BYU Scholarship Application

BYU Scholarship Application

Are you looking for the detail guide on BYU Scholarship Application then you are at right article. If you are going to apply for admission to Brigham Young University (BYU), you may be eligible for BYU Scholarships to pursue your higher education. Know about the BYU Scholarship application and make your education journey affordable.

Whether current students, or students who wish to apply for enrollment at Brigham Young University, the BYU Scholarship is open to all. To reduce the high tuition expenses at BYU, the BYU Scholarship is a great approach for any student. The aim of the scholarship is to encourage all students to pursue a degree regardless of their circumstances and class. By completing the online application, you could be a winner of a BYU scholarship.

This article will discuss the BYU Scholarship application where you can learn the eligibility criteria, the application process, and much more about BYU Scholarship. To enhance your education experience with affordability at BYU, you must consider applying for the BYU Scholarship.

BYU Financial Aid 

Financial aid, such as scholarships, grants, and loans is available at BYU from many federal, state, and institutional programs. These financial aid initiatives are managed by the Office of Financial Aid, which also helps students locate potential funding sources. 

Although there are some exceptions, such as BYU short-term loans and academic, performance, talent, and athletic scholarships, the distribution of financial aid at BYU is based on an evaluation of student and family financial needs. This is because the number of students applying for financial aid generally exceeds the funds available through university programs. Policies have been developed for BYU scholarship applications.

BYU Scholarship Overview 

As an investment in their education, Brigham Young University offers scholarships to a limited number of students based on several criteria, such as financial need and academic excellence. Scholarship funds come from gifts from generous people as well as tithes of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Scholarships provide an opportunity to foster a lifelong dedication to academic and spiritual development. Scholarship awards through the BYU Scholarship application mean that winners will use the invested funds to make broad and meaningful contributions to their communities, families, and the global community.

Students are offered BYU scholarships primarily based on their financial need and academic standing. After the deadline for BYU scholarship applications, applicants are assessed according to their financial need and academic standing. Scholarships start at the top of the ranking order and continue until all funds are used.

Unless otherwise noted, BYU scholarships are not renewable and are generally awarded for a maximum of two semesters. Students are required to reapply by the relevant date each year to be considered for future admission. By the end of their sophomore year, applicants must formally declare a major.

What Types of Scholarships Does BYU Offer?

There are many departmental, need-based, and merit-based scholarships available at BYU. Merit-based scholarships are awarded according to leadership qualities, examination results, academic performance, and other achievements. Financial need is the basis for need-based scholarship awards. Academic departments give departmental grants to students who are studying certain major subjects.

Eligibility Criteria for BYU Scholarship 

There are certain eligibility criteria based on which a candidate’s eligibility for the scholarship is assessed. If you meet those specific eligibility criteria, your BYU scholarship application may be approved. Let’s look at the criteria:

  • Complete the FAFSA: To be eligible for all scholarships offered by BYU, you must fill out the FAFSA and send it to Brigham Young University by the deadline. If you are under 30, you must provide your parent’s information on the FAFSA, even if you are considered independent. FAFSA submission should be required for financial need-based scholarships.
  • Enrollment at BYU: You must be an undergraduate or graduate student at BYU.
  • Academic Excellence: You must have a strong GPA and competitive standardized test scores to meet scholarship eligibility requirements.
  • Leadership and Service: You need to demonstrate your involvement and influence in activities, clubs, or community service.

Eligibility Criteria for Transfer Students for BYU Scholarships

Continuing Student Academic Scholarship

As continuing students, transfer students are eligible to apply for academic scholarships. To be eligible for academic awards as a continuing student, you must complete a minimum of 12 credit hours at BYU before the deadline, regardless of when you finished your mission. 

Freshman Scholarships

Scholarships for undergraduate study are available to prospective students at the start of their term or semester of admission. Even if you intend to begin your mission before attending BYU, you should still apply for freshman scholarships during your final year of high school by the appropriate time. 

All prospective students must apply for scholarships by the deadline to be considered. For first-year student scholarships, non-academic elements, including financial need as assessed by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), will now be taken into account.  

Eligibility Criteria for FAFSA Government Loan Application 

  • High School Diploma or Equivalent: A high school diploma or equivalent qualification (GED) is required to be eligible for the scholarship.
  • SAP Requirement: Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements set by the school you are studying must be followed for BYU scholarship application
  • Citizenship: You must be a US citizen or an eligible non-citizen to be eligible for BYU Scholarship.
  • Register for Selective Service: Male applicants must register for Selective Service.
  • Social Security Number: To be eligible for the scholarship, it is necessary to have a current Social Security number. Remember that for a student to file a FAFSA, parents are not required to provide a valid SSN.

How to Apply for the BYU Scholarship!

Brigham Young University has two main branches: BYU in Provo, Utah, and BYU-Idaho in Rexburg, Idaho. Each has its own BYU scholarship application process and deadlines. Here are the details for each:


  • Start by Exploring Their Scholarship Webpage: This page has lots of information including a scholarship search tool to find scholarships that match your qualifications. Information about merit-based scholarships, need-based scholarships, and other types of aid is available. Deadlines and application procedures vary for each scholarship.
  • Complete the FAFSA: This is required for all students seeking federal financial aid, including grants and scholarships. You can submit your FAFSA online.
  • Submit the BYU Scholarship Application: This application is separate from the FAFSA and is required for many BYU scholarship applications. The deadline for the Fall 2024 semester is February 15, 2024. However, some scholarships have earlier deadlines, so be sure to check carefully. You can find the application link on the scholarship webpage.
  • Submit Any Additional Materials Required for Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships may require additional essays, letters of recommendation, or test scores. So, be sure to carefully review the requirements of any scholarship you are applying for.


