AZ Chamber promotes JTED's tech-savvy teaching as statewide model - AZEdNews
Sections    Wednesday July 17th, 2019
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AZ Chamber promotes JTED’s tech-savvy teaching as statewide model

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Pima JTED Savvy

The Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry is so impressed with Pima County JTED’s tech-savvy teaching methods in Sunnyside Unified School District (SUSD) high schools, they’re launching a statewide campaign promoting the approach as a model for other JTEDs.

On Jan. 29th, a task force will bring the message to Yuma educators and manufacturers, the first in many stops throughout Arizona. The Yuma School District is in the process of developing a JTED.

AZ Chamber promotes JTED's tech-savvy teaching as statewide model PimaJTEDSavvyInsideHOme

View a video of how Sunnyside High School students are working with technology.

A presentation given to the Chamber by JTED Career and Technical Education Director Kathy Prather, and College Readiness Director NJ Utter, inspired the tour.

From term paper research, to DNA bar coding, to designing jewelry – JTED students in Desert View and Sunnyside high school satellite programs are expanding their education via digital curriculum.

Prather says the innovative methods are popular with students, help narrow the skills gap in today’s workforce, and allows high schoolers to interact with industry experts worldwide.