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College Ave Student Loan Refinance Review 2024

College Ave Student Loan Refinance

Are you looking for the best guide on College Ave Student Loan Refinance then you are at the right place. If you’re a graduate with a stable income, aiming to lower interest rates, reduce monthly payments, or consolidate multiple loans, College Ave Student Loan Refinance could be incredibly advantageous for you. 

Deciding on how to pay for college is a big deal. Picking the right place to get a loan is super important. We’re diving into the world of companies that loan money to students. 

They all have different stuff they offer, like how much they charge you and how you pay them back. If you’re looking to find a good company to help with your loans, you might’ve heard about College Ave. They’re pretty popular when it comes to fixing up your student loans.

From understanding eligibility criteria to exploring options for refinancing, we provide the necessary information to make well-informed decisions that align with your educational and financial goals. 

In our comprehensive article about loan providers, we cover everything you need to know, including insights into companies like College Ave Student Loan Refinance. This exploration spans the diverse landscape of student loan providers, aiming to facilitate a smoother path for your educational pursuits.

For those seeking alternative refinancing options, our guide on iHelp Student Loan Refinance offers insightful information.

What is College Ave student loan refinance?

College Ave’s undergraduate private student loans are designed for students seeking payment flexibility throughout their academic journey and cover their educational expenses. 

Students can select from immediate, interest-only, or fixed $25 payment plans, with the option to defer payments until after graduation. The needy students who are looking for financial funds can borrow a student loan from the company. 

Opting for in-school payments, particularly with shorter repayment terms, may lead to reduced interest rates. Notably, more than 95% of College Ave’s undergraduate loans require a co-signer. Releasing the co-signer involves reaching at least halfway through the repayment term and fulfilling additional criteria, including making a minimum of 5 years of payments for a standard 10-year term.

Among the standout features of this company is its extended co-signer release time. Unlike many private lenders with shorter cosigner release requirements, College Ave adopts a more extended timeframe, providing greater flexibility. 

Considering refinancing the loan earlier is possible, but it entails adjusting loan terms and meeting specific qualifications set by the refinancing lender, including options like College Ave Student Loan Refinance.

Requirements for Education Loan 

The students who are looking to get the financial resources to cover their educational expenses and are unable to pay the fees due to a lower financial background need to take a loan from any lender. 

If you are looking to refinance your loan from College Ave then there are a few necessities and requirements that need to be accomplished. We have researched their official website and shortlisted some of their eligibility requirements, here are they: 

1. Minimum Credit Score: 

The biggest requirement to borrow any kind of loan from lenders including that of student loan is the credit score. It is impossible to get a loan in case of a lower credit score or default credit score. 

The requirements for getting a loan from College Ave are the requirements for borrowers without a cosigner, a mid-600s credit score is required. For students the minimum credit requirement is mid-700s. Also, there is no acceptance of the credit score if the borrower does not meet the eligibility. 

2. Minimum Income: 

After borrowing the loan, the students need to repay it along with the interest rates. That is why the income is also considered by the borrower. Borrowers with a co-signer need a minimum income of $35,000 annually to take the loan whereas, on the other hand, the income requirement if applying without a cosigner is approximately $40,000 per year. 

While granting the loan to the students the amount of the loan is determined by the Maximum Debt-to-Income Ratio, determined by credit characteristics. The median debt-to-income ratio is around 20%. If you are bankrupt then you are disqualified for the student loan as the Qualification After Bankruptcy is not available. 

3. Citizenship: 

Most of the student loan providers allow US permanent citizens to take the loans whereas international students can take loans from College Ave. International students can apply with a U.S. citizen or an eligible permanent resident co-signer. 

4. DACA Borrowers: 

The DACA students who are willing to get a loan to cover their educational expenses need to have a social security number. Only those with a valid social security number are eligible to fill out the application forms and get the loan. 

5. Location: 

One of the best parts of the College Ave student loan refinance is that the education loan services are available in all 50 states. Most of the private lenders have their roots within a particular state or city. Also, when it comes to the enrollment Requirement there is no half-time enrollment mandatory for the loan. 

6. Types of Schools Served: 

For a student to qualify for an education loan there is a need for Attendance at an eligible or renowned degree-granting school in the USA. Also, those who are enrolled in a non-degree program, such as a certificate program, are acceptable. 

Repayment Options 

For students borrowing from private lenders, repayment options can be a primary concern, causing stress and financial management challenges. During the in-school period, lending companies offer borrowers various repayment options, including those provided by services like College Ave Student Loan Refinance.

1. Immediate Repayment:  

The first option is to pay the complete payments in full immediately after the loan disbursement. The loan disbursement tenure is specified in the loan agreement. In the case of student loans, the time for loan disbursement starts immediately after getting employment or starting to make money. 

2. Interest-Only Repayment: 

Another option applies to the school’s students. When the parent’s student loan is taken from the company, the parents need to pay the monthly payment of the accrued interest while the child is in school. Once a child starts making money he will pay the loan amount along with the interest rate. 

