Best Community Colleges in Florida

Best Community Colleges in Florida

Best community colleges in Florida make higher education easy to get to and affordable for people who want to try a variety of job paths. These schools offer a lot of different academic classes, job training, and programs to help people get jobs. Community colleges in Florida are very important to the state’s education system because they focus on student progress and community involvement. 

These schools are important places to learn and improve your skills because they are known for their dedication to academic success and welcoming everyone. 

Students can find life-changing experiences, helpful environments, and ways to reach their academic and career goals at some of Florida’s best community schools. Florida’s community schools give people the skills they need to do well in a world that is always changing.

At Florida’s renowned community colleges, students can discover opportunities for academic growth and career advancement. For those exploring cost-effective options, consider exploring Online Colleges in Florida with No Application Fees.

List of Top 10 Best Community Colleges in Florida 

1. BC – Broward College

Broward College
Broward College
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Over 70 online programs 
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 9,773
  • Online Program Pathways: Arts, Humanities, Communication, and Design; Business; Education; Health Science; Industry, Manufacturing, and Construction
  • Key Features: Online proctoring for tests, fully online classes, flexibility in completing coursework

Over 70 different online classes are available at Broward College, so students from all over the world can take part. There are eight different paths that these schools can take. 

These pathways cover areas like Arts, Humanities, Communication, Business, Education, Health Science, Industry, Public Safety, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. Business Analytics, Criminal Justice, and Medical Laboratory Technology are some of the topics that can be chosen.

Why choose them?

One great thing about Broward College is that it has an online testing system that lets students take tests without having to go to a school or testing center. Students can take their tests from home because online proctoring is an option. This adaptability fits well with the needs of many online students who value ease of use and adaptability in their schoolwork.

2. South Florida State College

  • Location: Avon Park (and 1 other)
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: 2 Courses (Associate in Arts, Bachelor of Applied Science in Supervision Management)
  • Rating: A+
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 913
  • Key Features: Discussion boards, collaborative learning, easy instructor contact

South Florida State College (SFSC) holds accreditation from SACSCOC. It has two fully online bachelor’s programs: an associate’s degree in arts and a bachelor’s degree in applied science in supervision management. 

These schools offer classes in three different ways: fully online, live online, and a mix of the two. Students can pick the type of online learning that works best for them and their schedules. There are two types of delivery for online coursework: asynchronous and continuous.

Why choose them?

SFSC uses the D2L Brightspace learning management system for its online classes. Students can use D2L Brightspace to join discussion boards with their friends. This helps them learn by sharing their ideas and having academic conversations with their peers. Students can easily get in touch with their teachers through the app by messaging or email, which lets them ask questions, get more information about course material, or talk about assignments.

3. MDC – Miami Dade College

Location: Miami (and 1 other)

  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Online associate and bachelor’s degrees, certifications, endorsements
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 19,203
  • Online Associate Degrees: Accounting Technology, Business Administration, Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Online Certifications: Homeland Security, Graphic Support, Computer Programming
  • Key Features: Guaranteed enrollment at Florida-based universities for Associate of Arts, variety of online certifications and endorsements

Online associate and bachelor’s degrees are available in a wide range of subjects at Miami Dade College (MDC), which is a two-year school. Online Associate of Science degrees are available in Criminal Justice Technology, Business Administration, Accounting Technology, and Entrepreneurship. 

If you decide to get an Associate of Arts instead, you can use it as a stepping stone to a four-year degree at a university in Florida.

Why choose them?

MDC offers more than just degrees. You can also get online certifications and endorsements. You can study many things, such as computer programming, graphic design, and homeland security. If you don’t want to spend two to four years doing classes, MDC’s online certifications and endorsements might be a good choice for you.

