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Google Ed Tech Team Summit: Flipped instruction

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  • Lisa Irish/AZEdNews

Knikole Taylor, A Blended Learning Specialist With Lancaster Indpendent School District, Helps A Teacher Use ScreenCastify During A Session She Led At The Google Ed Tech Team Summit At North Canyon High School In Phoenix On June 5, 2018. Photo By Lisa Irish/AZEdNews

Knikole Taylor, a blended learning specialist with Lancaster Indpendent School District, helps a teacher use ScreenCastify during a session she led at the Google Ed Tech Team Summit at North Canyon High School in Phoenix on June 5, 2018.

A math teacher might make a video explaining a concept and showing students how it works with a few examples, and let students view that video on their own time outside of class.

“Then when they get to me that’s prime time,” Taylor said. “So think with flipped instruction about giving them things they can really be successful with without me, and then when I get them I can expand on those items.”

Then Taylor had the teachers record a short video using ScreenCastify doing just that, answered their questions and gave some ideas for practical applications in their classrooms.

“As teachers we are really good at always thinking of remediation, but looking at your standards what happens if the kids mastered this? Why not push them on to something else?” Taylor said. “When you record your videos, I want to encourage you to do some acceleration videos and push those out as well. Let the students know that if you get this, I’m going to push out a video to you that’s the next step and you can take this even further.”

Video by Lisa Irish/AZEdNews: Google Ed Tech Team Summit blended and flipped instruction session