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10 Online Colleges that Offer Free Laptops And Financial Aid

Online Colleges that Offer Free Laptops And Financial Aid

If you’re seeking online colleges that offer free laptops and financial aid, you’ve come to the right place. Getting Access to a reliable computer or laptop is essential for online students. It will allow them to fulfill coursework requirements from any location with Wi-Fi connectivity. 

To tackle the financial challenges associated with acquiring a laptop, certain educational institutions have introduced various support initiatives and other financial aid programs. 

Numerous schools offer laptop programs, enabling students to borrow laptops for short durations, such as weekends or more extended periods. Additionally, specific institutions extend discounted laptop options for college students, incorporating these costs into tuition and fees. This arrangement facilitates the utilization of financial aid funds for the acquisition of a laptop.

In response to financial limitations faced by some students, certain schools take an extra step by providing free laptops for college students. Researching online colleges that offer free laptops and financial aid in 2024 becomes a valuable strategy for learners seeking to economize on technology expenses.

With the growing importance of technology in education, the National Association of College Stores reported that spending on technology exceeded that of other course materials in 2023-24.  Many educational institutions understand the challenges students face when lacking access to campus computers and cannot afford a personal laptop.

Consequently, some schools have initiated free laptop programs or implemented laptop loaner programs to alleviate this burden. You can also check our detailed article on Online Schools That Give Refund Checks And Laptops.

By addressing the technological needs of students, institutions aim to reduce stress and enhance academic performance. The support provided benefits individual learners and contributes to the institution’s overall educational effectiveness and reputation. Online colleges offering laptops in 2023 demonstrate a proactive approach to preparing enrollees for success in their academic programs.

Top Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops And Financial Aid

For students who belong to the family with lower financial backgrounds, there are some institutions and colleges that offer free laptop schemes and other financial aids. If you are looking for such educational institutions then you are at the right place. We have researched and shortlisted the online colleges that offer free laptops and financial aid. These are listed below, let’s have a look:

1. Dakota State University (DSU)

Dakota State University
Dakota State University

Since 2004, DSU has continuously furnished new laptops to full-time, first-year students. These Fujitsu T Series laptops are configured to suit DSU academic programs and come equipped with licensed software, providing access to secure campus networks. 

Additionally, students receive replacement batteries and warranty protection. DSU offers on-campus helpdesk services and laptop repair facilities. Upon reaching 59 credits, students have the option to buy their laptops at market value or opt out of the program. Those using their computers need comparable devices.

2. Chatham University

Chatham University
Chatham University

Chatham University is situated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and stands as a private institution. Initially established as a women’s college, it expanded its enrollment to include male undergraduates in 2015. Currently, the university has approximately 2,110 students, with 1,002 pursuing undergraduate studies and 1,108 engaged in graduate programs. 

For academic purposes, the students can get the laptops that they need to return once they complete their program. However, the laptops are only limited to academic uses. 

Also, the FAFSA-qualified students get financial support as per their needs and requirements. However, they need to meet some eligibility criteria and other requirements to get scholarships and financial aid. 

3. Northwest Missouri State University

The educational institution is located in Maryville, Missouri. Northwest Missouri State University is a public educational institution with an enrollment of around 8,505 students. Dating back to its foundation in 1905 as a teacher’s college, the campus design is inspired by Forest Park’s layout during the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, and it proudly holds the designation of the official Missouri State Arboretum.

4. Full Sail University

Full Sail University
Full Sail University

Full Sail University provides students with an Apple MacBook Pro through Apple’s Project LaunchBox. Students pursuing degrees in software development, game development, or simulation and visualization receive HP laptops. The specific software and hardware provided vary by program. The students who are having financial challenges and low income are being prioritized for the scholarships.

5. Oklahoma Christian University

Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)
Oklahoma Christian University (OCU)

Oklahoma Christian University is situated in Oklahoma City. It is a private religious institution. Despite its small size, with approximately 1,700 undergraduate students, the university has gained recognition. According to U.S. News & World Report, it holds the 56th position among regional universities in the West.

OCU mandates that its students possess a laptop, with Chromebooks being deemed unacceptable. To facilitate students in acquiring the necessary technology, OCU offers a transfer of ownership program. Through this initiative, students become owners of the school-issued MacBook, considered by many as the best laptop for online college. Essentially, this program provides students with a free laptop for college, contingent upon meeting OCU’s specified requirements.

6. Moravian University

Moravian University
Moravian University

Moravian University supplies incoming students with MacBook Pro laptops and iPads. IT staff assist in setting up these devices, which come pre-installed with an app allowing users to download software and access campus resources. The software choices encompass Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, and essential Apple software.

AppleCare+ warranties cover hardware and software, excluding accidental damage. Moravian’s IT help desk offers technical troubleshooting. It is one of the online colleges that offer free laptops and financial aid. 

7. University of Minnesota Crookston (UMC)

Since 1993, UMC has supplied laptops to both on-campus students and faculty members. The university issues 14-inch HP Elitebooks that can function in laptop or tablet mode through the Campus Notebook Program. 

New and returning students receive these laptops at the beginning of each semester. Students must return university-owned laptops if they withdraw, and failure to do so incurs fees for six weeks, followed by a bill for the market value plus late fees.

8. Southern Nazarene University Overview

The Southern Nazarene University is a private college situated in Bethany, Oklahoma, near Oklahoma City, and holds the 79th position among regional universities in the West. Additionally, it is positioned at 103rd for social mobility, underlining its dedication to promoting upward mobility among its student body.

