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Douglas to work with legislature, judiciary on Board of Education issue

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  • Sally Stewart/ Arizona Department of Education

Arizona Superintendent Of Public Instruction Diane Douglas. Photo By Mark Henle/The Arizona Republic

Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas today said she will work through legislative and judicial channels to confirm the proper oversight of individuals working for the Arizona State Board of Education.

Last week, Douglas fired Christine Thompson, executive director of the state Board of Education, and Sabrina Vazquez, the assistant executive director. The next day, Gov. Doug Ducey said Douglas did not have the authority to fire them. Thompson and Vazquez returned to work Tuesday morning.

The superintendent said she sees no reason to escalate the current situation by excluding people from access to the Department of Education building even though the action of the Board of Education was clearly outside of its authority.

Douglas to work with legislature, judiciary on Board of Education issue DianeDouglasOfficialHeadshot1000wide

Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas

“My focus is on Arizona’s children and providing them with the highest quality education available,” she said. “Our resources are best spent supporting our children, teachers and classroom instruction.”

The Superintendent said she would like to resolve this issue as quickly as possible so it is no longer a distraction.

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