We Are EVIT: Megan Farris
Sections    Wednesday June 19th, 2019
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We Are EVIT: Megan Farris

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  • CeCe Todd/East Valley Institute of Technology

Megan Farris

After graduating from Arizona State University in December, Megan Farris started vet school this month at the Ross University of Veterinary Medicine in St. Kitts. But her journey toward becoming a veterinarian actually started at the East Valley Institute of Technology.

While attending Gilbert’s Highland High School, Megan was also a straight “A” student at the EVIT Main Campus, taking Human Anatomy & Physiology for Medical Careers in 2009-10 and then Veterinary Assistant in 2010-11.

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Megan Farris

During her senior year at EVIT, Megan got her first job at a veterinary clinic. She then worked as a kennel tech at Pet Haven Animal Hospital for two years while attending Mesa Community College and earning her associate degree in applied biological sciences. She also started her own pet-sitting business.

At ASU, while majoring in microbiology, Megan worked her way through school as a veterinary technician at East Mesa Animal Hospital. She is an example of the many EVIT students who use their high school career and technical education training to land jobs to help pay for college.

“EVIT provided me with the opportunity to learn the basic veterinary assisting skills that I was able to further expand on during my employment as a technician,” Megan said.

After she graduates from vet school, Megan plans to return to Arizona and eventually open her own hospital for large and small animals. “Becoming a veterinarian has been my life-long dream,” Megan said, “and having the opportunity to attend both of EVIT’s programs early on in high school was the best opportunity for my future.”

Our business partners and elected leaders are part of Megan’s success! On behalf of Megan and all EVIT students, we thank you for your support of quality career and technical education.

Students at EVIT’s centralized campuses have a 96% graduation rate, 2 out of 3 go to college, and 87% are in college, jobs or the military within one year of their EVIT training.