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Love of anthropology, cultures put Sunnyslope senior on path to medical degree

Bailey Lockwood Is A Flinn Scholar From Sunnyslope High School In Phoenix. Photo Courtesy Tony Padilla/Glendale Union High School

Bailey Lockwood, a Flinn Scholar from Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix, plans to major in anthropology at the University of Arizona and later become a medical doctor.

“They have an excellent anthropology program there. It’s consistently rated one of the top five in the nation,” Lockwood said. “Also they have a significant focus on Native American studies.”

Love of anthropology, cultures put Sunnyslope senior on path to medical degree Bailey-Lockwood

Bailey Lockwood is a Flinn Scholar from Sunnyslope High School in Phoenix. Photo courtesy The Flinn Foundation

Lockwood said that piqued her interest, because she plans to become a medical doctor and serve Native American communities in Arizona – most likely those in the Navajo Nation or Hopi Nation.

Lockwood said she’s always had a love for different cultures, and  her English teacher last year “tuned us in to the plight of several Native American cultures” in Arizona.

“We’ve always driven through the reservations, because my grandparents live right on the Four Corners, so it’s always been very clear to me the disparities that exist,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood said she knew friends who applied for the Flinn scholarship, and by her senior year knew she wanted to apply for it.

“My parents were a huge help in helping me organize and ultimately get to the point where I could apply. Their encouragement was essential,” Lockwood said.

Lockwood said the more she learned about The Flinn Foundation, and the people they help, the more it “seemed like an excellent fit.”

When Lockwood learned she was a Flinn Scholar, she was tutoring music students at a middle school.

“I had to control my emotions and tutor these kids who are 10 years-old and aren’t thinking about finances and college yet,” Lockwood said. “I had to contain my excitement and just do my job, which was kind of enriching within itself, because it reminded me of what got me there in the first place.”