3. Flat Repayment: 

Opt for a fixed amount (in $20 increments) covering both interest and an additional sum while the child is enrolled in any school or educational institution. 

After in-school education loans, there are Post-school education loans. These loans also offer several repayment options for the students, these are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

4. Grace Period: 

There is no grace period extended or offered to the students after the disbursement of the loan repayment. The students need to strictly follow all the terms and conditions for repayment as mentioned or signed in the loan agreement. 

5. In-school Deferment: 

The Deferment matters are addressed individually by College Ave, there is no data mentioned on the website or anywhere else. 

6. Military Deferment: 

Similar to the federal education loans and other private lending companies the College Ave also has some relaxations for military personnel and students from military families. In such cases, the Military-related deferment is handled on a case-by-case basis.

7. Forbearance: 

In the case of forbearance, the students are offered with the time of up to 18 months of hardship forbearance over the loan’s duration. The time is enough to recover from the situation and start paying the loan repayment again.

8. Natural Disaster Forbearance: 

Natural disaster forbearance is not available for students who have taken education loans. In case of any natural calamity the student or the family is facing financial issues, and there is no relaxation time offered to them. They have to repay the main amount with interest or else impose a penalty. 

9. Death or Disability Discharge: 

This kind of loan repayment discharge is applied only if the child benefiting from the given loan passes away or experiences permanent disability due to any reason. In such a situation the estate is responsible for all the repayment. The same is repeated in case the parent borrower dies. The discharge of the loan in the case of the Co-signer dying or becoming disabled is not applicable. 

Features of College Ave Student Loan Refinance

College Ave, a private lending company, extends student loans tailored for graduate students. Their loan programs cater to specialized fields such as medical, dental, law, and business schools. While maintaining consistent basic terms across graduate student loans, they provide individualized offerings, including options like College Ave Student Loan Refinance. Each loan program differs in interest rates, ranges, features, and specific specifications.

The best part of the loan company is its Flexible repayment options that empower the graduate students to select terms of 5, 8, 12, or 15 years of repayments. Moreover, the extended 20-year repayment term is available for those in medical, dental, or law school.

The grace period is also offered to the students under some special circumstances. Regarding the commencement of payments. The graduate, business, and law school loans offered by College Ave provide a generous 9-month grace period. 

Dental school loans extend a 12-month grace period, while medical school loans offer an extensive 36-month grace period before the time of repayment starts. The grace time is offered so that the student finds good employment. 

Also, all the graduate students can enjoy a 6-month grace period extension after their post-graduation period. Law students during clerkships and dental and medical students during residency receive more benefits from the company in the form of more extended deferments, ranging from 12 to 48 months. 

These prolonged grace periods make the private leading company College Ave one of the most appealing choices, especially for non-health professional students. There are some disadvantages of the company as well, so make sure to compare the same with other lenders before applying. 


1. Are College Ave student loans trustworthy?

College Ave has solidified its reputation as a reputable online lender since 2014. Specializing in private undergraduate, graduate, and parent student loans, College Ave also facilitates the refinancing of existing student loans, providing a reliable financial solution for diverse needs.

The loans offered by the company are best for students who are looking for education loans that offer grace time before the start of repayment tenure. 

2. Is College Ave a federal student loan provider?

No, College Ave exclusively provides private student loans, underscoring the importance of exploring federal options first by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid before considering the tailored solutions offered by College Ave. Also, refinancing the loan from College Ave will end all the benefits you are receiving from your federal education loan program. 

3. Is a co-signer mandatory for College Ave loans?

While international students must have a co-signer, it is optional for others. However, opting to apply with a co-signer can significantly enhance your chances of loan approval and may qualify you for a more favorable interest rate, allowing for increased flexibility in your financial approach. 

Some certain needs and requirements need to be satisfied by any individual to become a co-signer, these include the minimum credit score requirement, qualifying annual income, and many more.

4. Does College Ave offer cosigner release?

Co-signer release is not available for refinanced student loans with College Ave. Nevertheless, for other College Ave loans, co-signer release is a viable option if you’ve reached the halfway point in your repayment term, consistently maintained the previous 24 payments on time, and meet additional criteria. 

This provides a potential pathway toward greater financial independence. In the case of parent student loans, the parents can release the loan repayments once the students start making money or have completed the degree for which the loan is borrowed from College Ave Student loan refinance.


The College Ave Student Loan Refinance is a versatile financial solution for individuals and needy students who are looking for an effective solution to manage their student loan debt. College Ave offers flexible repayment options, the potential for interest rate reductions, and a comprehensive guide to navigate the intricacies of the process, making it an appealing choice for borrowers. 

It’s important to note, however, the extended timeframe for co-signer release and the need for careful evaluation when considering refinancing adjustments. 

The decision to refinance with College Ave should align with individual financial goals and circumstances. As with any financial decision, conducting thorough research and considering personal needs empowers borrowers to make informed choices for their future financial management. The above-mentioned review might help you to know all about the lending company.

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