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High school students to compete in Arizona Quizbowl television series

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  • Jason Bennecker/ KASW-TV Your Phoenix CW

Logos Of The Companies Taking Part In The Arizona Quizbowl Television Series To Launch On KASW TV In February 2018.

KASW-TV is committed to providing greater emphasis on providing quality education to improve workforce readiness and provide better opportunities for our young citizens.

In that spirit, KASW-TV Your Phoenix CW announced today that it will launch Arizona Quizbowl, a new half-hour local television series that will air exclusively on KASW-TV beginning February 1st, 2018.

High school students to compete in Arizona Quizbowl television series Rich-Berra-Headshot-with-gfx

Arizona Quizbowl is a tournament-style educational contest program and will be hosted by KISS-FM’s Rich Berra of the Johnjay and Rich Show. Photo courtesy KASW-TV

Arizona Quizbowl is a tournament-style educational contest program and will be hosted by KISS-FM’s Rich Berra of the Johnjay and Rich Show.  It will feature students from local high schools in a test of their knowledge and give them a chance to win prizes.

KASW-TV created the Arizona Quizbowl academic contest in partnership with Arizona Quizbowl Association to increase awareness of the importance of education in Arizona and to highlight, challenge and reward the community’s best and brightest.

“Your Phoenix CW is deeply committed to improving our local community,” said Traci Wilkinson, VP and General Manager of KASW.  “Arizona Quizbowl is one way we can honor and showcase the academic achievements of the next generation of leaders needed to transform our community.”

Bunnie Hadsall, President and CEO of Arizona Quizbowl Association is equally excited about the partnership; “Arizona has some of the brightest kids in the nation, and we are excited to be able to highlight that in a format where audiences can see them.”

Rich Berra of KISS-FM’s Johnjay and Rich will host the show, and is eager to share his passion for education.

“I love that academics are going to be at the very base of our show, highlighting some of the great kids and brilliant minds right here in the Valley. Plus, I got all the answers in front of me so I will look super intelligent,” Berra said

Arizona Quizbowl will premiere February 1st, 2018. Following the premiere, it will air Sundays at 7 p.m. through May 13th.

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 About Arizona Quizbowl Association

The Arizona Quizbowl Association runs buzzer-based academic competitions for middle and high school students in Arizona.

AQA was established in 2013 as a way to revitalize the existing Arizona circuit and to provide a way to expand and improve the circuit. Since 2013, AQA has seen many of its participating teams go on to the High School National Championship Tournament run by NAQT. Most recently, AQA had 3 teams from Arizona in attendance.

While AQA mostly runs single-day events, we are also available for coaching, recruiting, organizing leagues, and bringing participants together. Our fun, light-hearted educators and former players are proud to work with some of Arizona’s brightest students and bring fun and competition into the curriculum.

About Rich Berra

Rich Berra has been in radio since he was 14 years old and can be heard daily on the nationally syndicated Johnjay and Rich Show, available on iHeart Radio. He co-founded the #LoveUp Foundation, which focuses on enriching the lives of children in the foster care system and supporting children and families in need. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, Rich is based in the Phoenix-Metro area.