10 Best Scholarships for Boarding Schools in USA

Scholarships for Boarding Schools in USA

If you are looking for information on the Best Scholarships for boarding schools in USA, then you are in the right place. Are you planning to send your children to a boarding school for an all-round education? So, take advantage of scholarships to make boarding school education expenses cost-effective. Scholarships for boarding schools in USA are great resources for reducing expensive tuition and associated costs.

Boarding schools provide a comprehensive and different education level that is usually impossible in a traditional learning environment like day school. The atmosphere of a boarding school offers quality academic education and helps promote the students’ intellectual development, personal growth, and cultural development.

However, the cost associated with boarding school becomes challenging for many parents. But, no worries now! Schools, the government, and various organizations have taken the initiative to provide boarding school scholarships to deserving students. Discover the 10 best scholarships for boarding schools in USA for better schooling of your children in a boarding school learning environment.

Key Takeaways

  • Boarding schools offer a different and challenging education than regular schools.
  • Boarding schools can be expensive, but there are scholarships to help cover the cost.
  • There are many scholarships available, some for academic achievement, some for financial need, and some for other reasons.
  • To apply for a scholarship, you will need to fill out an application, provide your transcripts, and maybe write an essay.
  • Scholarships can help you attend a prestigious boarding school that you might not otherwise be able to afford.
  • Scholarships help create a more diverse student body in boarding schools.

What are boarding school scholarships?

Boarding School Scholarships are financial aid that is provided to students wishing to enrol in boarding schools. These awards cover tuition, room, and board expenses. These scholarships allow students to access prestigious boarding institutions by reducing financial stress. Designed to promote academic excellence, leadership skills, and active participation in extracurricular activities, these scholarships can be obtained from schools, the government, or private institutions.

Scholarships for boarding schools in USA come in a variety of forms. The most common is merit-based, awarded based on a student’s academic or athletic achievements. Some scholarships are based on financial need, while others may be granted for specific reasons, such as being an underrepresented minority.

Scholarships allow students from diverse backgrounds to receive a high-quality education in a residential setting, fostering personal development and a sense of community. Discover more about scholarships designed for high school seniors!

Requirements for Boarding School Scholarships

Boarding school scholarships generally require some common prerequisites. Students must secure admission to a boarding school. Additionally, these scholarships often mandate excellent academic performance or active participation in extracurricular activities. Some scholarships may also require a demonstration of financial need.

Scholarships for boarding schools may be awarded based on various factors but often include financial need, extracurricular activity, leadership potential, and academic achievement. Transcripts, letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and possible proof of your family’s financial situation are usually required. Remember that there can be a lot of competition for boarding school scholarships, so it is essential to highlight your achievements and abilities in your application.

List of the Top 10 Scholarships for Boarding Schools in USA

1. Halsey Fund Scholar

In 2011, the Halsey Fund Scholar was established. High school students who demonstrate remarkable academic talent, financial need, and a strong enthusiasm for studying are awarded this scholarship for boarding schools in USA each year. Learners will also learn language skills and gain an understanding of cultural diversity. All tuition is covered for recipients of these scholarships.

The Halsey Fund provides annual financial aid and covers round-trip airfare for a SYA school student. You must apply online for this scholarship for boarding schools in USA. If you attend a member school, meet with your coordinator. In that case, you have to write an essay of 500 words responding to a specific topic.

2. The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

For exceptional achievers who need financial assistance, the Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship provides a life-changing opportunity to attend prestigious boarding institutions nationwide. Students who otherwise do not have the financial means to participate in such schools are targeted in the program to develop their academic talents and leadership abilities.

Recipients enjoy a full range of benefits, such as housing and board and financial assistance for tuition, as well as advice and counselling. This scholarship for boarding schools in USA enables scholars to grow intellectually and achieve their goals by fostering an enriching environment. This program expresses the Foundation’s dedication to removing barriers to education and developing the next wave of leaders.



Since 1982, the IMAGINE AMERICA FOUNDATION has been in existence. IAF provides faculty training, field research, financial aid information, scholarships, and awards. In fact, it informs the public about the benefits of career colleges. The Imagine America High School Scholarship Program can assist high school students looking for financial assistance for their career college education and who wish to attend one of the best career school campuses in the country.

Every US and Puerto Rico high school student can win a $1,000 award through this scholarship for boarding schools in USA.

4. Green Heart Travel

Green Heart Travel
Green Heart Travel

Green Heart Travel offers scholarships and grants for first-time travelers departing from the US, allowing them to continue their high school education in a new country. This unique opportunity is for international students wishing to attend a boarding school in the US, providing them with a tuition-free education.

Student Travel Grants are specifically designed to assist individual students in pursuing educational travel programs of their choice. Green Heart Travel enables students facing economic challenges to engage in educational travel experiences that explore their interests. This scholarship for boarding schools in USA covers the students’ tuition and related costs.

5. Independent Scholarship Fund (ISF)

Independent Scholarship Fund
Independent Scholarship Fund

The Independent Scholarship Fund in the Bay Area provides financial aid for K–12 students, providing up to $1,500 toward tuition based on both need and merit. This aid is designed explicitly for East Bay students, facilitating access to private boarding schools. The scholarship for boarding schools in USA aims to bridge the financial gap, enabling students to receive quality education in a boarding school environment.

