10 Best Esthetician Schools in California

Best Esthetician Schools in California

Are you a California resident who wants to become an Esthetician? There are many best esthetician schools in California where you can get esthetics courses. By becoming an esthetician you can make a successful career in the skincare industry.

Now, there are good career opportunities in the skincare industry. The demand for skin care specialists is increasing everywhere. According to Statista, the billion-dollar skincare market is projected to generate revenue of US$210.7 billion by 2028. Many recognized esthetician schools in California offer high-quality esthetics courses that do not have a long duration.

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We explore the best esthetician schools in California. Whether you’re interested in facials, skin care treatments, or mastering the art of makeup application, these esthetician schools will be a valuable resource in helping you become a licensed skin care professional.

List of Top10 Esthetician Schools in California

1. California College of Barbering and Cosmetology

California College of Barbering and Cosmetology
California College of Barbering and Cosmetology

California College of Barbering and Cosmetology is one of the best esthetician schools in California, which offers comprehensive programs in barbering and cosmetology. The college prioritizes practical training and theoretical understanding, ensuring students are well-prepared for state licensing examinations.  

A NACCAS-accredited esthetician schools in California, the school offers cosmetology, manicure, and barbering programs in addition to esthetics courses. They offer a completely different approach in their 600-hour cosmetology course, where you’ll study the science, art, and health sides of it.

The course at this university covers a variety of skills including hair cutting, styling, coloring, skincare, and nail care. Students engage in hands-on learning in a salon-like environment, honing their abilities in interacting with clients and staying abreast of industry trends.  

2. Milan Institute – Advanced Esthetician

Milan Institute – Advanced Esthetician
Milan Institute – Advanced Esthetician

Milan Institute’s Advanced Esthetician program provides comprehensive training in skin care and aesthetic techniques. These programs emphasize advanced treatments, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and specialty facials. Students gain expertise in industry trends, skincare analysis, and customer consultation. 

The Milan Institute focuses on providing practical experience and knowledge to prepare aspiring estheticians for success in the competitive beauty industry. For 45 weeks, you’ll progress from fundamental manipulation abilities, safety decisions, and more, to advanced education and training in cutting-edge treatments at this esthetician schools in California.

3. Bellus Academy

Bellas Academy’s esthetics program provides holistic training in skin care, beauty, and wellness. The esthetics course at this esthetician school in California includes anatomy, product knowledge, and business skills, preparing students for success in the esthetics field.  

You’ll study everything from basic to advanced skin care evaluations, facial treatments, hair removal techniques, and more in their 600-hour Aesthetics 101 program. You’ll add 300 hours to the Aesthetics 103 curriculum, during which you’ll focus on peel applications, thorough examination of damaged skin, and more.

This esthetician schools in California prioritizes staying up to date with industry trends and standards, ensuring graduates are prepared for a variety of career paths in spas, salons, and skincare clinics. The program strikes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical expertise, providing a comprehensive education for those wishing to become skilled estheticians.

4. 1st Academy of Beauty

1st Academy of Beauty is known for its comprehensive cosmetology specialist programs, providing top-tier education in skincare, makeup, and spa services. Committed to excellence, the school ensures that students acquire both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge vital for success in the beauty industry.  

The courses at this best esthetician school in California cover a variety of topics from facial treatments to waxing and effective customer communication. Expert instructors provide practical training, preparing students for state licensure. 

You will be able to complete 430 hours of practical training and 170 hours of classroom instruction with the help of their certificate program. With a solid reputation for producing skilled aestheticians, the 1st Academy of Beauty is a highly sought-after choice for individuals wishing to advance in the ever-evolving field of beauty and wellness.

5. Newberry School of Beauty

Newberry School of Beauty
Newberry School of Beauty

The Newberry School of Beauty is a leading esthetician school in California. It offers comprehensive training programs that include skin care, makeup, and wellness. Renowned for its holistic approach, the school ensures that students receive a comprehensive education to excel in the dynamic beauty industry.  

The Newberry School of Beauty is accredited by NACCAS and, like other accredited esthetician schools in California, offers a 600-hour esthetics curriculum that can be completed in five months. Experienced trainers provide practical training covering a variety of aesthetic techniques and staying abreast of industry trends.  

The curriculum emphasizes a balance between theoretical knowledge and practical skills, providing graduates with a well-rounded proficiency. Creating a supportive learning environment is a priority at the Newberry School of Beauty, fostering the success of aspiring estheticians on their way to fulfilling careers.

6. Skyline College – San Bruno

Skyline College - San Bruno
Skyline College – San Bruno

Skyline College, located in San Bruno, California, is an exceptional destination for those pursuing a career in aesthetics. The college’s 600-hour esthetician program blends theoretical insight with practical training, preparing students for success in the dynamic beauty industry.

With state-of-the-art facilities and experienced instructors, this esthetician school in California ensures an all-around education covering skin care, facial treatments, hair removal, makeup application, and spa techniques.

Emphasizing practical skills, the program enables aspiring estheticians to master various esthetic treatments. Beyond the classroom, Skyline College is dedicated to supporting student success, providing career guidance and networking opportunities to facilitate smooth transitions into the professional field.  

7. Moler Barber College – Oakland

Moler Barber College in Oakland not only achieves excellence in barbering but also offers a comprehensive esthetics program. This special course focuses on skin care, beauty treatments, and spa therapy. Students can explore facial techniques, skin care analysis, and makeup application, ensuring a good understanding of aesthetics.

