Dysart Education Foundation Awards Spring Mini- Grant
Sections    Saturday April 10th, 2021
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Dysart Education Foundation awards spring mini-grants

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The Dysart Education Foundation recently announced Dysart recipients of the Spring 2016 mini-grants.  Focused on projects to enhance learning at Dysart Unified schools, the competitive mini-grant application process based on originality, professionalism, benefits students through involvement, and whether the project is age appropriate. This opportunity was made possible by the Surprise Community Outreach Program.   Results from the mini-grants are presented to the Dysart Education Foundation Board.

The Spring 2016 Mini-Grant recipients are awarded as follows:

Dysart Education Foundation awards spring mini-grants business-money-pink-coins-300x196Noelle Downs, Sonoran Heights Elementary School: $2,000 to purchase Chromebooks, wireless color printer and a 3D printer for a “Recycled Car” project.  The students will collaboratively create and construct the cars with recycled materials and utilize Chromebooks to design and present their cars with Google Presentations.  Students will bring their designs to life using the 3D printer to create original license plates.

Danae Marinelli, Cimarron Springs Elementary School: $1,550 to purchase digital hand-held recorders and Midi piano keyboards to enable students to create, compose music with instrumental and voice-recorded effects by using the Apple application, GarageBand.

Justin Greathouse, Countryside Elementary School: $1,620 to purchase K’nex and other items to construct  theme park rides.  Students in teams will collaborate to design a theme park using in-depth and real-world applications to include Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math (STEAM).

Christy Brooks, Surprise Elementary School: $900 to purchase Monoprice Maker Architect Printer in which students can practice creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication as they design 3D products .  This will also benefit students in the Science Olympiad program to create models at competitions and events.

Thasanee Chantarojwong, Valley Vista High School: $1,938 for handheld cameras and microscopes to to support the “Microscopic World in Your Hands” project.  Students will be able to stream video images and snap still photos in real-time onto computers.

Beth Maloney, Sunset Hills Elementary School,  Arizona Teacher of the Year: $745 to purchase  camcorder, boom kit and tripod to be used  for teachers who are pursuing their National Board Certification.  Teachers will utilize the equipment to film video submissions required for the certification.

Dysart Education Foundation (DEF) was founded in 1985 by employees and community members of the Dysart Unified School District. The Dysart Education Foundation was established for the purpose of raising, receiving, and disbursing funds to enrich the education and activities of students, teachers, and staff in the Dysart Unified School District. The Dysart Education Foundation is completely run by volunteers which ensures that every donation goes directly to funding scholarships and grants. The board is comprised of retired teachers, professors, administrators, community leaders, and parents.