4. SPC – St. Petersburg College

St. Petersburg College
St. Petersburg College
  • Location: Clearwater
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: 79 online programs including certificates, associate degrees, transfer plans, bachelor’s degrees
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 13,254
  • Online Programs: Accounting, Cybersecurity, Homeland Security, Nursing, Web Development
  • Key Features: Flexibility with program durations, short-term training programs available

St. Petersburg College (SPC) has to offer certificates, associate degrees in science and arts, transfer plans, and bachelor’s degrees. 

Because there are so many choices, you can look into a lot of different majors, like web development, cybersecurity, nursing, accounting, and homeland security. With these online classes, you can do your homework whenever you want, even when you have other things to do.

Why choose them?

SPC has programs that can still work for you if you can’t commit to one for two years. It’s different at this college because it also has short-term training programs that last less than three months.

5. FSCJ – Florida State College at Jacksonville

  • Location: Jacksonville
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: 25 online degrees, 35 online certificates, including bachelor’s programs
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 10,664
  • Online Bachelor’s Programs: Information Systems Technology, Nursing, Early Childhood Education
  • Online Certificates: Clinical Research Coordinators, Funeral Directors, Health Navigator Specialists
  • Key Features: Accelerated career paths, a variety of technical and career certificates

The Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) has 25 online degrees and 35 online certificates that students from anywhere in the world can access. When compared to other community colleges, FSCJ stands out because it offers many bachelor’s programs that can be taken online. 

You can get a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education, among other degrees.

Why choose them?

You might choose to get a certificate that will help you get a job faster. FSCJ helps with this by giving technical and career certificates to people who work as clinical research coordinators, funeral directors, health navigator specialists, and other jobs. FSCJ lets you choose an online course that will help you get to your next job faster.

6. Florida Gateway College

Florida Gateway College
Florida Gateway College
  • Location: Lake City
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Various online associate and bachelor’s degree programs, certificate programs
  • Rating: B-
  • Accreditation: SACS COC
  • Online Enrollment: 1,265
  • Discounted Tuition: Available for non-Florida residents
  • Key Features: Affordable tuition rates, online programs, and in-person activities may be required

Students at Florida Gateway College (FGC) can choose from several online programs that can be taken fully online. The college has a diploma and online programs leading to associate and bachelor’s degrees. 

Some online studies are computer programming and analysis, early childhood education, and managing water resources. Some schools may need you to do things in person, like internships.

Why choose them?

For many students, affordability is one of the most important things when choosing a college. Non-Florida residents can get lower fee rates at FGC for online courses. This makes education easier for students from other states who want to take good online classes.

7. College of the Florida Keys

College of the Florida Keys
College of the Florida Keys
  • Location: Key West
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Various hybrid programs
  • Rating: B-
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 200
  • Hybrid Programs: Mixture of online and in-person classes or activities
  • Key Features: Online resources, learning resource center, 24/7 free online tutoring

Getting approved by SACSCOC the College of the Florida Keys (CFK) has hybrid programs, which are classes or events that take place both online and in person. 

An Associate of Science in Business Administration, an Associate of Science in Marine Environmental Technology, and an Associate of Science in Nursing are some of the options that you can take at CFK.

Why Choose Them?

CFK offers direct student services and a wide range of online tools for students. A learning resource center with an online library, a writing center, and a math’s center is available to students. 

Students can also use a free online teaching service that is available 24/7, so they can get help whenever they need it, no matter what time zone they are in or what time they are available.

8. SF – Santa Fe College

  • Location: Gainesville
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Transferable online courses for associate or bachelor’s degree
  • Rating: B-
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 3,152
  • Learning Management System: Canvas
  • Key Features: Flexibility in online learning formats, diverse subject areas

With its online courses, Santa Fe College (SF) gives you a lot of choices to help you reach your educational goals. There aren’t any online programs at SF, but there are online classes that can be transferred and used toward an associate or bachelor’s degree. 

The online classes at SF cover a wide range of topics, such as business, health studies, and new technologies.

Why choose them?

The types of online classes that SF offers are totally online, hybrid, traditional hybrid, virtualized hybrid, HyFlex, and Web-enhanced. With so many options, you can pick the style that works best for you. 

