New programs, paid apprenticeships and expansion plans at EVIT
Sections    Saturday May 30th, 2020
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New programs, paid apprenticeships and expansion plans at EVIT

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  • CeCe Todd/East Valley Institute of Technology

Students Getting Off A School Bus. Photo Courtesy Of EVIT.

East Valley Institute of Technology’s centralized campuses will serve well over 5,000 students this year due to growing high school enrollment and the addition of new paid apprenticeship programs in Adult Education. We are proud to be Arizona’s go-to school for workforce development!

New programs, paid apprenticeships and expansion plans at EVIT Screen-Shot-2016-08-12-at-10.47.08-AM-300x173

Photo courtesy of EVIT.

Thank you, East Valley districts!

Every year, some districts start the school year after EVIT and our other sending districts. This can make it really difficult for students who rely on their district for transportation to EVIT.

So thank you, districts, for transporting these students before your first day of school so they won’t fall behind in their career training.

New programs

This year, EVIT is offering three new programs.

In partnership with Landings Credit Union, the Banking program prepares students for a career in the banking industry while they work in an actual Landings branch at the Main Campus.

In the same building is the new EVIT Barbering School, where students are learning the fundamentals necessary for licensure by the Arizona State Board of Barbers.

And at the East Campus, the Behavior, Mental & Social Health Services program is preparing students for careers as certified mental health technicians.

Paid apprenticeships

In partnership with Arizona Builders Alliance, Adult Education at EVIT is offering paid apprenticeship programs in

Welding, Land Surveying, and Electrical work, and plans to add apprenticeships in Plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air-Conditioning), and Heavy Equipment. High school students who think they’d like to be in a paid apprenticeship program as adults must take at least one year of training in EVIT’s high school programs at the Main Campus, and then transition to Adult Education to participate in two to three years of paid, on-the-job training as an apprentice at a local business.

This ensures that they are exposed to the National Center for Construction, Education & Research (NCCER) curriculum before going into the apprenticeship. This is a phenomenal opportunity for all students, but especially for those who want to go into the workforce without going to college.

Expansion plans

Enrollment at our East Campus on Power Road topped 1,000 students this year, so we are working on expansion plans. Our next phase of construction will be in collaboration with Arizona State University.

EVIT also has been asked by the Fountain Hills Unified School District to develop a centralized campus model at Fountain Hills High School, similar to the one we operate at Apache Junction High School.

This will allow Fountain Hills to improve its career and technical education course offerings, with EVIT shouldering the burden of teachers’ salaries and equipment costs. It’s a win-win for Fountain Hills and EVIT.