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Phoenix Union students take part in college goal nights

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  • Craig Pletenik/Phoenix Union High School District

The goal is for every senior at Central, Carl Hayden and Betty Fairfax to apply for college and complete the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) application for financial aid.

These three schools participated in the Arizona College Application Campaign, in partnership with the Arizona Commission for Postsecondary Education.   In November, the seniors had opportunities to complete college applications during the school day with assistance from staff and community experts.

Then, February 18-20, the schools hosted College Goal Nights on campus for parents and students to complete the financial aid application, prior to the traditional College Goal Saturday and Sunday that took place, February 22-23.

Last year, PUHSD provided transportation to the College Goal Sunday for parents and students, but this year, the three schools made it easier for parents and students.

The campaign hopes to build a college-going culture in Arizona’s high schools that benefits students, their families, and the community by having each senior submit an application to at least one postsecondary institution in the Fall and the FAFSA in the early Spring as an expected part of every student’s 12th grade experience.  Already in 24 states, this is the first year Arizona has joined the campaign.

“We know that students are more likely to enter a post-secondary institution if they complete FASFA,” Phoenix Union’s Cyndi Tercero said.   “With these three campuses participating in the College Application Campaign and  hosting financial aid prep presentations, their students are ready to complete this final step.”