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Verizon Innovative Learning gives Phoenix schools free tech for students

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Students in Alhambra and Glendale Elementary School districts received free tech as part of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools initiative on Sept. 7 and Sept. 11, 2019.

Students in the schools received free tablets and data plans as part of Verizon Innovative Learning program. Verizon Innovative learning gave 1,500 free tablets and data plans to Glendale students earlier this month, then last week, six schools in the Alhambra School District received $1.8 million worth of STEM-related initiatives and support from Verizon. 

Verizon Innovative Learning provides free technology, free internet access, and hands-on learning experiences to help give undeserved students the education they deserve.

Powered by a next-gen, technology-infused curriculum that fundamentally changes the way teachers teach and students learn, Verizon Innovative Learning is giving kids the ability to do more. To achieve more. To learn more. To create more. And the results are nothing short of amazing.

Students in Verizon Innovative Learning Schools show improvements in math and reading and they’re more engaged in school.*

Since 2012, Verizon Innovative Learning has committed a total of $400 million. They’ve helped more than 1.7 million students enhance their learning with free tech education, and will help 2 million more by 2021.

Melvin E. Sine Elementary, Challenger Middle Schools, Barcelona Elementary School, Catalina Ventura School, Granada Elementary East, Madrid Neighborhood School, R.E. Simpson School, and Sevilla Elementary West are among 52 new schools joining Verizon Innovative Learning for the 2019-20 school year, bringing the program to 152 middle schools nationwide.

A kick-off event was held to celebrate Alhambra and Glendale Elementary School Districts participation in the program. The event featured local middle school students each receiving their own tablets, as well as:

  • Firsthand remarks from administrators and program leaders on why hands-on learning experiences using technology— particularly in middle school— are so important to academic achievement and lifelong success.
  • Demonstrations by teachers and students on how this technology will be used in classrooms this year.

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*76% of teachers said that Verizon Innovative Learning enhanced student engagement

*58% of Verizon Innovative Learning students were more proficient in STEM

*54% of Verizon Innovative Learning students are more engaged in school.