Yuma students take on robotics, recycling at competition
Sections    Thursday June 27th, 2019
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Yuma students take on robotics, recycling at competition

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  • Yuma Elementary School District

Students At Fourth Avenue Junior High School Joined By Principal Jose Cazares And Mr. Rodriguez. Photo Courtesy Yuma School District One

Fourth Ave Junior High students took part in the First Lego League Trash Trek competition Saturday, December 5th at Arizona Western College.

The competition is comprised of two parts.  First, the students must present a project regarding recycling an item from their school.  Second, students will compete in the robotics challenge.


Yuma students take on robotics, recycling at competition FourthAveRoboticsRecyclingInside

Students at Fourth Avenue Junior High School joined by Principal Jose Cazares and Mr. Rodriguez. Photo courtesy Yuma School District One

For their recycling project, the students have brainstormed various ideas that involve repurposing waste in a school setting.  They narrowed the items down to one. Straws. They have researched different ways that straws can be reused to make various types of holders, wall decorations, and even lighting fixtures.


The Robotics challenge includes twelve missions that the group’s robotic vehicle must complete.  Each mission is centered around recycling and waste disposal. These twelve missions are no easy task. Students must use math, collaboration, and critical thinking skills to formulate the appropriate coding in order for their robotic unit to accomplish each mission in an efficient way.


Mr. Rudy Rodriguez, a migrant advocate stated, “Students who are involved in this competition are learning so many different types of lessons.  Those lessons include coding, distance and ratios, teamwork, collaboration, critical thinking skills, and citizenship.”

Mr. Rodriguez also mentioned “Not only does this competition and project expose students to this type of setting, but it also inspires students who have strengths in these areas to want to pursue careers in engineering and technology.”