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MCC Theatre and Film Arts students and faculty earn national recognition

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  • Dawn Zimmer   |   Mesa Community College

Antigone Stage Photo, Photo From Mesa Community College

Antigone, which was featured in the 2021 Phoenix Film Festival, originally showcased at the Region VIII KCACTF Festival in February where students earned numerous awards and recognition.

Each year the KCACTF national selection team, representing all eight regions, acknowledges outstanding work submitted by colleges, universities and students.

“These recognitions are very special and an indicator of the quality of the education and work we do at MCC,” said MCC Theatre Program Director, Kara Thomson.

MCC Theatre and Film Arts students, alumni, faculty and staff produced Antigone as a film during the fall and spring semesters of 2020-2021.

“It was the department’s approach to creating a safe and valuable learning experience during the height of the pandemic, said Adriana Diaz, MCC theatre design and production faculty. “More than 50 people were involved in the production of the show.”

“We are really proud that Antigone earned the highest acknowledgment,” said Diaz. “It should also be noted that the MCC designers and dramaturgs awarded were students whose work was being compared against work by students in MFA and graduate programs. This is an amazing honor.”

The 2022 National Awards of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival for MCC’s production of Antigone were awarded in the following categories.

  • Special Achievement in the Production of a Play (college recognition)
  • Special Achievement in Costume Design: Abby Lopez, MCC student
  • Special Achievement in Mask Design: Lexi Trujillo, MCC student
  • Special Achievement in Sound Design: Nick Magel, MCC student
  • Special Achievement in Dramaturgy: Kalie Marie, MCC student

The annual KCACTF recognizes and celebrates the finest and most diverse work produced in university and college theatre programs. During the festivals, students test their talents in a vast array of theatre specialties and earn recognition against rigorous competition from other community colleges, four-year institutions and graduate programs. Nationally, 550 colleges compete in KCACTF, with 71 competing in Region VIII. Approximately 45 of the colleges in Region VIII are four-year schools with the remaining being two-year institutions.

MCC Theatre and Film Arts faculty Kara Thomson was recognized with the Gold Medallion for her contributions to the Region VIII festival during the past thirteen years. It is the most prestigious regional award given by KCACTF and is considered one of the great honors in theatre education.

MCC will host the Region VIII Festival in Spring of 2023.

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