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Isaac School District collects tax credit donations to help inner city students

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  • Emily Broome/Isaac School District

Dear Community Members, As Thanksgiving approaches and 2014 comes to an end, Isaac School District’s holiday initiatives include communicating the advantages of the Arizona School Tax Credit Donation for Arizona taxpayers. An increased energy surrounds the efforts put forth by administrators, support staff and teachers to solicit tax credit donations to bolster funds for extra-curricular activities and expenditures. Multitudes of postings occur on Twitter, Facebook, and school web sites as well as robo call messages from principals to parents.

Children from our neighborhoods rarely are afforded the opportunity to participate in field trips or family outings to ball games, musical performances, or festivals. But thanks to tax credit donations last year, many students were able to visit the Phoenix Zoo, wander the trails at the Botanical Garden, and hear the orchestra tune up while attending a Phoenix Symphony performance.

I recently asked two principals what their wish list would be if they received increased donations for their school. “I would definitely add more character education programs, such as Bee Kind and technology-based on-line tools to support learning and engagement,” said Fernando Nunez, Principal for Mitchell Elementary School.

Johanna Kaiser, School Operations Manager for Morris K Udall Middle School would send 6th grade students on field trips to Arizona State University, 7th grade students to Northern Arizona University and 8th grade students to University of Arizona.

Unfortunately, as an inner city school district, tax credit donations are harder to come by and thus we – all inner city schools – with the greatest needs languish at the bottom with minimal donations by comparison to our suburban and more affluent counterparts. We invite anyone who is looking to make a tax credit donation to visit Donations can be as little as $25 up to $400 for married couples filing jointly, $200 for married couples filing separately or $200 for single taxpayers. You can lower your taxes and support our students.

We are thankful for the community’s contributions and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Dr. Mario Ventura, Ed.D. Superintendent
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Phoenix, Arizona 85009-2416
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