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Student voices panel at The Equity Event on March 11, 2016

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  • Claire Roney/AZEdNews

Members Of The Student Voices Panel Discussed Why Equity Matters At The Equity Event. They Are From Left To Right Jacob Chevalier, Krysten Muir, Kiki Perry And Dairany Blanco-Flores. Photo Courtesy Mike Barcia/ASBA

At a glance, Jacob Chevalier, Krysten Muir, Kiki Perry and Dairany Blanco-Flores appear to have little in common but their age, but they share something deeply personal. With the help of their public schools, these teens each overcame adversities that once seemed to be barriers to their personal dreams of success and achievement.

Video by Claire Roney/AZEdNews: Student Voices Panel at The Equity Event March 11, 2016 in Phoenix