While SNU does not provide complimentary laptops, the institution has forged a partnership with Dell to extend discounted rates on laptops featuring the latest technology, including up-to-date operating systems. These cost savings can be directed towards fulfilling other essential needs, such as acquiring computer accessories or purchasing textbooks.

Southern Nazarene University offers a broad spectrum of academic opportunities across diverse disciplines. Students have the flexibility to choose majors in areas like Business Administration, Cybersecurity, Organizational Leadership, Teaching, and Counseling Psychology. Additionally, SNU extends its academic offerings to include a doctoral program in Education Administration and Leadership, providing students with advanced educational pathways.

9. Seton Hill University

Seton Hill University, a private Catholic institution initially founded as a women’s college, is situated in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. It transitioned into a coeducational university in 2002.

Currently, the university has an enrollment of approximately 2,200 students. The best part of the university is that it has a laptop scheme where the enrolled students can get free laptops for academic use only. There are a few needs and requirements that need to be satisfied by the students to grab the laptops. 

10. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University
Wake Forest University

The students who are enrolled at Wake Forest University have the option to purchase discounted laptops through the WakeWare program. Financial aid recipients qualify for a technology grant covering standard WakeWare laptop costs. 

These laptops include free academic software such as Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud, along with extended four-year warranties and insurance covering accidental damage protection. Students using personal computers must ensure their devices meet minimum configuration requirements.

Advantages of Programs Offering Free Laptops in Higher Education

The trend of providing free or discounted laptops has gained popularity among colleges and universities. On one hand, these initiatives serve as a compelling incentive for attracting students by offering substantial savings on essential school technology. On the other hand, it proves advantageous for educational institutions to have students equipped with the necessary tools for academic success.

While it’s not guaranteed that every institution providing free laptops experiences higher retention and graduation rates, such programs contribute to improving access to technology and higher education. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of success for certain groups of students, including first-year and transfer students.

Free laptop programs also offer colleges and universities an avenue to repurpose their used technologies instead of retiring them. Some institutions refurbish laptops previously issued to faculty and staff, making them available for sale to students at significantly discounted rates. This not only allows the school to recover part of the initial expenditure but also provides students with affordable access to quality laptops, creating a mutually beneficial situation.

Additional advantages of free laptop programs encompass:

  • Free Microsoft Office Software: Students benefit from having access to essential software without incurring additional costs.
  • Free Repair Services: Students often enjoy complimentary repair services, ensuring their laptops remain in working condition.
  • Free or Discounted Professional Creative Software:  Some programs provide students with access to specialized software crucial for their academic endeavors.
  • Access to Reliable Technology: Students can count on having reliable and up-to-date technology for their studies.
  • Tech Support for Common Issues: Assistance is available for common technical challenges, such as internet connectivity and operating system issues.

Moreover, institutions offering free laptops contribute to bridging the digital divide, granting economically disadvantaged students access to modern technologies they might otherwise struggle to afford. Enhanced access to technology not only promotes digital literacy but also facilitates research and timely submission of class assignments using online resources.


1. When are laptops provided for school?

Many schools offer laptops to students either as part of their enrollment package or include them in the overall tuition costs. Specific eligibility requirements, such as full-time enrollment or living on campus, may be applicable. It is recommended to contact your school to verify these details.

2. Can students keep the laptop after graduation?

Yes, in certain situations. While some schools permit students to retain their laptops after graduation, others may request the return of the devices. It is essential to inquire about the specific rules and policies at your school regarding laptop ownership post-graduation.

3. What occurs in the event of laptop damage or theft?

In the event of laptop damage, students might be responsible for covering repair fees. For stolen laptops, some schools may provide replacements if a police report is filed, and the school is promptly notified of the incident. It is crucial to understand the procedures outlined by your school in such circumstances.

4. What if the laptop encounters issues?

In instances where a student’s laptop faces functionality issues, certain colleges offer a temporary solution through a loaner laptop program. This allows students to use a replacement until their device is repaired.

Alternatively, other colleges may advise students to reach out to the manufacturer’s tech support or request on-site technical assistance.

5. Is there a requirement to return the laptop upon graduation or withdrawal?

The answer varies based on the specific policies of the college and its laptop program. For many online colleges providing laptops for free, there might be a stipulation that requires students to return the device if they choose to drop out.

However, some colleges might offer the option for students to purchase the laptop at a discounted price. To clarify the terms and conditions, students should always consult with their respective colleges.


The educational institutions extend the provision of free laptops to students who fulfill specific program requirements, which may include criteria related to residency, enrollment status, or academic performance. However, certain institutions might assess financial aid information to establish eligibility. The above-mentioned article has some of the best online colleges that offer free laptops and financial aid. 

For example, Indiana State University’s free laptop program is exclusively accessible to students qualifying for the Pell Grant. Contrastingly, some colleges may distribute free laptops based on government assistance or other forms of financial aid beyond the Pell Grant, such as scholarships, grants, or loans.

Regarding scholarships, some institutions offer financial aid packages explicitly designated for covering the costs of laptops or other essential technologies required for a student’s degree program. This could encompass various scholarships, including merit-based or athletic scholarships. Initiatives like the Dell Scholars Program allocate scholarship funds to help students overcome academic challenges, including addressing a lack of necessary technology.

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