  • Visit the BYU-Idaho Financial Aid Webpage: This page has information on different types of financial aid, including scholarships.
  • Complete the BYU-Idaho Scholarship Application: You can find the application link on the Financial Aid webpage. The deadline for the Fall 2024 semester is March 1, 2024.
  • Submit Any Additional Materials Required for Specific Scholarships: Similar to BYU-Provo, some scholarships may require additional documentation.

Additional Tips for BYU Scholarship Application 

  • Apply Early: Submit your BYU scholarship application soon. The earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting the scholarship.
  • Meet with a Financial Aid Advisor: Both BYU and BYU-Idaho have financial aid advisors who can help you navigate the BYU scholarship application process and answer any questions you may have.

Research External Scholarships. There are many scholarships available from organizations outside BYU. Use scholarship search engines like Fastweb or Scholarships America to find scholarships you may be eligible for.

BYU Scholarship Application Deadlines

BYU Scholarship application deadlines vary depending on the award. While some scholarship deadlines are as early as November, some may be closer to the admissions application deadline, which is January 15 for the all semester. It is important to check the BYU scholarship website for the specific deadlines of each scholarship.

BYU Scholarships for International Students 

International students can apply for a variety of Brigham Young University scholarships. Many organizations, including charities, trusts, and corporations, offer scholarships for international students in addition to university-based awards.

1. Education Future International Scholarship – USA & Non-USA 2024 

This is a partially funded international scholarship offered by Education Future to students from abroad. Students who are citizens of India are eligible for this grant. This scholarship can be used to pursue any course offered by the colleges.

2. National Association for Surface Finishing (NASF) Scholarship 2024

This award is available to all nationals. Mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, metallurgical engineering, and materials science are among the fields in which scholarships can be obtained. The NASF Scholarship 2024 application deadline is February 25th. The value of the scholarship is $1,500 USD.

3. Jeff Schell Fellowships 2024

Bayer Foundation is offering partial funding of international scholarships to foreign students. The scholarship is available to all nationals. You can apply for 

Jeff Schell Fellowships 2024 to study agricultural science. This BYU Scholarship application deadline for 2024 is April 8th. Scholarships have different values.

4. Vietnam Education Foundation 2.0 Program, 2024 

The Vietnam Education Foundation Science and Technology Development Association (VEFSTA) is providing international students with a full funding scholarship. Vietnamese students can qualify for this scholarship. You can use this scholarship to pursue studies in science, mathematics, engineering, technology, or medicine. This BYU scholarship application date is June 30, 2024. The trip award and application fee make up the scholarship’s value. Scholarships are available at renowned US universities.

5. GSLS Travel Fellowships by University of Würzburg 2024

The University of Wurzburg is offering a partial funding grant named GSLS Travel Fellowship by the University of Wurzburg 2024 to international students. All nationals are eligible to apply for this scholarship. You can use this scholarship to study medicine and biological sciences. The University will accept applications for the scholarship until a different date in 2024. The maximum value of the scholarship is 2,000 EUR.


1. What are the requirements for applying for BYU scholarships?

Most scholarships require a complete BYU admissions application, while some may have additional specifications, such as required essays or recommendations. Make sure you fully read the requirements for any scholarship you are interested in.

2. How competitive are BYU scholarships?

BYU’s scholarships are highly competitive, especially merit-based. However, since there are other scholarships available, your chances of being accepted will increase if you apply for multiple scholarships and provide proof of your diverse activities and excellent academic record.

3. What are my chances of receiving a scholarship?

Pinpointing your exact chances of receiving a scholarship is challenging. Because they depend on many variables, including your academic history, exam results, extracurricular activities, funding needs, and the particular scholarship you are applying for.

However, you can greatly improve your chances by carefully considering the prerequisites and putting together a compelling application.

4. Do I need to apply for each scholarship separately?

Applying for most scholarships can be done using the BYU Scholarship application platform, where you can select the scholarships you want to apply for and submit a single application for each one. Nevertheless, separate applications could be needed for some departmental scholarships.

5. What if I don’t receive any scholarship offers?

Not receiving a scholarship offer doesn’t mean you can’t afford BYU. Check out additional opportunities for financial aid, such as private loans, work-study programs, and grants. Additionally, some scholarships have shorter admissions processes or later deadlines. So, be sure to visit the BYU scholarship website frequently for updates.


Scholarships from BYU are more than just financial help. It opens doors, gives you purpose, and affirms your potential. This not only reduces the cost of tuition but also showcases your academic success and helps you connect with BYU’s principles, which can improve your chances of admission. With a range of awards honoring different skills and needs, one BYU scholarship application opens up a world of opportunities. 

Your opportunity to become part of a dynamic community of scholars driven by common purpose and encouraged by BYU’s commitment to their success increases the earlier you apply for a scholarship. With a variety of awards recognizing different talents and needs, the scholarship is a single application opening up a spectrum of possibilities.

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