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Peoria Unified to explore four-day school week

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  • Danielle Airey/ Peoria Unified School District


The Peoria Unified School District will today begin a 30-day study to review the feasibility of a four-day school week. The study is in response to the $3-5 million in reductions the district would be forced to make if Governor Ducey’s budget is adopted.

A four-day school week is one of many creative solutions the district may explore to lessen the negative impact this budget would have on the health, safety and academic excellence of our students.

Peoria Unified to explore four-day school week PeoriaUnified4DayWeekHP“Over the last five years, the district has reduced its budget by more than $24 million, including reductions to non-classroom expenses. There are few positions and services left to cut that would not adversely affect students,” said Superintendent, Denton Santarelli, Ed.D. “A four-day school week is one option we are reviewing as we continue to look at cost-saving measures which will also allow us to maintain high levels of service to our students and families.”

The study will include extensive research, a financial analysis, as well as feedback from parents, employees and community members.

The district has provided resources on its website which detail non-classroom expenses, allow patrons to view the status of proposed legislation, and provide access to contact the district’s legislators.

In addition, patrons are encouraged to use social media and the hashtag #myschool to share how the many non-classroom services in the district have positively impacted students.

Mesa Public Schools and other school districts have also provided information for community members and links to contact their elected officials about how Gov. Ducey’s proposed budget would affect their students.

The Peoria Unified School District, located in the West Valley, serves more than 37,000 students in 34 elementary schools, seven high schools and one non-traditional high school. With ongoing open enrollment and alternative educational opportunities, the district boasts a 95 percent high school graduation rate.

Peoria Unified prides itself on excelling schools, award-winning teachers, high AIMS test scores, specialized signature programs and championship sports programs. For more information, visit