Western Maricopa Education Center appoints new governing board members
Sections    Wednesday July 17th, 2019
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Western Maricopa Education Center appoints new governing board members

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Western Maricopa Education Center Appoints New Governing Board Members

On January 11th, the Western Maricopa Education Center (West-MEC) Governing Board appointed Barbara Wyllie as chairperson and James Kaltenbach as vice chairperson.

New board members Dr. Peter Pingerelli and Richard Oros also took part in their first official Governing Board meeting.

Chairperson Wyllie has contributed to the expansion of the district during her time serving on the board.

“I knew a little bit about what CTE (Career and Technical Education) was and by serving on the Board, I have learned so much more about it even with my short time here. I hope to be able to help this type of education grow,” Wyllie said

West-MEC also elected vice chairperson James Kaltenbach who has served on the Governing Board for 11 years and has been involved with CTE practices since 2002 as an Agriscience teacher and FFA Advisor at Peoria High School.

“I am proud of what West-MEC has accomplished so far. I am even more excited about what the future holds for the over 40,000 high school students across the 3,600+ square miles that is West-MEC,” Kaltenbach said.

New board members Dr. Peter Pingerelli and Richard Oros have been assigned District 3 and District 5 respectively for the course of their terms. Both members have a lengthy background working in education.

“I’m passionate when it comes to education and improving our community and honored to contribute my skills and experiences to Maricopa County families through service as a West-MEC Governing Board Member,” said Dr. Pingerelli, who worked in education for over 25 years, specifically in the biotechnology industry.

Richard Oros has spent 17 years in education, 26 years in armed forces and over three decades working in construction and facilities.

“I feel my background in construction and facilities gives me a greater appreciation for West-MEC. I wanted to serve to ensure and implement West-MEC’s vision,” Oros said. 

For more information about West-MEC and the new Governing Board members and officers, visit our website.

About West-MEC 

West-MEC is a joint technical education public school district that focuses solely on innovative career and technical education (CTE) programs that prepare students to enter the workforce and pursue continuing education.

West-MEC CTE programs provide students opportunities to earn college credit and industry credentials.

West-MEC serves more than 29,000 students from 46 high schools, across 3,600 square miles in the northern and western cities of the Phoenix Metropolitan area.

West-MEC now also offers adult education programs.

Visit our website for more information about West-MEC’s career-driven education opportunities, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.