Also, SF uses the Canvas learning management system to store course materials like handouts, homework, discussion boards, and more. This makes it easy for students to find what they need and keep it all organized. This makes SF different from a lot of other online schools.

9. FSW – Florida SouthWestern State College

  • Location: Fort Myers (and 3 others)
  • Ownership: Public
  • Courses Offered: Online certificate, associate, and bachelor’s degree programs
  • Rating: B-
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 4,491
  • Online Associate Degrees: Supervision & Management, Cybersecurity Operations, Criminal Justice Technology
  • Online Bachelor’s Degrees: Nursing, Public Safety Administration, Cardiopulmonary Sciences
  • Key Features: Short-term online certificate programs, credit transfer flexibility

Online classes at the certificate, associate, and bachelor’s levels are available at Florida SouthWestern State College (FSW). Some of the associate degrees you can get online are in criminal justice technology, cybersecurity operations, and supervision and management. There are also online bachelor’s degree programs in Nursing, Public Safety Administration, and Cardiopulmonary Sciences.

Why Choose them?

Full-time students can finish FSW’s short-term online programs, such as certificate studies in Small Business Management or Accounting Technology Management, in just two semesters. 

It is great that certificate school credits can be used toward related degrees. With FSW’s method, students can easily move from certificate programs to degree programs if they want to.

10. FNU – Florida National University

Florida National University
Florida National University
  • Location: Hialeah
  • Ownership: Private, for-profit
  • Courses Offered: Comprehensive degree programs at associate, bachelor’s, and master’s levels; 100% online options
  • Rating: B-
  • Accreditation: SACSCOC
  • Online Enrollment: 611
  • Key Features: Career education diplomas and certifications, fully online programs with in-person components

The Florida National University (FNU) is a private, for-profit school that offers a wide range of associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs, some of which can be completed entirely online. 

Some of the topics you can study online for an associate’s degree are accounting, medical assistant technology, and network system administration. A bachelor’s degree can be earned in a lot of different fields, such as law, accounting, and business administration.

Why choose them?

Not only does FNU offer online degree programs, but it also offers diplomas and certifications for job education. As a medical assistant, a legal assistant, or someone who wants to learn English as a second language, these schools teach a wide range of skills. 

Coursework is done completely online, but some programs may require you to attend some classes in person to graduate. FNU is a good choice for students because it has a lot of different programs that can help them with their studies and careers.


1. Is Florida a good place to go to college?

Florida stands out among other states across the nation due to its warm climate, southern charm, and abundance of year-round activities. Florida’s universities also offer excellent value when considering tuition fees and cost of living expenses.

2. Which is more competitive to gain admission to the University of Miami or the University of Florida?

The University of Miami (UM) generally has a lower acceptance rate compared to the University of Florida (UF). Hence, if the acceptance rate is the sole criterion, UM is typically more competitive in gaining admission to.

3. Is Florida a good place for Indian students?

Florida universities boast high QS rankings in North America and enjoy global recognition, offering excellent infrastructure, distinguished faculty, significant international student enrollments for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as advanced research facilities. These institutions are duly accredited US universities.

4. Why is Miami so expensive?

Miami’s average home prices have surged in recent years, partially due to the influx of Americans relocating to Florida during the COVID-19 pandemic. Between July 1, 2020, and the following 12 months, an estimated 220,890 individuals moved to Florida, marking the largest population increase among all states during that period.


When you think about the best community schools in Florida, Valencia College, Miami Dade College, and Broward College come to mind. These colleges meet the educational goals of a wide range of students by providing a wide range of programs, strong faculty, and strong support services. 

These schools help students reach their academic and career goals by giving them access to cutting-edge facilities and a dedication to academic success. The best community colleges in Florida put student success, new ideas, and community involvement at the top of their list of priorities. This makes them important parts of the state’s education system. 

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