Kingston University Progression Scholarships

Kingston University Progression Scholarships

Kingston University Progression Scholarships is ranked among the top 5 universities in London for nearly 21 subject areas. The University ranked first in the nation for fashion and textiles, second for mental health nursing, and first for interior design. It was also the highest-ranked university in London for both of these fields.

In the capital, Kingston ranked highest for graphic design, midwifery, and pediatric nursing. The University was ranked third in London for film production and photography and second in London for forensic science and architecture. 

The university also provides an ideal study location to its students since it is located in the student-friendly riverside town of Kingston near Thames which is just a train ride from the center of London. 

Studying a course at Kingston University required dedication, hard work, and sometimes, financial support. This is especially true of students pursuing a Master’s program in the university since the tuition fee tends to be higher. 

To help such students, Kingston University launched scholarships that recognize student’s talents, efforts, and financial conditions. Kingston University can open up various opportunities to its students and these scholarships can help students relieve themselves of some financial burden. 

The Kingston University Progression Scholarship is one of the most sought-after scholarships for postgraduate students who are aspiring to pursue their Master’s degree from Kingston University. In this blog, we have enlisted all the details you will need to understand if Kingston University and its scholarship is the right pick for you. 

All about Kingston University: 

Kingston University is a public research university located in South West London. It is a 120-year-old university that started by offering technical courses in chemistry, electrical wiring, clay modeling, nursing, etc. However, since then, the university has grown into four campuses in the Kingston and Roehampton areas. Currently, the university offers courses in various disciplines such as arts, fashion, design, business, engineering, and science. 

As of today’s date, Kingston University in London ranks among the top 50 institutions in the country. Currently, there are around 18,000 students from the UK, Europe, and abroad enrolled in this university. 

The university has around six halls for resident students. This widespread residential area makes it extremely convenient for the student to pursue their education in the comfort of their residential area. 

The university is known for offering quality education in the fields of arts, design, fashion, science, engineering, and business. This is organized into four facilities which are:

  • Kingston School of Art
  • Faculty of Business and Social Sciences
  • Faculty of Health, Science, Social Care and Education
  • Faculty of Engineering, computing, and Environment 

Why should you join Kingston University:

There are various reasons which make Kingston University sought after by many students. Some of the most prominent reasons are:

1. Ideal location:

Kingston University is located just 25 minutes away from the bustling heart of London. This ensures that the students enrolled in the university are never far from the hub of opportunities, excitement, and fun. This place is also rated as one of the safest and happiest among all the other areas of London. 

2. Placement options:

Kingston University in London boasts about providing a career-focused degree at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. They also offer an optional two-year postgraduate programme which is integrated with work placement as an assessed part of the course. That way students will be issued a two-year visa to cover the lessons and work placement components. 

Kingston University has various, close-knit relationships with various organizations that help in the development of courses and real-world collaborative projects. Airbus UK, Astrium Eads, GE Aircraft, HarperCollins, Penguin and Waterstones, and Design Museum are some of the example connections. 

4. Provide student support services:

Salford most likely provides a variety of support services, such as career guidance, academic support, and assistance for overseas students. These programs support the development of a supportive and encouraging learning environment. The university’s guidance department, which serves as the hub of the student services division, offers guidance on a variety of topics, including finances, counseling, wellness, housing, and more.

Kingston University Progression Scholarships:

Postgraduate Progression Scholarship is for postgraduate students who are completing their degree in the academic year 2023-2024 and are progressing towards enrolling in a postgraduate degree in the 2024 to 2025 academic year. The selected graduate students are entitled to a scholarship with a 15% reduction to the tuition fees for the post-graduate program. 

At the time of application, students should have attained a qualifying bachelor’s degree which was awarded by Kingston University itself. They should also meet the entry criteria for post-graduate courses at Kingston University which commence in the upcoming academic year. 

Students completing their bachelor’s degree in architecture and will progress to a year out in the industry can also be eligible for a 15% discount on their MArch tuition fees. 

If a student earns a bachelor’s degree from Kingston University and completes it in 2023–2024, they will be eligible for the discount even if they completed their degree at a partner university.

This scholarship includes any alumni or loyalty discounts that Kingston University may provide, such as department, faculty, or school discounts. It cannot be coupled with any other scholarship or discount of this kind. For students who fulfil both the scholarship and the Student Loans Company Postgraduate Loan qualifying requirements, they can be combined.

The 15% advancement discount may not always be offered to students who enrol in postgraduate programs in the future.