With a focus on both need and merit, ISF strives to create opportunities for students at various grade levels, foster educational aspirations, and open doors to diverse educational experiences in the vibrant Bay Area of the United States. 

6. Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund

The Daniel Murphy Scholarship Fund stands as a premier high school boarding scholarship in Chicago, providing vital assistance to economically disadvantaged students. This scholarship offers financial aid and ensures academic support, promoting success in high school and college.

Eligibility for this scholarship for boarding schools in USA is limited to residents of Chicago, excluding neighboring communities. Committing to empowering students from challenging backgrounds, the fund opens doors to unique opportunities in the vibrant city of Chicago, shaping the future and closing educational gaps.


The Tri-County Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance for a safe, quality, and value-based education to K-12 students in New Jersey. Specifically, high school students entering grades 9 to 12 can benefit from a partial scholarship amounting to $4,000, which will contribute to but not completely cover tuition expenses.

Eligibility criteria for this scholarship for boarding schools in USA include residence in Passaic, Morris, or Sussex counties of New Jersey or attending a school in these areas. Additionally, applicants must ensure that their chosen high school is accredited as a tri-county partner school. These scholarships require an annual re-application process to maintain eligibility.

8. Washington Scholarship Fund


The Washington Scholarship Fund supports high school seniors in Washington, providing scholarships for those attending boarding and day high schools in the state, facilitating their pursuit of a college education. In addition, the fund extends its reach to residents of Washington Depot, Marbledale, and New Preston, Connecticut. The scholarship is open to eligible high school students who have established residence for at least two years.

This scholarship for boarding schools in USA aims to empower and assist high school seniors across the Washington and Connecticut communities in funding their higher education aspirations.

9. Bisons Children’s Scholarship Fund

Bisons Children's Scholarship Fund
Bisons Children’s Scholarship Fund

This scholarship for boarding schools supports students in Western New York, allowing K–12 students to attend private schools. Kindergarten students typically receive an average award of $1,445 per child. The Bisons Children’s Scholarship Fund is the most significant scholarship in the country, providing support during all nine years of high school. High school scholarships are exclusively for current Bison 8th grade students, selected through a lottery drawing.

10. The Shepherd Foundation

The Shepherd Foundation
The Shepherd Foundation

This scholarship covers the cost of boarding school tuition and is based on faith. The Shepherd Foundation scholarship is available to families and students in Washington who wish to send their needy children to a Catholic school for elementary and high school education but cannot afford it. Catholic schools are often private boarding schools. There are many primary and high schools among its members. Montgomery, Washington, and Prince George counties are home to these schools.

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How do I apply for boarding school scholarships?

Getting a boarding school scholarship is more accessible than you might think. Begin completing the online application after thoroughly reviewing the specific criteria and requirements. Make sure you meet any qualifications. Once your application is complete, organize the required documents, such as your resume, letters of recommendation, and academic transcripts.

Some scholarships for boarding schools in USA may require an essay showcasing your talents. To ensure your application is considered, keep all documents up-to-date and adhere to deadlines. After submission, demonstrate initiative by contacting the organization to inquire about the status.

To apply for scholarships for boarding schools in USA, you will usually require the following: 

  • Complete the application. 
  • Add your academic transcripts. Your grades will be displayed here. 
  • Provide proof of the need for funds, if necessary. 
  • Provide additional credentials, then submit them. 


1. What types of boarding schools do the boarding school scholarships cover?

Scholarships for boarding schools in USA can apply to various boarding schools, including those emphasizing academics, the arts, sports, or particular subjects. You need to verify scholarship details to identify specific schools eligible for coverage.

2. Do the boarding school scholarships cover all expenses, including tuition and boarding costs?

Coverage varies between scholarships for boarding schools in USA. While some may include tuition alone, others may include boarding and additional expenses. Understanding the financial scope of each scholarship before submitting an application is essential.

3. Are there free boarding schools in the US?

Only a few free boarding schools exist in the US. They were founded years ago by community-minded visionaries who believed in providing children from working-class and low-income families with the same educational opportunities as their wealthier counterparts.

4. Are boarding schools expensive in the USA? 

On average, the tuition fees for a 5-day boarding school in the US are $33,140 annually, while a 7-day boarding school costs around $37,590 per year. It is important to note that costs can vary significantly between schools, so thorough research on the expenses of each potential institution is advised.

5. What is the maximum age for boarding school?

There is a prevalent view among teachers in favor of sending students between the ages of 8 and 13 to boarding school. Often referred to as a transitional stage in a child’s life, these middle years mark the transition from childhood to adolescence.

6. Is boarding school a good idea? 

Boarding school can provide valuable experiences, including a structured environment, diverse extracurricular activities, and focused academic support. Determining its appropriateness involves considering personal preferences, family dynamics, and the culture of the specific school. However, boarding school is a good idea. 


Scholarships for boarding schools in USA enable students to attend boarding schools. These boarding schools often have high tuition, so financial aid is essential for students to access a high-quality education. Scholarships help families financially and promote diversity by allowing children from different backgrounds to enroll.

Furthermore, boarding school scholarships provide access to renowned boarding institutions for talented students who might not otherwise be able to. Additionally, scholarships help create a vibrant and welcoming learning environment by bringing diverse perspectives and experiences to the student body.

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