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College Success Arizona scholars receive college degrees

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College Success Arizona Scholars

A special virtual commencement ceremony was held May 13, 2021 by the enhanced organization comprised of Achieve60AZ, College Success Arizona and Expect More Arizona to honor this year’s 36 college graduates who earned their college degrees.

“We’re immensely proud of this year’s graduating class,” said Rich Nickel, president & CEO of Achieve60AZ, College Success Arizona and Expect More Arizona. “The majority of these students are the first in their families to earn a college degree and have persevered during an unprecedented pandemic.”

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All 36 students have earned degrees from Arizona colleges and universities, including Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, University of Arizona, Central Arizona College, Grand Canyon University and Chamberlain University.

The scholars were supported throughout their college experience by College Success Arizona’s Success Advisers, who create a community for students who may feel lost, alone or overwhelmed when they arrive to campus.

The Success Advisors coach and provide support to the scholars to keep them on track to graduate. In addition, each scholar received a $6,000 scholarship annually to help with educational expenses.

Since 2005, College Success Arizona has provided nearly 2,000 students with more than $20 million in scholarships and mentoring services. Currently, 250 students are enrolled in the program.

College Success Arizona 2021 graduates are:

Arizona State University

  • Consuelo Arroyo
  • Amber Bolling-Galuppo
  • Alma Castaneda
  • Citlalli Celis
  • Carmen DeAlba Cardenas
  • Robin Martinez
  • Molly McIntyre
  • Leslie Mora Hernandez
  • Jazmin Murillo
  • Jesse Nguyen
  • Alexa Parra
  • Sarah Romero
  • Deja Royal
  • Gabriella Sandoval
  • Julio Zavala

Central Arizona College

  • Royal Whitehead

Chamberlain University

  • Jazmin Ochoa

Grand Canyon University

  • Doritza Davila Felix
  • Francisco Lamadrid
  • Jose Monarrez
  • Adriana Quintanares Islas

Northern Arizona University

  • Christian Burger
  • Austen Dickason
  • Nicholas Quintana
  • Leilani Ramos
  • Jacob Williams
  • Dawson Williams

University of Arizona

  • Gerardo Aguilar
  • Madison Bigham
  • Marcko Burrola
  • Valentino Lugo
  • Haredo Mohamed
  • Gabriela Navarro Gamino
  • Tyrus Nelson
  • Jesus Valenzuela
  • Wendy Yan

About Achieve60AZ, College Success Arizona & Expect More Arizona

As of Feb. 1, 2021, Achieve60AZ, College Success Arizona and Expect More Arizona have pooled their resources and teams to become one organization. The enhanced organization will be renamed and rebranded later this year. We are working to advance a cohesive education agenda to reach the goals outlined in the Arizona Education Progress Meter and support the success of all Arizona children and adults along the education continuum, from early learning through postsecondary attainment. Learn more.