Register for a webinar on changes in the expertise of ESL professionals in era of new standards
Sections    Wednesday May 22nd, 2019
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Webinar on changes in expertise of ESL professionals in era of new standards

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Join WestEd for a webinar with live discussion on how the expertise of K–12 teachers of English learners must evolve to meet 21st century requirements and new standards from 10: 30 a.m. to noon (Pacific Time) Wednesday, June 18.

The webinar is based on a new paper co-written by Aida Walqui of WestEd’s Quality Teaching for English Learners.

Webinar on changes in expertise of ESL professionals in era of new standards WestEdESLWebinarThis era of new standards will require educators to make deep changes in expertise–including both knowledge and action–to address the needs of English learners.

Using vignettes of existing and envisioned teaching, presenters of this free webinar, including WestEd’s Aida Walqui, will discuss diverse conceptions of language, pedagogy, the learner, and educators to show how you can reconsider theoretical stances and pedagogy in light of the new standards.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop awareness of the deep changes required by the implementation of new standards
  • Understand the questions that could guide your reflection as you transform your pedagogy
  • Understand why prevalent pedagogies do not serve English learners well in the new standards era
  • Begin to envision richer, productive pedagogies with English learners

Who Should Attend

  • English as a second language and content-area teachers, teacher leaders, teacher educators, school principals, district administrators, and other K–12 educators who work primarily or exclusively with students labeled as English language learners.
  • Researchers, policymakers, and state education administrators

Who Will Present

  • Aída Walqui, Director, Teacher Professional Development Program, WestEd
  • Guadalupe Valdés, Bonnie Katz Tenenbaum Professor of Education, Stanford University
  • Amanda K. Kibler, Assistant Professor of English Education, University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education

This webinar is hosted by the TESOL International Association. Visit TESOL’s event page for more information on this webinar.