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What to expect from Prop. 208

AZEdNews Infographic What To Expect From Prop 208by Muska Olumi / AZEdNews

Parents know how important good teachers are to students’ learning thanks to the distance learning caused by COVID-19, so where does Arizona stand on efforts to increase teachers’ pay?

Here’s an update on the lawsuits against Prop. 208 and how Prop. 301 and Gov. Ducey’s 20 percent by 2020 plan have made a significant difference.

Two lawsuits were filed earlier this week to block Prop. 208, the Invest in Education Act, from going into effect in January 2021, but no court hearing dates have been set yet.

Arizona voters approved Prop. 208 in the Nov. 3 general election by 51.7 percent, and it adds a 3.5 percent income tax surcharge on taxable annual individual income above $250,000 and $500,000 per couple.

What to expect from Prop. 208 AZEdNews-Prop-208-distribution-by-Muska-Olumi-731x1024
AZEdNews Prop 208 distribution infographic by Muska Olumi/ AZEdNews