Phoenix Symphony prepares for anti-bullying concerts
Sections    Monday June 21st, 2021
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Phoenix Symphony prepares for anti-bullying concerts

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The Phoenix Symphony’s signature education program Symphony for the Schools is an extraordinary opportunity for K-12 schools to attend a world-class concert at Symphony Hall.

 Uzu and Muzu of Kakaruzu – An Anti-Bullying Concert will be presented at Symphony Hall for the last time this season on April 1 and 2.  There are performances each day at 10:00am and 11:45am.

Phoenix Symphony prepares for anti-bullying concerts UzuAndMuzuOfKakaruzuHPConcerts occur during the school day and are designed to align with the Arizona’s College and Career Ready Standards.

This concert experience is based on the book by Ephraim Sidon of Israel, featuring the tale of a disagreement between two brothers that escalates into a conflict that lasts for generations.

This internationally-themed piece addresses the idea that many cultures and countries deal with prejudices that arise from a lack of conversation.

In the musical setting of the book, solo percussionists represent the brothers and their families. A wall is built between the soloists onstage, creating a metaphoric representation of the communicative isolation that two feuding parties experience during disagreements, conflicts that Arizona students and residents deal with on a daily basis.

Through the story, students view the results of confronting bullies and dealing with conflict. Individuals can find courage in the support of a group and resolution by working together.

“According to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center every day, 160,000 kids in America stay home from school to avoid being bullied,” says Jim Ward, President and CEO of The Phoenix Symphony. “We are pleased to bring this unique concert to Valley students to focus on the importance of positive open communication and conflict resolution to combat the bullying that takes place in classrooms, on playgrounds and online each and every day.”

Student feedback from the performances on November 4 and 5 has been very positive.  Thank-you notes from valley students included the sentiments “It was funny and it made me laugh so hard I almost fell off my seat!” and “In this music, I learned that it is not good to fight over a silly thing”.

 Reservations for 2014/15 Season Symphony for the Schools can be made by visiting:

 Video interviews from Avner Dorman, composer of Uzu and Muzu, can be found here:

 Media Availability: Media is invited to attend Symphony for the Schools. Please contact for coordination and more information.

Each year over 25,000 students connect the exciting world of music to literature, history, math and science through The Phoenix Symphony. For more information about The Phoenix Symphony visit