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Sections    Saturday March 25th, 2023

TUSD launches the Tucson Unified Connect App

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  • Leslie Lenhart   |   Tucson Unified School District

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Tucson Unified School District launches a new digital app to help families, students, staff, and our community to connect with academic services, student support links, and free mental health resources. The Tucson Unified Connect App has partnered with Talkspace and Palo Verde Behavioral Health to provide direct digital and local resources for mental health.

“The effects of the pandemic will have a lasting impact on today’s youth. As students embark on a new school year, access to mental health resources is more important than ever,” said Erin Boyd, Chief Growth Officer, Enterprise, at Talkspace. “Talkspace is proud to provide 19,000 Tucson Unified School District students free access to online counseling services through our new program.”

“At Palo Verde, we are thrilled to be partnering with TUSD on this initiative,” said Jill Scheckel, Palo Verde Behavioral Health CEO. “The pandemic has created an unprecedented need among our adolescent population for quick access to mental health services. We applaud TUSD for taking the needs of their students so seriously and for being proactive in their efforts to reduce the stigma for receiving mental health assistance.”

We invite the Tucson Unified family and the Tucson Community to download the Tucson Unified Connect app today.