The 600-hour program integrates theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training, preparing graduates for success in the aesthetics industry.  

With a commitment to staying up to date with beauty trends and innovations, this esthetician school in California prepares students for diverse roles, such as skin care specialists, spa professionals, and makeup artists. The college’s established reputation and unwavering dedication to excellence make it an excellent choice for those wishing to pursue the dynamic field of esthetics.

8. Asian American International Beauty College

Asian American International Beauty College’s esthetics program offers a comprehensive education in skincare and beauty treatments. Focusing on Asian beauty practices, the program includes facial treatments, makeup applications, and spa therapy. Students gain both theoretical knowledge and practical skills, preparing them for a variety of roles in the dynamic beauty industry. 

The course of this esthetician school in California emphasizes skin care analysis, product application, and customer service, ensuring graduates are skilled in meeting a variety of customer needs. With a commitment to a supportive learning environment, the college encourages creativity and innovation in the pursuit of excellence in aesthetics. Graduates are well-prepared for successful careers in the emerging field of beauty.

9. Blake Austin College

Blake Austin College
Blake Austin College

Blake Austin College’s esthetics program is a comprehensive pathway for individuals seeking successful careers in skin care. The program covers a wide variety of topics, such as facial treatments, waxing, makeup application, and skin care analysis. Students benefit from practical training in a spa-like setting, allowing them to hone their skills and gain practical experience. Emphasizing both theoretical knowledge and practical application, the esthetics program prepares students for licensure examinations and success in the beauty industry. 

This best esthetician school in California is committed to providing excellence in education, providing a supportive learning environment with experienced instructors. The 600-hour esthetics program fosters students’ passion for skin care and beauty, ensuring they are well-equipped for a rewarding and successful journey in the esthetics field.

10. Federico Beauty Institute

Federico Beauty Institute
Federico Beauty Institute

Federico Beauty Institute’s esthetics program offers a comprehensive blend of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in skincare and beauty techniques. Students take an in-depth look at a variety of aspects including facials, waxing, and makeup application with an emphasis on skin care analysis, product efficiency, and effective customer communication.

Guided by experienced instructors, and often active industry professionals, students at this esthetician school in California stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies. 

The goal of the esthetics program is to prepare graduates for licensing exams and successful careers, whether in a spa, salon or as a freelance esthetician. Federico Beauty Institute distinguishes itself through modern facilities and a curriculum in line with industry standards, ensuring students receive a well-rounded education encompassing both the artistic and scientific aspects of skin care.

How to Become a Successful Esthetician?

To become a successful cosmetologist you must have a passion for aesthetics. Here are 4 tips that will help you become a successful esthetician:

1. Know Yourself and the Skincare Industry

You must first educate yourself on the skincare industry. You must realize which aspects of the industry are in demand, what your passions are, and where your talents lay as you progress through your aesthetic training courses. You’ll initially study a range of methods, strategies, and services, but you should figure out what excites you and inspires you to keep learning new things.

2. Expand Your Knowledge

Learn all about the many techniques, such as microdermabrasion, laser, and therapeutic facial treatments, in addition to cosmetic massage and makeup application. Commit to continually expanding your knowledge and training after receiving your esthetician degree and have an understanding of the areas you want to focus your studies and training on.

3. Improve Your Communication 

Along with being reliable in terms of scheduling appointments promptly and providing high-quality service at each one, you should behave like an expert who truly cares about the well-being of his/her clients. Satisfied clients are happy to share their positive experiences and reviews, enthusiastically recommending the exceptional aesthetic specialist who consistently meets their needs. Hence, regular, positive, and proactive communication is the key to turning a job into a prosperous career.

4. Marketing and Sales

As a professional in esthetics, understand that you are your brand, no matter who or what you choose to work for. Learn about the industry, your competitors, and the experts who are successful in it. You may want to associate your brand with these individuals, or at least, align your company’s positioning and processes with theirs. Improve your social media abilities, take what you know and add enough excitement to make it a story, or let your customers’ success speak for you.


1. How much does an esthetician school cost in California? 

Esthetician school tuition in California is $6,600.00. This cost includes the extensive training and education provided, ensuring students gain essential skills in skincare and beauty. 

2. Do estheticians make good money in California?

As of 2023, a licensed esthetician will earn an average of $25.85 per hour in California. Most licensed esthetician salaries in California range between $18.03 and $37.02, although ZipRecruiter shows earnings as high as $54.33 and as low as $5.93.

3. How long has an esthetician school been in California?

In California, becoming a licensed esthetician requires 600 hours of training. A specified number of training hours must be completed in each state to be eligible to take the state examination and obtain licensure as a cosmetologist, electrologist, esthetician, barber, or manicurist.

4. How do I become a licensed esthetician in California?

In California, individuals seeking licensure as an esthetician must complete the requirements of a licensed esthetician program, including 600 hours of extensive training. Passing both written and practical examinations is mandatory for the successful attainment of an esthetician license. This rigorous process ensures that licensed professionals have the expertise necessary to provide quality skin care services while adhering to state standards in the constantly evolving field of esthetics.


California hosts a diverse selection of premier esthetician schools, distinguished for their excellent training programs and industry accolades. These best esthetician schools in California prioritize both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for success in the competitive aesthetics field.

Offering state-of-the-art facilities, these schools provide comprehensive education, equipping students to excel in skincare and beauty services.  

With this curated list of top-notch Best Esthetician Schools in California aspiring estheticians can confidently begin their educational journey, knowing they are investing in a path that prepares them for a career in the dynamic beauty industry.

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