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Arizona teachers take part in BetterLesson, NEA science master teacher project

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  • Dan Mack/BetterLesson

From Left To Right: Arizona Teachers Dawn Gunn, Ellen Herman, Justin Price, Sara Leins And Jennifer Valentine Will Participate In The 2014-2015 National Education Association’s Science Master Teacher Project.

Five Arizona teachers are part of the newly hired cohort of National Education Association Science Master Teachers, according to BetterLesson.

The Arizona teachers are Dawn Gunn who teaches Kindergarten at John F. Long School in Phoenix; Jennifer Valentine who teaches Grade 3 at Liberty/ Gifted & Talented Magnet Elementary in Tucson; Ellen Herman who teaches Grade 4 at JQ Thomas Elementary School in Flagstaff; Sara Leins who teaches High School Physics at Horizon High School in Scottsdale and Justin Price who teaches Grade 3 at Eagle Ridge Elementary in Phoenix.

With the NEA Science Master Teacher Project, BetterLesson is bringing the full richness of Master Teachers’ curriculum and practice within reach for every teacher for free.

Arizona teachers take part in BetterLesson, NEA science master teacher project Science-Master-Teacher-Project-2014HP

From left to right: Arizona teachers Dawn Gunn, Ellen Herman, Justin Price, Sara Leins and Jennifer Valentine will participate in the 2014-2015 National Education Association’s Science Master Teacher Project.

Building on the success of the Math and ELA phase of the Master Teacher Project, the 65 selected science teachers are creating living, breathing bodies of knowledge around effective science teaching. Their efforts will catalyze professional conversations and be leveraged by new and developing teachers around the country.

This new cohort of science Master Teachers hails from 23 states. Urban hubs such as Los Angeles, New York, Kansas City, Memphis, and Boston are represented, along with a myriad of suburban and rural areas. All current classroom teachers, they will be sharing over 700 years of teaching experience in the 6,000+ lessons they will create on the project.

Their qualifications are top-tier. The cohort includes 19 National Board Certified teachers, while others carry prestigious recognitions such as NEA Teaching Excellence Winners,  Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching, Siemens STEM Academy Fellowships, US Department of Education Green Ribbons, NASA Endeavor Teacher Fellowships, and more.

Science Master Teachers and their coaches are already crafting lessons and getting them ready for BetterLesson’s website. By the fall of the 2014-2015 school year, the combined efforts of math, ELA and science Master Teachers are slated produce over 15,000 lessons. Both the NEA and BetterLesson are setting out to arm teachers with the tools they need to create a  revolution in teacher preparation and development. The NEA Science Master Teacher Project is part of that revolution.

Congratulations to the 2014-2015 Science Master Teachers:



Grade/Subject FullName SchoolCity SchoolState
Kindergarten Joanne Clapp Lexington Park MD
Kindergarten Kim Ramsey Kansas City MO
Kindergarten Josefina Gallardo Los Angeles CA
Kindergarten Dawn Gunn Phoenix AZ
Kindergarten Joyce Baumann ColdSpring MN
1stGrade Regan Aymett Shelbyville TN
1st Grade Tommy Young Waitsfield VT
1st Grade Michele Beitel Bozeman MT
1st Grade Caroline Courter Wilmington NC
1st Grade Kathryn Yablonski White Marsh MD
2nd Grade Beth McKenna York ME
2nd Grade Veronique Paquette East Wenatchee WA
2nd Grade Melissa Collins Memphis TN
2nd Grade Jeri Faber Ringwood IL
2nd Grade Renee Hoover El Segundo CA
3rd Grade Marybelle Espin Roselle NJ
3rd Grade Chaunetta Anderson Silver Spring MD
3rd Grade Michelle Marcus Birmingham MI
3rd Grade Jennifer Valentine Tucson AZ
3rd Grade Justin Price Phoenix AZ
4th Grade Meredith Gannon Vancouver WA
4th Grade Jillian Gates Anchorage AK
4th Grade Ellen Herman Flagstaff AZ
4th Grade Mary Ellen Kanthack Genoa City WI
4th Grade Melissa Romano Helena MT
5th Grade Kurt Stenzel Lomita CA
5th Grade Elizabeth Banueloz Los Angeles CA
5th Grade Kara Nelson Bozeman MT
5th Grade Jennifer Sallas Boynton Beach FL
5th Grade Amy Miller Lynden WA
6th Grade Sharon Hushek Franklin WI
6th Grade Drewe Niehaus Brooklyn NY
6th Grade Erin Greenwood Boulder CO
6th Grade Laura Riley Westmont IL
6th Grade David Kujawski Walpole MA
7th Grade Cindy Drouhard Albany OR
7th Grade Anjanette Davidson Jackson KY
7th Grade Mariana Garcia Serrato San Jose CA
7th Grade Andrea Pless Wheatridge CO
7th Grade John Cerezo Los Angeles CA
8th Grade Sydney Schuler LaGrange IL
8th Grade Jayme Tao Los Angeles CA
8th Grade Sean Gillette Apple Valley CA
8th Grade Ryan Keser Brookline MA
8th Grade Lori Knasiak Lake in the Hills IL
HS Biology David Angwenyi Pennington NJ
HS Biology Sharon P. Wilson Jonesboro GA
HS Biology Mitchell Smith Kent WA
HS­ Biology Ashley Cooper Oaks CA
HS ­Biology Maria Laws Walnut Creek CA
HS ­Chemistry Ray Stadt Blue Island IL
HS­ Chemistry Keith Wright Springfield MA
HS ­Chemistry Rachel Meisner Chula Vista CA
HS­ Chemistry Emilie Hill Los Angeles CA
HS ­Chemistry Eric Girard Palos Heights IL
HS ­Physics Charles Wade Louisville KY
HS ­Physics Tenicka Norwood New York NY
HS­ Physics Sara Leins Scottsdale AZ
HS ­Physics Anna Laky Park Ridge IL
HS ­Physics Tim Brennan Woodstock VT
Year4 Science Kane Koller Brooklyn NY
Year4 Science Steven Taylor Wichmanowski Los Angeles CA
Year4 Science Daniel Babauta Brooklyn NY
Year4 Science Tamica Stubbs Charlotte NC
Year4 Science Ericka Senegar ­Mitchell Washington DC


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