Qualifying programmes for Kingston University Progression Scholarship:

The Kingston University Progression Scholarship is available to students who wish to enroll in either full-time or part-time postgraduate courses at the university. These courses should either be considered as a teaching or research degree which also includes MRes and MPhil or PhD.

Ph.D. students will qualify for the 15% discount during their first-year fees when they enroll for the academic year. Later on, for every subsequent year of study, a standard Alumni Discount of 10% may be given. 

For students who pay fees in installments, the 15% scholarship will be excluded from the last installment payable by the student. 

However, it must be kept in mind that students who withdraw or take a break in their academics will not be eligible for scholarships thereafter. Hence, they will be liable for the relevant percentage of the course fee determined by the date of their withdrawal or break. 

The Progression Scholarship will no longer be available to students who are returning to school after a break. For the discount to be applied, the course must be finished without any breaks in between.

Through their program, students can switch from a full-time to a part-time schedule and vice versa while still receiving their scholarship discount.

The scholarship will not be awarded to students who want to postpone beginning their postgraduate program until 2025–2026 or later, even in cases of unanticipated circumstances. They might, however, still be eligible for the regular 10% Alumni Discount if they enroll in a program later on.

If a course is cancelled for 2024–2025, the university will, if space is still available, offer a spot on a suitable substitute course. The scholarship will not be awarded in cash if there isn’t a substitute.

How to apply for the Kingston University Progression Scholarship

Students who are applying for the Kingston University Progression scholarship are required to write a personal statement and record a short video profile of themselves where they can talk about how they would be successful and active students. Students can also highlight their academic prizes, recent sporting achievements, and their involvement in working for the economic, social, and cultural development of the community. 

These scholarships are extremely competitive and the university receives various applications every year. Students who are planning to attend Kingston University and would require a student visa should proceed with the process of paying deposits to secure their Kingston University Progression scholarship in time to avail a visa application.

Eligibility for Kingston University Progression Scholarship:

For a student to be considered, they should follow one of the following:

  • The student should complete an undergraduate degree at Kingston University in 2021 to 2024 or should complete it in 2024. 
  • The student should be categorized as ‘Home’ for fees.
  • The students are expected to achieve a 2:1 classification in their undergraduate degree.

Additionally, to get selected, students should follow one of the criteria given below:

  • The student should be in the first generation of their family to ever attend the university.
  • The student should have a family household income of less than one year.
  • The student should be identified as disabled or have a specific learning difficulty.
  • The students should be recognized by social services as young adults.
  • The student should have spent time in care in the UK, and should have been placed in a foyer or estranged from their family.
  • The student should be below 25 years at the time of enrollment at Kingston University/
  • The students should receive a Sanctuary Scholarship.

There are a few restrictions as to who can apply for this scholarship, they are:

  • Students who are already enrolled in their postgraduate studies which also includes completing level 7 qualifications. 
  • The students who are classed as ‘overseas’ for fee purposes.
  • The students who have enrolled in PGCE, MBA, Midwifery, Radiography, Post-qualifying social work, masters by research, or Ph.D. study.
  • For students with an undergraduate degree with outcomes of 2:2 or below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the progression scholarship?

The progression scholarship is 10% of the student’s first-year tuition fees and was established to reward students for their hard work and efforts during their pathway courses. 

2. What can you gain from studying at Kingston University?

Many courses at Kingston University have professional accreditation from various established organizations such as the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing.  

3. What is Kingston University best for?

Kingston University has been rated among the top institutions in the United Kingdom for various disciplines such as fashion, journalism, and publishing. Hence, these courses attract various students to apply for their courses. 

4. Is a degree from Kingston University worth it?

A degree earned from Kingston University is particularly valued extensively in the market since it provides students with real and professional knowledge and hands-on learning along with dedicated career support. 

5. What is unique about Kingston University?

Students from over 140 countries and a wide range of backgrounds are welcome at Kingston University. Additionally, students will get to interact with individuals from all over the world, including those from South America, Africa, and East Asia.


Kingston University presents a lot of compelling options for potential students who are trying to seek a diverse and enriching educational experience. To increase the employability of its alumni, the institution places a high priority on industry interaction and provides internships and chances for hands-on learning. Modern facilities that foster a dynamic learning environment include state-of-the-art research institutes and labs.

Students here are also connected to a huge range of activities that are specifically aimed at helping students develop inside and outside of the classroom. 

Finally, prospective students are encouraged to look into specific programs, support services, and reviews to make an informed decision based on their unique academic and personal goals.

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