Sections    Thursday April 25th, 2019
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Video: Arizona State University and Helios Education Foundation describe their new initiative

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  • Lisa Irish and Brooke Razo/AZEdNews

Arizona State University's Michael Crow And Helios Education Foundation's Vince Roig Talk About Their Partnership To Develop A Computer-generated Data Analysis Tool That Would Show How Policies, Practices And Interventions Would Affect Arizona’s Pre-K Through Post-secondary Education System. Photo By Lisa Irish/AZEdNews

Arizona State University’s Michael Crow and Helios Education Foundation’s Vince Roig talk about their partnership to develop a computer-generated data analysis tool that would show how policies, practices and interventions would affect Arizona’s pre-K through post-secondary education system.

Video by Lisa Irish and Brooke Razo/AZEdNews: ASU’s and Helios Education Foundation’s new initiative