East Valley School District Making Students Put Away Their Phones

East Valley School District Making Students Put Away Their Phones

New Cell Phone Policy in Apache Junction School District Requires Phones Off During Class

APACHE JUNCTION, Ariz. — The Apache Junction Unified School District is set to enforce a new policy banning students from using cell phones in the classroom.

On Tuesday night, the district’s Governing Board approved the policy with a 4-1 vote, which prohibits students from using any wireless communication devices during school hours. The new rule mandates that students must turn off their phones and keep them out of sight throughout the school day.

According to the policy, students needing to make a call can use the phone in the school’s main office or a classroom phone.

Superintendent Robert Pappalardo emphasized the need to reduce distractions for better classroom achievement, stating, “If we’re serious about students achieving in the classroom, we need to limit the distraction, and cell phones are a distraction.”

Violating the policy may result in detention, confiscation of the phone, or the requirement to leave the phone at the front office each morning.

School board members believe the policy will aid teachers in managing their classrooms, while still allowing phone access during emergencies.

Parents and students will be required to sign an agreement with the district, permitting the student to carry a turned-off phone on campus.