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8 Best Refinance Parent PLUS Loans Lenders of 2024

Refinance Parent PLUS Loans

Are you looking for Refinance Parent PLUS Loans then you are on the right article. If you’re looking for lower interest rates, simplified payments through consolidation, improved terms, or better options due to improved credit, refinance Parent PLUS loans can benefit you.

Every parent wants their children to be more successful and qualified than them. And to do so there is a need for higher education to any prominent degree. However, education can be expensive and might keep you in debt. 

The Parent PLUS Loans provide the best alternative to the parents that allow them to assist in the funding of their child’s higher education. The best part of these loans is that they have slightly higher interest rates in contrast to other federal student loans but also offer some other benefits. The higher interest rates may lead to a more expensive repayment process.

There are various private lenders in the market that present the option to refinance Parent PLUS Loans. More lenders give the potential to parents for getting a lower interest rate and more flexible loan repayment schedule. 

Moreover, the best part of these loans is that the parents can transfer the loan into the child’s name as part of the refinancing procedure. The same will be followed once the child starts making money or gets employed. 

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Top 8 Refinance Parent PLUS loans 

There are hundreds of loan refinancers in the market. We have researched and mentioned the best out of them all. Here are they: 

1. SoFi 


When parents take a loan from the lender they have the flexibility to choose whether they handle the refinancing process or their child will take over the repayments being able to pay. This allows the option to apply for the loan in your name or for your child to apply and take on the debt. 

There are no mandatory fees involved while taking the loan from the lender and the borrowers are not required to pay application fees too. Other charges including origination fees or late fees will be charged as per the agreement deed between the borrowers and the lender. 

Some membership benefits come along with discounts and other benefits. For example, Individuals who are holding other financial products like a personal loan, checking account, or other accounts with SoFi are qualified to get the 0.125% discount on their refinance loan. For more detailed check out the review of SoFi Student Loan Refinancing article.



RISLA is one of the most popular loan refinance in the USA that allows parents to get a parent plus loan to fund the education of their child. The lending company offers a 0.25% autopay discount to the borrowers which is applicable if you have selected the autopay option while taking the funds. 

The best part of the lending company is that there is an Income-based repayment plan available for the parents. 

The plan allows the parents to make the repayments as per their earnings. The borrowers can pause the repayments for up to 36 months in case they have returned to the graduate school again. 


The search for the parents who are looking for a parent plus refinance loan might get over with PENFED. The lending company allows the parents to refinance Parent PLUS loans into the child’s name. This will shift the repayment schedule to the child once start making money or gets employment. 

The best part is the lending that allows the borrowers to consolidate loans with their spouse as well. 

The parents can release themselves from the loan repayment once the borrowers successfully pay the repayments for 12 months. The flexibility of loans and other factors make the lending company included in our list. 

4. Education loan refinance 

The Education Loan Reliance is a private lending company that offers effective customer assistance and allows borrowers to receive support from an experienced and designated student loan advisor. The advisor will provide the best possible solution for all the issues and queries. 

There are no initial charges applicable to the borrowers. When you take the refinance loan the loan is not subjected to any application fees or origination fees. 

The best part of the company is its flexible refinancing options. Borrowers have the choice of whether they initiate the loan application or their child. This allows the parents the flexibility to apply for the refinance in their or their child’s name. 

5. MEFA 


There is no maximum loan limit when you have refinanced parents plus a loan from MEFA. The private leading company offers the minimum loan refinancing limit but when it comes to the maximum, the borrowers can take the loan equivalent to their educational expenses. However, there is a need to provide some necessary documents depicting the overall annual expenses during higher education. 

The best part of the lending company is that there is no need for a degree while applying for loan refinancing. The company offers competitive rates and flexible repayment options to parents on parent-plus loans. 

6. ISL Education Lending

ISL education lending 
ISL education lending 

ISL education lending offers an autopsy discount of around 0.25% to parents who have taken the parent plus loan and use the autopsy repayment schedule. 

The borrowers can refinance while their children are still in school. When they start making money they can take the repayment schedule from their parents. There are also graduate repayment plans for graduate applicants. 

7. INvestEd

When you have taken a loan from INvestEd, you will get the 0.25% autopay discount after proceeding with the payment in autopay mode. The students also get the repayment pause option of around 24 months. The forbearance is available throughout the whole lifespan of the loan. The best part of the company is that there is no need for a Degree to get the loan. 

8. Earnest 


Earnest offers the best and most flexible repayment options to parents plus loans. Refinancing is available with a minimum limit of $5,000 and with no maximum limit. The borrower can get the amount equivalent to the educational expenses. 

