Driving safety day at Ironwood
Sections    Thursday July 18th, 2019
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Driving safety day at Ironwood

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  • Erin Dunsey/Peoria Unified School District

Ironwood High School will hold a special day centered around safe driving this Thursday, March 6 from 8 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. for the student body.

The Eagle Soar Safely Day is to promote good decision making while on the road for students during Spring Break and the upcoming prom season.

A number of organizations will be on campus at 6051 W. Sweetwater Avenue in Glendale to provide students with safe driving resources such as: State Farm Insurance, Red Means Stop, Students Against Drunk Driving, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, City of Glendale Fire Department, City of Glendale Police Department, AllState Insurance, Department of Public Safety’s Roll-Over Simulator, Driving MBA Driving School, Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Maricopa County Office of Tobacco and Chronic Disease Prevention.

This event is being promoted campus-wide and participants are encouraged to use social media with the hashtag #EaglesSoarSafely.

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NOTE: Media is asked to RSVP to the Public Relations Department at 623-486-6100 or edunsey@peoriaud.k12.az.us if they would like to attend this event.