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Sections    Tuesday June 18th, 2019
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Taking the Future of Manufacturing Into High Schools

In early May, in a classroom at Anna High School, five seniors focused on controlling a canary yellow robotic arm. They took turns tapping code into a pendant connected to the arm. Their assignment was to make the arm grab and…

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Michigan’s falling teacher salaries push some from field

Michigan’s declining teacher salaries are leaving many educators feeling undervalued and pushing some to leave the field. The average salary for Michigan teachers continued to decrease last year, contributing to a 12% decline over the last decade, according to new…

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Feds: No more education, legal services for immigrant kids

The federal government has stopped paying for English-language courses and legal services at facilities that hold immigrant children around the country, imposing budget cuts it says are necessary at a time when record numbers of unaccompanied children are arriving at…

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