Additionally to earn the extra credits you can also use supplementary study materials. The certificate of completion is also offered to the people who have met their needs and requirements while pursuing one of the best free online bible courses. 


1. How can I learn the Bible online for free?

Learning the holy texts of different religions like the Bible is very difficult if the reading strategy is adopted. These texts are lengthy and contain thousands of pages with complex languages. That is why to make it easy for everyone there are some online courses available for free. Anyone can enroll in these courses and engage their biblical studies knowledge along with the certificate of completion. These courses are free that does not mean they are less influential, some of the free courses might be better than the paid ones. 

2. How can I study my Bible by myself?

Studying spiritual texts like the Bible gives the satisfaction of another level. There are various ways by which one can continue studying the Bible. The easiest and most convenient way is to start your study with a prayer, choose the relevant topic, try to start with the introductory chapters, and make sure to prepare the summary along with a quick revision while concluding your study. After all, make sure to look at the things you do not understand. 

3. How can the Bible be approached or interpreted in four different ways?

The Bible is a holy text and there is a need to ensure some measures while reading the book. There are several aspects of the Bible and each requires a different approach to understand. Some of the most effective ways to read the Bible are devotional reading, historical reading, literary reading, and Lutheran theological reading. While attending online courses you need to follow all these ways to ensure effective learning and knowledge. 

4. What is the soap method of Bible study?

Learning and studying the Bible is not an easy task as the holy text Bible is lengthy and is written in complex language. Several strategies and methods can be used to ensure adequate learning of the Bible, one of the most effective methods is soap methods. Observation, Scripture, Prayer, and Application – that’s what it stands for.  A small prayer is also included at the last to make sure to contribute the studies to god. The free online bible course helps you to understand the soap method is deep. 

5. What are free online bike courses?

The free online bike courses help people to study different aspects of the holy book Bible in a summarized manner. These courses are free and open to all people. Moreover, a certificate of completion of the course is also offered. 


Why spend money on learning the Bible, when you can attend the free online bible courses and grab the same amount of knowledge? The above-mentioned courses are free and help you to understand the basis and comprehensive biblical studies. Along with the knowledge of the Bible, the courses will also help you to know different methods of effectively studying the Bible.

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