Flexible repayment schedule options are available. The private lender offers repayment terms from a minimum of 5 years to a maximum of 20 years. The company allows you to choose a plan according to your convenience or that suits your budget. 

The Options for forbearance are also there for the Individuals. However, they need to display the financial difficulties they are facing. Also, the borrowers have the flexibility to skip a payment once a year. The borrowers can get more forbearance options if they have a good profile and credit score. 

How to Refinance Parent PLUS Loans? 

To refinance Parent PLUS Loans there is a need to follow some simple steps. Below are some of these steps, let’s have a look: 

1. Compare Lenders: 

First of all, make sure to Research and compare various refinancing offers from different lenders. You can view your needs and eligibility and get an estimate of interest rates. Following the same will not affect your credit score. You can consider various factors including eligibility requirements, forbearance options, interest rate discounts, repayment terms, and many more. 

2. Estimate Savings: 

Another step is to calculate the cost and financial aspects of your current repayment plan along with the interest rate. Now Compare it with the new interest rates that are offered by different private lenders. In case you observe good saving and financial management. Go with the refinance option. 

3. Gather Documentation: 

One of the most important steps is to prepare all the required documents for the application. These include a driver’s license or passport, proof of U.S. citizenship, your Social Security number, proof of employment and income, and 30-day payoff statements from current lenders or loan servicers. Get some copies of all these documents before going for application. 

4. Submit an Application: 

Choose the most suitable lender that offers a decent interest rate. Choose different options and submit your application. The application submission process can be done online. However, some of the lenders may require in-person visits to confirm the loan application. Make sure to meet the credit score requirements to get the required loan. At last review the loan agreement for fees and other requirements.

5. Payoff Statements: 

Make sure to obtain the payoff statements from your current lender. The same must have the amount the new private lender needs to pay to refinance your debt. It is easy to get the same. You can get it from your servicer’s online portal by contacting customer service or by racing an injury. 

6. Application Approval: 

The last step is the application approval. If your application is accepted by the lender the new lender will provide a loan agreement that contains all the terms and conditions in a detailed manner. Now pay your existing loans until you receive confirmation to start the repayment schedule with the new refinance lender.

There are some things to keep in mind including a thorough understanding of the new terms and conditions associated with the parent plus refinance lender. The fees and repayment schedule before accepting the process of loan refinancing to avoid any kind of issues in the future and your financial management. 

The borrowers can Improve their credit score to get lower interest rates. To get the lower interest rates a good to excellent credit score is required. If the credit of the borrower is less than the average score then keep in mind to invest the time in boosting it for the future to access better interest rates. You can adopt different Strategies including timely payments on all bills, reducing credit card balances, minimizing new loans, and many more.


1. Can Parent PLUS Loans be refinanced?

Yes, the borrowers have the option to refinance Parent PLUS Loans through a private lender if they have taken the educational loan from federal funds. On the other hand, the Federal Direct Consolidation Loans can consolidate Parent PLUS Loans. One of the best methods for reducing the interest rate or transferring the loan to the student is refinancing it from a private lender. You may get better interest rates and a flexible repayment schedule. 

2. Is it possible to refinance a parent PLUS loan in the student’s name? 

Yes, it is possible to refinance Parent PLUS loans in the student’s name with the help of a private lender. The private lenders offer the option to the students where they can obtain a new loan to settle the existing parent PLUS loan. This will result in a refinanced loan under the student’s name. The repayment payments will be transferred to the private lender. However, you may lose all the perks and benefits you are enjoying with federal loans. 

3. What happens to parent PLUS loans in the event of the parent’s death?

In the unfortunate event of the parent or the student passing away due to any accident or other factor. The parent’s PLUS loan will be discharged and the repayment will be permanently paused. However, there is a need to provide adequate proof and documents displaying the death and the reason for death. Also, the terms and conditions related to the permanent pause of the repayment and disclosure of refinance loans vary on different private lenders. Some might not offer the same while others will. 

4. Are parent PLUS loans forgiven at age 65?

No, the federal government does not grant forgiveness for student loans when they reach the age of 50, 65, or older. Also after retirement and the initiation of Social Security benefits, there is no forgiveness scheme. Some types of loans continue to be obligations even after retirement, these include The Parent PLUS Loans, FFEL Loans, and Direct Loans. Retirement has no impact on the repayment of the loan from a private lender or federal government. You need to pay a single penny along with the interest rate. 


Refinance Parent PLUS Loans empowers parents to transfer their child’s educational debt from a private lender. By refinancing, the borrower, usually the child, assumes full responsibility for repayment, freeing parents once co-signer release requirements are met. 

It’s prudent to compare top loan refinance companies, given the competitive landscape offering discounts and flexible repayment options. This comparison ensures informed decisions aligning with individual financial needs.

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