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Sweetwater Community School Now Enrolling Students for Q2 Night Class

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  • Anne Greenberg   |   PV Schools

If Your Teen Needs Credit Recovery Or Wants To Get Ahead, Sweetwater Community School Is Now Enrolling High School Students For Second Quarter Night Classes.

If your teen needs credit recovery or wants to get ahead, Sweetwater Community School is now enrolling high school students for second quarter Night Classes.

The deadline to enroll is Monday, October 5th, and classes start on Monday, October 12th. Classes are currently being held online until in-person instruction is permitted, following the district’s reopening criteria.

“Night Classes are an incredible opportunity for all students in the district to earn and/or recover credits in smaller class sizes with a concentrated curriculum. These courses are taught by veteran teachers in the district who have experience working with a wide variety of populations, situations, and skill levels. From the first day to the last day, our teachers are cheering on and championing the students to be their best selves in order to achieve success,” said Courtney Thompson, a night class teacher at Sweetwater Community School.

Since learning isn’t a one size fits all model, PVSchools offers Night Classes to both in-district and out-of-district students. There is no cost to attend for in-district students who are actively enrolled in a PVSchools high school; with the exception of a $30 fee for taking a Ceramics class.  Out-of-district students or students in-district who are not enrolled in a PVSchools high school can attend the program for $199 per course.  

Our Night Class program was created for students who may need individualized attention and smaller class sizes, which allows our teachers to provide students one-on-one learning. 

Interested students should speak with their guidance counselor to see if the night high school program will be a good match.

New course offerings are added each quarter, making it convenient for students to enter the program at any time. 

The first session runs from 5-6:17 p.m., and students can enroll in the following classes:

  • Ceramics 1-4
  • Earth Science 2
  • English 1
  • Geometry 1
  • Lifetime Sports
  • World History 1

The second session runs from 6:23-7:40 p.m., and students can enroll in the following classes:

  • Algebra 3
  • American History 1
  • English 3
  • Environmental Science 2
  • Lifetime Sports 

Learn more about Sweetwater’s Night Class program